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  1. @ Opie....No, Thanks. (on the Kerr trading) @ mavhead...I agree with a LOT of what you're saying. I think part of the problem IS that the COACHES don't know their talent or what exactly they ARE (the talent)is capable of. @ Oskie...NOT all of it is coaching, I agree. I understand there are some extra curricular activities going on with some team members. Let's just say what you do OFF the field DIRECTLY effects what goes on, on the field. @ ACM22...I hope you're right. Maybe they will gel at the right time... @ RR....I'm still NOT impressed with Hammontree. Not yet. I sincerely hope you're right about him and I do realize these "things" sometimes takes time. We shall see.....
  2. @ ACM22...if your son is ashamed of how this Maverick team has been playing, maybe it's time HE stepped up and took the lead. Just a suggestion. It will be hard for him being an underclassman. BUT....if there are others that share his vision for this team, then THEY need to step and support your son's efforts. Go Mavs!
  3. Do the words "balanced offense" mean ANYTHING to coaches ANYMORE??? We have went from one extreme, running the ball during the Kerr years, to another, which is passing the ball under the Gillum years. A strong running game is what opens up the passing game and TOUGH defense is what WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  4. @ THEMANCONAN...I don't think this kids dad is either WHAT you think he is or WHO you think he is. I know this gentleman personally and I'm here to tell you he's worse on him than ANY of his coaches are....maybe part of the problem. I don't know. I do know that this team is gonna have to pull together if they expect to start winning. Receivers, qbs, and DEFENSE. @ ACM22...AGREED!!! THIS TEAM...THIS WHOLE TEAM DOES NOT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. If that's the case, then I'm with you. Move over and let the younger players that WANT IT, HAVE IT! @92D...I think you're a good guy (even though I love aggravating the heck out of you) and I respect the loyalty you've shown your Dragons over the years. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE MAVERICK FOOTBALL. PERIOD.
  5. .....Oh, and did I mention, I'm NOT a fan of the new DC? NOT YET, anyways. I hope for the teams sake, he proves me wrong. Just because you played football, DOESN'T mean you can COACH FOOTBALL.
  6. We can play the "who's you daddy?" card all we want to and with any team you want to play that card with, however.....ALL qb's throw interceptions. Period. What is highly suspect? Receivers have got to RUN their routes. Receivers have got to FINISH their routes. Receivers got to CATCH the ball when it hits their hands. DEFENSE????? I believe that would entail TACKLING. NOT arm tackling. LOWERING the shoulder pads, WRAPPING up, and DRIVING through.....! WOW.....just expected so MUCH more from this team.
  7. WHAT IS IT????? Just because AC has this "air raid" mentality, do we NOT need to practice TACKLING anymore???? I'm seeing this in the middle school AND high school level. I know I'm old school, but Mav fans...WE ARE SOFT! DEFENSE? WHERE ARE YOU?
  8. lol......True dat, jeopardyperil! CC over Clinton. You guys "herd" it here first!!! Go Cougars!
  9. Prayers going up for Tucker and his family and this football community from Anderson County, S-N-B!!! We had a scare similar to this Friday night with one of our players. Was a clean hit...BUT helmet to helmet!!! T$$AA needs to address this ASAP.
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