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  1. 13 year old current eight grader looking for an AAU club in east Tennessee. This guy can handle with both hands, pass and score. He is good against pressure and needs quality competition. Kid comes from agreat family and is a quality player and person. Leave phone numbers and locations of tryouts and practices. Thanks for your imput!!!!!
  2. Campbelle2

    6-6 post looking for AAU tryout!

    Will reply to coaches Sunday??? Robert what is your area code 865 or 423 and where will the practices be located??????
  3. I am looking for an opportunity for a 6-6 250 lb. post to try out for an AAU team in east Tennessee. This is a good kid who can help a team in need of a post player and comes from a good family. He has soft touch out to 16-18 feet and could probably knock down an occasional three when trailing the break if needed. This kid is a 16 year old Junior. Reply with phone numbers, names and locations of tryout. Thanks!!!!!
  4. Campbelle2

    Hancock Vs. Cosby

    Cosby won the game by about 10 points. Kelvin Rone started the game off hot for Cosby and Timmy Blakely finished it off. Cosby looks like a state contender and Hancock looks to be trying to find and identity. Hancock put up a good fight and I can see better things to come. Blakely is the best post player I have seen in a while. He is so fundamentaly sound and so smooth and strong. I love his game. I am a Hancock fan, but very impressed with Cosby and especially Timmy Blakely. I hope to see the game at Cosby it should be fun.
  5. Campbelle2

    [email protected] Team!

    My team is still looking for games for the month of June. Please contact me with any tournaments in June and July from Nashville east to Bristol and even out of state.
  6. East Tennessee team looking for tournaments or play days in knoxville to Bristol area of East Tennessee. Might be willing to travel to the Cookeville or Nashville area if the dates will work out. Would prefer to play Friday and Saturday, but will consider Sunday if a must. Call (423) 733-4967 and leave message and I will get back to you. Ask for Rick P.S. I may also be able to put together a 15 and Under team also.
  7. Campbelle2

    Will Tyler Smith go to UT now?

    Not so quick. Most of the high profile recruits are advised not to sign their national letter, just for the purpose of this situation. Tyler may not have signed his national letter because of the cloud over Buzz. Maybe UT will go after Travis Ford as the next coach.
  8. Campbelle2

    Is Bailey going to play college ball?

    Jimmy Miller was a fantastic offensive player. He was more of a strong slasher. I saw him play in college at Lincoln Memorial University. Bailey is a better shooter and has point guard skills and is a better defender. Jimmy was one of the strongest high school players that I have ever seen. His defense was not something to behold. I think Bailey is the better all-around player and will be a steal for a low D-1 or major D-2. I love his game. Great range out to 28 feet and great court vision and he is an above average defender who will take the charge.
  9. Campbelle2

    who will win Hancock or Cosby

    Tell us about the phantom walk after a Hancock steal with 30 seconds? Also, give us a take on the double foul in the first half where #21 of Cosby flagrantly fouled #35 Hancock twice in the middle of the floor. Hancock had numerous clean blocks called fouls. Hancock was in more foul trouble than Cosby. Both posts had four fouls. Thanks for your loss for words on your reply to Hancock players and fans.
  10. Campbelle2

    who will win Hancock or Cosby

    Tell us what you mean by Hancock style players and fans???? Your take on the officiating tells the story. Cosby always blames the officials. So, they must have got a home game on the road. Cosby was very lucky to escape with a win. This Hancock team is just starting to get it together. Hope to see you at tourney time. This is a great rivalry and I love being part of it as a former player and coach.
  11. Campbelle2


    I have been an assistant on the Lincoln Memorial University men's basketball staff the the past few years. Coach Tungate took a job at Oakland University a D-1 school in his home state of Michigan. I have chosen to take a year off and watch my children play at Hancock County High School. I will weigh my options at the end of this season and might apply for another college job. It has been illegal for me to comment on this board the past couple of years, but I'm currently legal. I hope Rusty does well at LMU. I will always be thankful for my opportunity at LMU. Go Railsplitters and Rusty Chambers and Brad Seal the Northeast Tennessee connections.
  12. Campbelle2


    I think the correct terminology would be better athletes. I don't know many high school players that are better players than Rusty Chambers and Cody Collins. They did not dazzle you with athleticism, but they really knew the game and were warriors with a great deal of experience. Maybe better athletes, but not better players.
  13. Campbelle2

    Matthew Dotson

    Matthew is a player that I thought was being somewhat under recruited. I, like Gomab, question his quickness at that level, but he is a big EUROPEAN type player who is worth taking a chance on. He can put it on the floor, pass and shoot the three. The question is he quick enough????? I hope he is because he seems like a fine young man. I think he would have been a star at Tech or AP, but he wants to go for it at the top level and hats off to him. If it does not work out he can take another route later. I think this guy, with work, may surprise some people. There's not many 6-8 guys who can potentially play on the perimeter or play the 4 and stretch the defense. Matthew, I wish you the best and congratulations.
  14. Campbelle2

    Top players in East TN.

    Logan Johnson South Doyle Jody Fersner Karns Elliott Bishop Fulton Rushaun Reeves Fulton Aaron White Oak Ridge Dandrus Whitt Clinton I think that Karns and Fulton will be the class of Knoxville.