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  1. 1st Round Johnson Co. Austin East Kingston Alcoa Red Bank Sequatchie Co. York Upperman Pearl Camden East Nashville Fairview Covington McNairy Milan Wooddale 2nd Round Austin East Alcoa Red Bank Upperman Pearl Fairview Covington Milan Quarterfinals Alcoa Red Bank Pearl Covington Semi Finals Alcoa Covington Finals Alcoa 35 Covington 10
  2. North Stewart Co. Creek Wood Waverly Camden South East Hickman Hickman Fairview Lewis last time I looked at a map this was correct. Tournament hosted by each division winner 1 and 3 from North and 2 and 4 from South and vice versa
  3. I heard through the grapevine the workhorse of a RB transferred and became a Spartan. Is this speculation or truth??
  4. Can’t nobody hold MASE down oh no, MASE has got to keep on moving.
  5. My issue is all season the refs haven’t let them play yet in the most important game of the season they decide now is the time to let them play? Why not allow that all season. It needs to called the same throughout the season. Consistency is the most important part, also not calling a 5th foul on a player that was 6 feet away from the foul call with 8 seconds left on the clock and the game goes OT would be nice.
  6. Tough loss for the Jackets last night. They had their chances to win in a hostile environment. It took them one quarter to adjust to Stratford’s style and the crowd trailing 20-5 after 1 but they continued to answer the bell throughout the game. This team will be back next year and more than likely will be better. Not bad for a program who two years ago only won 1 game and won 25 this year.
  7. Best program? That is debatable. A couple of quality programs in Williamson County that could stake claim to this.
  8. Gerry Bertier


    Marshall let one slip away last night but Nolensville is the more complete team with a better coach staff. They went to a triangle and 2 to slow down Johnson and Marshall County couldn’t make them pay for the change. Nolensville is a scary good team when things are clicking. Are they moving up to AAA next year? I would think their enrollment will increase by more than 20%?
  9. http://www.dnj.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/02/25/eagleville-contacts-tssaa-alleged-scoring-errors-boys-region-loss-lead-academy/371749002/ interesting situation here. Have a feeling the game will stand as it does right now. But if true, I hate it for the Eagleville players.
  10. Gerry Bertier


    Didn’t help the perfect storm hit in the district quarterfinals with the 2,3, and 4 seed all losing in 11aa sending the 5,6 and 7th seeds to Regions. Creek Wood, East Hickman, and Stewart Co. would have provided some better games in regions but they didn’t take care of business like they should have done. if Fairview wins Tuesday this district will put a team in the sectionals for 3 out of last 4 years.
  11. Quarterfinals at higher seed 12aa #1 Marshall County vs 11aa #4 Lewis County 11aa #2 Camden vs. 12aa #3 Nolensville 12aa #2 Murfreesboro Central Magnet vs. 11aa #3 Waverly 11aa #1 Fairview vs. 12aa Forrest Semi Final games will be hosted by Nolensville. Should be 4 exciting games Saturday Night.
  12. Both girls game will be played back to back followed by district awards. Then both boys game will be played back to back.
  13. Upset city in this district tonight as the 2,3, and 4 seeds all went down at home. Fairview was the only top seeded team to win. Semi-Finals are set Fairview vs Lewis at 5:30 Waverly vs. Camden at 8:30 A 6 or 7 seed is promised a home regional game.
  14. Your pompous, arrogant attitude continues to show. If you would do your own research you would find there were small schools at the Father Ryan tournament. It becomes difficult for up and coming small school programs to get invites to these tournaments because of attitudes like yours. i have personally seen what it takes to revitalize a small school high school program and build into respectable program across the state. It starts in the wrestling room and with the youth and middle school program. You can’t go to the top tournaments until those things are taken care of.
  15. Nowhere did I say a school with 500 can’t compete with a school of 750. The split has added competitiveness to the sport for the lower schools. You are right some teams can’t fill an entire team which means those wrestlers are not getting that iron sharpen iron mentality you are talking about in practice everyday. The wrestling room is where most champions are made. At smallest schools there may be only one in a weight class this that wrestling room training becomings more difficult compared to a school of 2000 who has 3 or 4 in each weight class. i know plenty of top A/AA programs that are getting in the top tournaments in the state with the bigger schools. They are not shying away this why they are being successful on the state level. Must be a sad little life being so pompous and the leader of the your Anti-Everyone gets a trophy movement that you feel is happening in the state with the sport yet the majority of other states are doing the same. High school athletics are about experiences. If that means 8 additional teams during duals and 16 wrestlers per weight class at individuals get the opportunity to benefit from the positives that wrestling teaches you through success and failure then I think it is a positive move. At the end of the day that’s what it is about yet people like you continue with an elitists attitude that doesn’t further the sport it hinders it and you are so far in the forest you can’t see the trees. Also research has shown school size does have correlation with success in individual state tournaments where there is a single class system, ie Indiana. Right now Tennessee has it right with 3 classes. It should never go above that.
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