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  1. I also hope that y'all have a clean game without injuries. Even though I've developed a new found respect for SGC and ManOfMillions, I've known Coach Kirby since he was in high school. I've played in some big games against Covington. I do quite of bit of business in Covington, and I also respect "the legend" and his words of wisdom. He has some Haywood County ties. For those reasons, I'll be cheering for the Chargers. It should be a great atmosphere and a great game. Good luck to both teams.
  2. All of the info in the poll is now a week old. No one seemed interested enough to comment, so I won't do that again. I'm somewhat leery about making comments on the basketball situation, since I don't know a lot about it. I do know that there were a number of players/parents who were not happy with Coach Simmons, but I don't really know why. I heard that a large number of players had quit.
  3. I don't want to hijack this thread, but thanks for the info. Thanks to you, I'll know that I should be suspicious of a BULLdog fan's advice in the future.
  4. I think you do a good job, and WNWS video streams for six area teams. I thank them for that. I've always liked West Tennessee football. There are some big games this Friday. I'm very interested in seeing how the games in Covington, Alamo, and Milan turn out.
  5. I was just basing my advice on some advice BPM gave me a few days before the Haywood-South Gibson game: “If you think the SG fans are bad you should see the guy that does the video stream on 101.5. UGLY!!! They tried to turn the camera around on him one time to do an interview and his face broke the camera. His face makes babies cry!! And he smells too. Like old bologna. Horrible!!!!” A wet kitten looking for its mother sounds better. Do you think BPM gave me some bad advice?
  6. Who is that masked man? I know you’ll be on your home turf, and I’m sure you can take care of yourself, but don’t do it CHARGERFAN! It sounds like a set-up to me. Just kidding…I know y’all will have a great time exchanging unpleasantries. Good luck to both teams.
  7. I apologize. I wasn’t trying to make a negative statement, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend you. I was just making a friendly little joke with you since you were the first to mention Williamson’s injury in this thread. His injury is definitely not a secret. The Jackson Sun has written a whole article about it. I agree with you. It does make you uneasy when you have to switch players around and use players who haven’t had a lot of playing time, especially in a game as important as this one. However, I’m counting on the Cats to make those adjustments. Thanks for your compliments on the team’s sportsmanship. I’m happy to hear that statement, and I think a lot of the credit for that should be given to Coach Smith and his crew. I had to watch the video stream of the HHS-SGC game since prior commitments kept me from traveling to Medina, but I’ve heard a lot of favorable comments about the respect and sportsmanship of the Hornet team and fans. As a side note, I watched both the Haywood stream and the South Gibson stream. My apologies to the Haywood video crew, but I have to say the South Gibson stream was much better! Good luck going forward.
  8. My response is to several of the posts that have been made on this thread. When you look at power ratings and score predictors Haywood does seem to be favored on paper. I hate this cliche, but the game isn't played on paper, and there have been several recent developments (none that I care to mention) that could definitely influence the outcome. Also, we can't ignore the fact that the Cavaliers are playing well, they are playing at home, and they, like the Tomcats, are hungry for the region championship. Now that ManOfMillions has let the "Cat" out of the bag, I do have to admit that at first Haywood's injury situation made me uneasy, but the Tomcats have plenty of talented players and I have faith that the Haywood coaches will have the Cats focused, prepared, and ready to play. The Cats won't lie down and lick their wounds. I know Crockett will be ready to play as well. So as I said in an earlier post, I expect it to be a close hard-fought game that could go either way.
  9. The Cavaliers are a good team, and their 4-3 record is deceiving. Crockett's 3 loses have been to teams with a combined record of 19-2.
  10. This will be the 16th meeting between the Cats (6-1) and Cavs (4-3). Crockett Co. leads the series 8-7. A victory by Haywood would tie the series. But, more importantly, a Haywood victory would assure the Tomcats the Region 7-4A championship. Common opponents are Ripley and South Gibson. Haywood defeated South Gibson 50-49 and Ripley 42-7, while Crockett Co. defeated Ripley 42-21 and lost to South Gibson 21-14. The two teams always play each other tough, so I expect it to be a close hard fought game.
