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  1. I’ve seen various predictions that favor Haywood anywhere between 28 to 35 points. Tomcats, it is you, not the prognosticators, who play the game on the field. Those predictions will only motivate Lake County. The Falcons will give it all they’ve got from beginning to end Don’t get complacent Cats. Stay focused and disciplined!
  2. i just went back and watched the stream of the 4th quarter. Great job @ManOfMillions! I agree. It was a shame that either team had to lose that night.
  3. You're welcome, and I hope things work out for your return to the broadcast booth. I remember a lot of Tomcat games over the years, but the 50-49 game that I think you are referring to was one of the best!
  4. I know most of this was mentioned in last year’s thread. Lake Co. originally scheduled Ensworth for week 8 of the 2021 - 2022 scheduling cycle. If I remember correctly, the chat on Coach T was that Ensworth backed out of the series because they didn’t want to travel to Tiptonville. It was late in the scheduling cycle when the Lake Co. – Ensworth series fell through. In need of a game to fill their schedule, the Falcons agreed to play Haywood who was also in need of a week 8 game. Obviously, Lake Co. was willing to schedule some tougher non-region competition (be it Ensworth or Haywood), and I respect and commend them for that. Both Haywood and Lake Co. have two of the most storied programs in West Tennessee. Since this will be a game between two proud and tradition rich programs, I expect it to be a good one. Josh Puckett, the head coach of Lake County’s 2019 state championship team, is currently an assistant coach at Haywood. That should add some interest to the game as well. Like others have posted, I pray that it will be a clean injury-free game and safe travels to all. The game will be video streamed on Brownsville Radio’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/brownsvilleradio/ Haywood leads the series 1-0. Last year’s score: Haywood 49, Lake Co. 0 Haywood Lake County Record: 6-0 Record: 4-2 PF-PA: 291-64 PF-PA: 228-170 Per Game: 48.7-12.5 Per Game: 38-28.3 Opponents W-L: 21-19 Opponents W-L: 23-18
  5. Thanks! That's about how I see it playing out. I hate that Regions 6 and 7 might only end up with 5 teams. Finding 6 non-region opponents won't be easy...especially for Haywood.
  6. I posted this in the West Tennessee Enrollment thread in the 1A-2A forum, but I didn’t get any response. I know it didn’t belong in the 1A-2A forum, but I didn’t want to start another enrollment thread. Now that there is one in the 3A-4A forum, I’ve moved my post here. I’m primarily interested in how y’all think Regions 6, 7, 8 might line up with 4A reclassification. I've ranked the Division 1 West Tennessee football teams from the lowest enrollment to the highest. Class 4A doesn't look like it's going to have many rural West Tennessee teams to divide up between Regions 6 and 7. Dyer County will likely be moved to 7-4A. Will Millington and Bolton be moved to 7-4A or 8-4A? With McNairy and Liberty dropping to 3A, will North Side be moved to 6-4A in an effort to balance things out? Will Fayette Ware stay in 8-4A or be moved to 6-4A or 7-4A . A lot of questions…any thoughts? I’d also like to hear some thoughts concerning 3A in West Tennessee. Gleason 122 Greenfield 171 South Fulton 186 Hollow Rock-Bruceton 197 Lake Co. 204 Humboldt 267 West Carroll 267 Middleton 275 B.T. Washington 304 Memphis Middle College 311 Dresden 316 Westwood 322 Halls 342 Union City 356 McKenzie 357 Manassas 374 MASE 378 Hillcrest 382 Oakhaven 384 MLK Prep 395 Mitchell 397 Huntingdon 400 Fairley 402 Peabody 405 Jackson Central-Merry 431 Adamsville 442 Gibson Co. 455 Decatur Co. Riverside 457 KIPP Memphis 470 Bluff City 499 Freedom Prep 502 Camden 510 Memphis Business Academy 512 Milan 533 Sheffield 540 Trezevant 541 Liberty Tech 542 Westview 558 Scotts Hill 563 Memphis East 569 Frederick Douglass 667 Ripley 672 Wooddale 675 McNairy Central 698 Hamilton 703 Dyersburg 704 Bolivar Central 710 Melrose 710 Covington 722 Raleigh Egypt 724 Bolton 732 Obion Co. Central 751 Craigmont 788 South Gibson 790 South Side 800 Fayette-Ware 804 Haywood 806 Chester Co. 808 Millington 810 Ridgeway 817 Kirby 860 North Side 872 Crockett Co. 887 Lexington 902 Hardin Co. 1021 Dyer Co. 1075 Brighton 1147 Munford 1186 Memphis Central 1324 Kingsbury 1338 Henry Co. 1427 Overton 1436 Southwind 1540 Whitehaven 1647 Germantown 1833 White Station 1842 Houston 1924 Arlington 2065 Cordova 2133 Bartlett 2782 Collierville 2827
  7. The TSSAA scoreboard has Crockett Co. 17, Milan 14
  8. According to the Coach T scoreboard, Crockett Co. won 17-14.
  9. Haywood 47, North Side 0 Congratulations Tomcats!
  10. I made my post after hearing several Tomcat fans (both on the T and in person) talk about a possible rematch with the Wildcats in Brownsville, but it's still awful early to talk about that. Both Haywood and Melrose have got to get to the playoffs first. I wondered about the dressing room situation too. If they aren't able to host at their stadium, they could possibly host at another stadium in Memphis. For our involvement and possible placement in the playoffs, we need to concentrate on North Side this week. Then, we have region games against South Gibson and Obion Central to worry about in weeks 9 and 11. A lot can still happen.
  11. Just a reminder to Tomcat fans...If Haywood and Melrose should meet again in the playoffs. There is no guarantee that the game would be in Brownsville. See football regulations concerning the playoffs in the TSSAA Handbook (PDF file). There's still a lot of football left to play and a lot could happen. Let's take it one game at a ttime. Search 2022-23 TSSAA Handbook FOOTBALL REGULATIONS
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