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  1. What schools came in what places? And what athelets did good and came in 1st place?
  2. Rummors are aroound that coach Troy BOnd of the Wilson Central Wildcats will be leaving the school is this true? And if so who is being looked at tho take the position?
  3. it seems that most teams now days only have about 20 athletes on each team...this is outrageous
  4. It seems to me now that Track & Field has no RESPECT. Its like it isn't even a sport anymore. High schools don't take it serious and colleges are not reqruiting like they used to in earlier years. Is their anything that can be done to save this wonderfull sports activity?
  5. Oh i feel so bad for the Wildcats.. Congrats to Lavergne and good luck The coach for central has to make better decissions. all i gotta say
  6. Wilson Cental plays Clarksville Northeast for second round of the region. Few quick facts... Wilson Central has put Northeast out of the tournement three time in this same position 2nd Central has not been playing their best basketball 3rd Same scenario Wilson Central girls team lost tonight to LaVergne this was the fourth time they have played and LaVergne finnaly came out victorious So what will be the outcome of the match???
  7. what time will the game start tomorrow
  8. Whatl will be the outcome of Wilson Central vs. Clarksville Northeast? Predictions and Threats and Downfalls of both teams.
  9. it should be a very eneresting game tonight.
  10. 6'10 wow thats tall is he any good. and wilson centrals post are both around 6'4 but are both very athletic. I wouldnt wanna be standing under the goal when they come through.
  11. the enviroment at wilson central is allways a good one. Both teams do have experience at the guard position, but i think that centrals post game will overide Henry Co. game. Wilson Central has two great senior posts numbers 21 and 10 i believe Jarvis Jenkins and Arkavious McMurray but overall it will be a good game.
  12. i belive sometime last week or two he was on crutches.
  13. What will be the outcome of this match? How do the two teams match up against each other?
  14. not sure i just know it was a shoulder injury.
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