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  1. Any news on a new hire for Tullahoma girls job yet?
  2. 2 point game at halftime turns into 25 point Coffee County win at final buzzer.
  3. Warren is much better than I thought they would be but still 90% of their wins are against what I would consider much lesser talent. Coffee still should be the favorite , very balanced attack, but not sure they are 20 points better. Going to be some good games especially the ones at Warren.
  4. With the opening of Rockvale High this took away two of the better feeder schools to Riverdales Girls Basketball program. I’m sure there is talent still there just not as much as before. I look for Rockvale to be an up and comer in all sports in Murfreesboro.
  5. Kyle Turnham named new coach at Shelbyville. Any Thoughts?
  6. Yes whoever takes over this job will have their hands full trying to bring this once National Powerhouse back to respectability. Not bashing just stating the truth.
  7. Shelbyville job open now?????
  8. Chad Spencer is new coach at Moore County. Saw both Moore and Huntland play a couple of weeks ago. In my opinion Moore is the better team right now, but right now really doesn’t matter in the big scope of things.
  9. Saw Coffee play last Friday. Defense was very good. Held opponents to 20 or less. Beat Tullahoma, Lincoln, Fayetteville City and Coffee JV beat Marshall County Varsity. 4 Starters return plus mixing in younger Vinson and Gannon girls. Looks like to be more post oriented this year. Play tougher competition this week at Independence.
  10. Not shortchanging them at all. Just stating that year in and year out they have not been as strong as Blackman, Riverdale, Oakland, Stewart’s Creek and now throw Rockvale in the mix. I know both McMinn and Cleveland have had traditionaly good basketball.
  11. Next year this district matches up with the Bradley County region. Bradley is always strong but 2-4 are usually not near as strong as the Murfreesboro district year in and year out. So yes it should be a little easier for 6aaaa teams to compete and advance in the Region.
  12. Agreed. Coffee will still be the cream of the crop in this district. Four starters returning with plenty of experience and talent between them. Vinson’s younger sister is one of the smartest players at her age I have ever seen and yes she will contribute early. Warren made strides last year with a young team and will finish second solidly. Shelbyville and Franklin County both have a ways to catch up. Hate that this is only a four team district but I understand they will be playing each other three times during the regular season.
  13. Coach at Columbia has done a good job also. Gone from bottom of the cellar couple years ago to Fourth place this year. Coach Cope goes undefeated in District and State Number three ranking at Coffee yet does not win it. Guess that is what they were expected to do.
  14. Coffee Tullahoma Lawrence Columbia Lincoln Shelbyville Franklin Bella Vinson named District MVP for third year in a row.
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