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  1. Remember the great, late Don Meyer talking about problems with parent saying that many parents would want their kid to make All State rather than their Team Win State. That’s a problem. And by the way I know exactly who the parents are you are talking about.
  2. How will the new Four Classification for 21-22 affect the District?
  3. I will agree that Tullahoma does have talent returning and also a coach who likes to keep them in the gym and not afraid to work. I picked Tullahoma 4th mainly on retuning experience that Lincoln and Lawrence have over them. But I will say any of the three could finish in spots two thru four. At this point just hope we get to see a full season of all sports.
  4. I could see start of Basketball season being moved back a week or two. Which might not be a bad thing if start of practice is kept same. Season used to start Monday of Thanksgiving week and everybody still got all their games in. Just hope we get to play all sports.
  5. Football is not moving to Spring. If football plays it will be in the Fall with the earliest games being played third week of September. Just wonder how this might effect the starting dates for basketball. Games used to start Monday of Thanksgiving week and full season was still played ending around same time. So a one or two week delay would be no big problem. Also would give a little extra practice time which I feel coaches all need anyways. This said, Anything that is decided by TSSAA is subject to change at anytime with this mess still going around.
  6. Columbia could be the surprise of the district this year. After being in the cellar the last few years I feel they could be in line to move up in the standings this year. Were much improved on the court last year even if the wins did not show it, and have most if not all their key players back. Shelbyville and Franklin County have a ways to go.
  7. Can you clue us in with the “changes coming” quote ?
  8. All the player mentioned here, except the younger Vinson she is still in middle school, are on the Coffee County roster for next year and all four of the assistant coaches are still on board also. And this is not fake news, this is the truth!
  9. Open facilities and practice are two different things. Open facilities could have been taking place during April and May but TSSAA said official practice could not begin until after each individual school systems final scheduled day of school. I’m sure most if not all teams were following theses rules. And yes some teams are practicing right now while others are not yet allowed to. So TSSAA everyone is not on a level playing field right now.
  10. Tullahoma lost at least 3 starters, 4 seniors in all, including leading scorer. Columbia should be better than Shelbyville and Franklin County. Those last two could be an even mathup though. Just my educated guess from what I saw last year.
  11. Since this is one of the more popular threads here on the T, I thought I would bring it back to the top and give my off season predictions for 20-21 hopefully we are playing basketball by then. 1. Coffee County 2. Lawrence County 3. Lincoln County 4. Tullahoma 5. Columbia 6. Shelbyville 7. Franklin County Anyone else with any thoughts?
  12. As of right now don’t see much of anything team wise happening this summer. And yes overall play next season will suffer. Maybe TSSAA will be smart enough to give teams an extra two or three weeks of preseason practice, something they should have had anyways. Makes no sense to me that colleges get twice as much preseason practice as high school. Seems to me it should be the other way around but hey what do I know.
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