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  1. Good luck Chargers. This Haywood fan is pulling for you.
  2. I just received the following text, but I don’t have details at this time. [email protected]: By 95.3/BPress: Arrangements made to video stream Friday night's Tomcat TSSAA state semi-final game.
  3. Since I haven't seen many Crockett County fans on Coach T this year, I would like to give the Cavaliers some recognition. Crockett was a far better team than their 8-5 record might indicate. The Cav's 5 loses were to 4 teams who (after last night) have a 46-5 record. Those 4 teams are: Dyer County (11-2) Class 5A semifinalist Lake County (13-0) Class 1A semifinalist South Gibson (10-2) a second round team whose 2 loses were to Haywood (Class 4A semifinalist) and Covington (Class 3A semifinalist) 2 loses to Haywood (12-1) Class 4A semifinalist Crockett defeated 3 teams who made it to the second round (Ripley, Lexington, and Millington) and they also defeated USJ who will play for the Division II Class A championship. The Cavaliers were a formidable foe who gave Haywood all they wanted. The game was tied on 3 different occasions (21-21, 28-28, 35-35). Haywood scored the winning touchdown with 38 seconds left in the game. I would like to congratulate Crockett for a good game plan and a good season, and I would also like to congratulate the Tomcats on their persistence and their victory. Even though the weather and field conditions were nasty, I think the fans got their money's worth!
  4. It's Brownsville radio, so the announcers will be partial to Haywood, but you should be able to hear an audio stream at: www.brownsvilleradio.com or http://tncitylinktv.com/channel/brownsville-tv/
  5. Congratulations Chargers. Good luck next week.
  6. Haywood 41-35. Congratulations Coach Smith and crew. Congratulations Tomcats. Let's beat Springfield.
  7. Crockett County 28-21 at the half. The Cavaliers will receive the kick off to start the second half.
  8. I’m not familiar with Ralph’s. However, if (and that’s a big if) we make it to Cookeville, I’ll definitely check them out. Did you ever have donuts from the Kream Kastle (in B’ville) during the 60s? They were the best! I do want to congratulate SGC on a great season. The Hornets were well-coached, disciplined, motivated, and consistent in every game they played. They have definitely established themselves as one of the best programs in Tennessee.
  9. Congratulations Chargers! Keep up the good work and bring home the gold ball.
  10. I felt sure it was a mistake, but my fears have been calmed. The TSSAA has corrected their egregious error! https://tssaasports.com/sports/football/playoffs/ Thankfully, there will be no trip to Tiny Knee Stadium this year. I've checked the action ratings and two score predictors. According to those three sources, Haywood should be a 23-28 point favorite, but I'll take a win no matter what the margin. Go Tomcats!
  11. Hardin County https://www.jacksonsun.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/11/09/tssaa-football-playoffs-hudson-wolfe-ejected-hardin-county-jackson/4153743002/
  12. Hey Chargerfan. I haven't exchanged posts with you in a while. Congrats on Covington's win at Melrose and good luck the rest of the way. As I told goldenpride a couple of weeks ago, I'm always cheering for former Big Ten members (as long as they're not playing Haywood). I noticed there was no H for the home team in the brackets as well. The guys who maintain the brackets must be from Dyersburg...lol. Since this will be the 94th meeting between Haywood and Ripley, I would have to say I've been to "beautiful" Tiny Knee (both as a player and as a fan) numerous times. I had much rather watch the game from the friendly confines of John B. Hooper Memorial Stadium.
  13. Is this a mistake, or have I missed something? Why does the TSSAA website show Haywood (Region 7's number one seed) traveling to Ripley (Region 7's number 3 seed) for round two? https://tssaasports.com/sports/football/playoffs/ Class 4A Playoffs Lexington at Springfield Creek Wood at Hardin Co. Haywood at Ripley Crockett Co. at Millington
  14. In the post of mine that you quoted, I said ended any hopes Haywood had of tying the game. I apologize. I'm not sure what i was thinking when I said that. I should have said ended any hope Haywood had of winning the game. I went back and edited that in my original post. Fun memories, but all of that was in the past. 2019's second season has begun, I hope the Golden Tide will win bring the 2A title back to Trenton once again. Haywood did a much better job of controlling the penalties last night. That's one thing they have got to do if they have any hope of bringing the 4A title to Brownsville. HHS has been to the championship 3 times (1994, 1995, 2018), and we've brought home silver all three times.
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