  11. When looking at power ratings, Henry Co. still comes out on top, but the pecking order for 2 – 20 are somewhat different than in the post above. Sonny Moore’s Power Ratings (as of Sunday, Oct.6, 2019) Teams: CLASS W L SOS PR 1. HENRY COUNTY 5A 5 2 107.54 124.22 2. PEABODY 2A 6 0 85.86 123.60 3. COVINGTON 3A 6 1 97.68 122.02 4. DYER COUNTY 5A 6 1 93.78 121.23 5. HUNTINGDON 1A 7 0 86.93 117.06 6. SOUTH GIBSON 3A 6 1 102.60 116.81 7. MILAN 3A 4 3 103.47 116.03 8. HAYWOOD 4A 6 1 98.16 115.21 9. USJ A1 5 1 92.97 112.83 10.HARDIN COUNTY 4A 6 1 92.22 111.47 11.LAKE COUNTY 1A 6 0 78.87 111.12 12.McNAIRY CENTRAL 3A 5 2 87.88 108.33 13.LEXINGTON 4A 4 3 94.75 104.30 14.MUNFORD 5A 5 2 94.13 104.25 15.FAYETTE ACADEMY A1 5 1 89.30 103.88 16.DYERSBURG 4A 3 3 96.48 103.50 17.WESTVIEW 3A 4 3 100.89 103.06 18.JACKSON NORTH SIDE 4A 3 4 99.83 102.74 19.CROCKETT COUNTY 4A 4 3 92.68 100.11 20.GIBSON COUNTY 2A 5 2 84.55 94.90
  12. There has been some discussion in the subforums as to who has the best football team (regardless of division or class) in rural West Tennessee. The Jackson area media publish a couple of polls, but I thought that I would get a different perspective. So with a little time on my hands, I decided to do a little research, pull rural west teams out of some lengthy statewide lists, and get a better picture as to how some impartial professionals and/or computers rank the top 20 teams in rural West Tennessee. I realize football games aren’t played on paper, but I don’t think there is any harm in looking at what they have to say. unapproved website (as of Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019) 1. Henry Co. - 5-2 - State (TN) Rank 22 2. Haywood - 6-1 - State (TN) Rank 30 3. Covington – 6-1 - State (TN) Rank 35 4. Peabody – 6-0 - State (TN) Rank 41 5. South Gibson – 6-1 - State (TN) Rank 45 6. Huntingdon – 6-0 - State (TN) Rank 47 7. Dyer Co. – 6-1 - State (TN) Rank 58 8. Hardin Co. – 6-1 - State (TN) Rank 71 9. Milan – 4-3 - State (TN) Rank 78 10. Lake Co. – 6-0 - State (TN) Rank 80 11. USJ – 5-1 - State (TN) Rank 84 12. McNairy Central – 5-2 - State (TN) Rank 96 13. Fayette Academy – 5-1 - State (TN) Rank 99 14. Westview – 3-3 - State (TN) Rank 104 15. Lexington – 4-3 - State (TN) Rank 105 16. Munford – 5-2 - State (TN) Rank 106 17. Jackson North Side – 3-4 - State (TN) Rank 117 18. Crockett Co. – 4-3- State (TN) Rank 120 19. McKenzie – 3-3 - State (TN) Rank 160 20. Dyersburg – 3-3 - State (TN) Rank 161 At this point in the season, I agree that Henry Co. is the best in the rural west.
  13. The Chargers should take care of Milan tonight. Half the fun of traveling to away football games, or just traveling in general, is finding a good or unique place to eat. Milan must not have any! I haven’t seen a single response to your question asking for suggestions. I have eaten at the Chow Wagon before, but that was years ago. It was okay then, but I don’t know about now. https://www.chowwagonofmilan.com/#/ I will say that your comment about having BBQ in Tipton County has given me a suggestion. I haven't been to Bozo's in a while.
  14. The poll I looked at has Haywood ranked number 3. Haywood was ranked number 2 last week, but I can see why Haywood and Elizabethton (ranked number 3 in last week's poll) swapped places this week. Betsy's 45 - 0 drubbing of previously undefeated Cherokee (Class 5A) is more impressive than Haywood's 1 point win over previously undefeated South Gibson County (Class 3A). Calling the school Haywood Co. is a pet peeve of mine. When Haywood County High School and Carver High School were consolidated in 1970, a new high school was built and named Haywood High School, so the official name of the school is Haywood High not Haywood County High. Unfortunately, a lot of school officials (along with others in Brownsville and across Tennessee) either don’t seem to know, or don't care to know, the actual name of the school, so it is often incorrectly referred to as Haywood County. However, in their defense the name of the school is taken from the county's name, and it is the only high school in Haywood County. To make things more confusing...the old Haywood County High School was often referred to as Haywood High School. You just have to learn to live with our identity crisis!
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