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  1. I love you. I love you so, so much.
  2. Hey, they're my classmates too! But, in four games, I've only seen Jenkins get shut down once. He only netted 4 points in the first half, and then went off in the second half and finished with 36 because the guy guarding him got into foul trouble. Jenkins will repeat as Mr. Basketball, there's no reason he shouldn't.
  3. I think Alabama might have overlooked her "spoiled rotten attitude." If you knew the girl, you'd never say that about her.
  4. I like how it's all Middle Sectional guys in the projected top 4s of everyone. What about predictions for other events?
  5. If that's the case, I can't wait to watch the open 100.
  6. Anything can happen. I know that because of unfortunate stress fractures and apathy to compete.
  7. On TennesseeRunner.com homepage for all those without the subscription. A-AA Boys Track Team Rankings (Calculated by Sectionalperformance) 1. David Lipscomb High School 83 Brian Reasonover (PV 1 = 1) Chris Safely (D 6 = 6) Jeremy Holt (200m 4 = 4) Mitchell Tenpenny (D 8 = 8) Reid Hillin (HJ 1 = 1) Relay Team (21) Ryan Johnson (1600m 8 + 800m 10 = 18) Zach Rogers (100m 6 + 200m 10 + LJ 8 = 24) 2. Martin Luther King High School 50 Blake Edwards (TJ 8 = 8) Max Slifka (D 3 + S 2 = 5) Micah Wasserman (800m 5 = 5) Nick Winn (3200m 5 = 5) Relay Team (21) Ryan Graves (1600m 2 = 2) Stephen Wathen (1600m 4 = 4) 3. Franklin Road Academy 48.5 Chase Turpin (300H 2 + PV 1 = 3) Colton Duncan (S 4 = 4) Jack Kaiser (1600m 5 + 3200m 6 = 11) Jasper Martin (PV 3.5 = 3.5) Josh Pickerel (800m 6 = 6) Relay Team (11) Terry Jay (S 10 = 10) 4. Austin-East High School 40 Aaryiane Carrington (400m 5 = 5) David Strong (HJ 10 + LJ 4 = 14) Kenny Jones (D 10 + S 5 = 15) Relay Team (6) 5. Brainerd High School 36 Orlandus Harris (110H 10 + 300H 10 + LJ 6 + TJ 10 = 36) Top 3 from the same Section... and in 5th, the Brainerd High School Orlandus Harrises.
  8. Don't laugh, stealth. They did better than you and I would.
  9. I am not Pickerel. What would give you that idea?
  10. Did I call it, or did I call it?
  11. By thinking he's already got it won and not running his best.
  12. There's only one person in A/AA that could beat Rogers in the 100 and 200, and it's himself. He's got it won as long as he doesn't make any mental errors.
  13. It looks like my game was an epic failure... One for State would be better.
  14. He was looking for the seeds, not the results.
  15. Where has this site been my whole life*? (* where "whole life" = two years)
  16. Where are you seeing the other ones?
  17. [sarcasm] Maybe the guy's right... Franklin Road 9:44.85 That's terrible, right there. [/sarcasm]
  18. He probably goes to Station Camp and would rather be tough on the internet than on the track.
  19. That's what you say, they're not in your Section... They've also converted to shot put and discus and now they're the favorites.
  20. I wish I could upload a document of how to fill out the contest forms, but here goes. Fill one out for each Section. If you fill it out before your Sub-Section completes, you get a 10 point bonus for being a stud. Remember, 3 points for guessing first place correctly, 2 for second, 1 for third.
  21. 4:32.31 King, Matt Nashville Track & Field Championships 2008-04-22 How does someone stay under the radar for this long?
  22. Alrighty, we can have it for West, Middle and East so you get rewarded for knowing about them. I was going to do it for State, but that's so far away, but when the time comes, we'll make one. I'll make a new thread the day after Sub-Sections so you can start putting in your selections. Sound good? /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  23. I have a good idea (which I hope it is, indeed, good). Since we have a lot of Middle Section A/AA-ers, we can have a contest to see who can pick the top 3 in each event. Each correct guess for each place gets either 3, 2, or 1 point(s) for first, second, or third, respectively, and the person with the highest amount of points wins. If that makes any sense. Also, anyone can participate. It's probably terrible, but I'm on an energy drink high and it seemed good to me... /flower.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":flower:" border="0" alt="flower.gif" /> /flower.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":flower:" border="0" alt="flower.gif" />
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