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  1. NG girls sports are fixing to take a huge hit...boys on the other hand is going to be pretty solid for awhile.
  2. Not many good games to go to this week in East Tennessee so thinking about making the trip to mountain heritage v. Mitchell....do not know much about either team, but records and common opponents make it seem like it could be a good game. Any info would be appreciated, trying to decide to go or not.
  3. Claiborne is awful. They are struggling to find an identity on offense and struggle stopping anything on defense. I foresee a lot of offense from Unaka and just enough defense to get them a win. I will go 34 - 20 Unaka
  4. Their WR's are much better this year. Their RB and OL are not near as good as last year. They have struggled running the ball so far and have relied on Myers to scramble around and run or throw. I think Hampton should have their way upfront with them.
  5. NG held WG to 17 yards in the first half and about 150 for the game. 87 of those yards came on one play. The game was much closer than the 27-0 score. So I believe Cloudland will roll especially at home.
  6. Seen on Twitter where coach Hall lost his mother to cancer Sunday. Sending Prayers to his family.
  7. Covid I reckon....seen it yesterday
  8. Just seen on twitter where Coalfield picked up a game against Knox Carter this Friday.
  9. You think this team is better than when Willie Carmichael was there ?
  10. NG played Jellico last night and gave up two touchdowns very early on kickoff and punt. Other than that the game was 3 TD to 3 TD. IMO Unaka is much better because of their athletes and QB play. Jellico has three kids that make them go. 3,24,&9, they will struggle to defend the pass and I think Unaka matches up better against them than teams that like to line it up and run it right at them. If Unaka shows up, I could see them winning by 10-14.
  11. Good thing JC had covid against Hampton...this may be one of the worst JC teams I’ve seen.
  12. Daniel Boone is looking for a game I believe
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