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  1. Love being the underdog! We are going to be way down this year in many peoples eyes. True football people know what we bring back and that is not the flashy skill guys, but the guys that will grind it out. Please overlook Peabody, but in the end if we take care of business during the season then someone will have to beat us at Walter Kilzer Stadium which is not easy in the playoffs. PeabodyPride I am not sure but have we ever lost a home playoff game? I know we almost did a few years ago, but I am not sure if we ever have.
  2. I like this underdog bit going into the season. We all know ALL the pressure is on McKenzie to make it back to Chattanooga. They return a lot, but so do we. I absolutely loved the physicality of the scrimmage the other night. This is going to be a really fun year again in T-Town, but if we take care of business during the season then everything will have to run through Trenton this year and we will not have to travel at all during the playoffs. I feel that it will be the same teams battling it out in the playoffs as last year. Lake County will be VERY good this year, and Fayetteville/McKenzie/Dresden will all be in the mix as well. ROLL TIDE!!
  3. .500 at best. Is that how you do it BPM? We will be lucky to not get the mercy rule put on us a few games.
  4. I agree with you, Lake County will be better at the skill positions except at the QB position (Sam will be a 3 year starter.) Our line will be the difference. This team reminds me a lot of the team two years. Going into the season everyone was saying how bad we would be because we lost a ton of talent with Jarell, Cooper, and that senior class, but we had the line coming back that year and it is very similar to this year. We lost a great senior class this year, but we will somehow find some skill guys to go along with the line that we have. Lake County is going to be VERY good this year no doubt. I feel it will be the same as last year, we will see you guys in the quarters. The thing about Class A football is we both are one or two injuries away to being in trouble because of depth issues. Can't wait for the season to get going.
  5. As you probably know, we have a lot of players still playing spring sports. Baseball , soccer , and tennis all have football starters in them. We had one blown coverage defensively and I don’t think they stopped us offensively all night. Think it ended up 7-1. It is exciting for our county to be extremely well represented this week with four district baseball champions hosting tonight. Good Luck to all the county schools even the little purple pups. Hope we will all meet next week in Murfreesboro.
  6. And tackle the guy who has the ball before he reaches the end zone. I hear you. .500 at best I tell you.
  7. You’re right. Maybe I can take some pointers from BPM coming up over the next few months. Still a beginner! A newbie in this generation.
  8. Offensive line was the difference. They return 8 offensive starters from last year. Yes, Ganaway was amazing, but he had some serious running lanes to maneuver with. The second half they literally ran the wedge play an entire drive and Lake County had no answer. Those big boys all return except for Conner Meadows which he most likely will be replaced by his younger brother who is actually bigger than him. Keep in mind you will also be playing at Peabody during the season. This group of upcoming seniors has been really good for a long time and they have the leadership that might have been lacking last year. Please, we want people to think that we are going to be really bad because this group still has a sour taste in their mouth over the way it ended last year. We will be lucky if we are .500 this year.
  9. Peabody lost 3, but there will be some talented kids that decided to not play this year come back. They will be in the mix. They will be a lot more of a team next year. Derek Kee #4 is only a junior. In my opinion he was the best player on that team this year.
  10. I have had to do the same. I believe in everything I am that only my lord and savior can transform people. No way a man could have changed the way this team was two weeks ago to what they are today. I know God doesn’t care about no game, but he is in the business of changing lives and what has happened to some of these young men over the couple of weeks is remarkable. Hopefully they have been changed forever and don’t make the same mistakes when this is over.
  11. Watching this TEAM the last few days has been remarkable. The sacrifice some have done for the betterment of the team can only be made by answered prayers! I am so proud of these young men. Win or lose the lessons they have learned will last a lifetime. Saying that, go out there tonight and make memories that will last a lifetime! Roll Tide!
  12. Don’t be surprised if when he checks into the game, the player he is checking in for refuses to leave the floor. What would happen then? Coach would have to use a timeout and then this would all come to a head live in front of everyone. You have no idea how bad the team chemistry is right now. No where in the rule book does it say you must leave the floor when someone checks in for you. Also, who is he going to room with in the hotel? He quit on his teammates. They ALL read the article!! In my day, you don’t need no coach to handle that business. He is not exactly a weight room warrior.
  13. Moral of this story, be selfish and have a crazy dad and you get what you want!! Maybe I need to be a crazy dad.
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