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  1. North Greene boys beat Gatlinburg Pittman by 29 tonight. Looked really good.
  2. North Greene with a big win over Gatlinburg-Pittman tonight. The post transfer making a HUGE difference.
  3. NG is going to be really good. Brought almost everyone back and got a transfer that can play. Also have the best freshman in greene county. Them and cloudland should be a good one.
  4. Have a feeling its one of them years where anybody can beat anybody on any given night. Hampton will probably be the favorite but there are some other talented and scrappy teams in the conference as well.
  5. When is the coaching search going to take place? Any front-runners?
  6. Did hear that SG quarterback would be back this week. Don’t think it will matter but I’m sure it provides a little confidence for the rebels. At least until kickoff lol
  7. They have 3 or 4 lineman that are big. Overall team size isn’t that big especially in the skill positions and linebackers. They will run mostly using a pistol look but will throw it if you stop the run. Especially if little brother (#1) is playing QB. Their defense isn’t that good and they don’t like teams being physical with them.
  8. NG is currently at 370 and from recent projections the number is dropping to about 320-330 when the next cycle hits. Almost guaranteed to drop to 1a. Feeder schools are getting smaller and smaller
  9. How will the Gibbs / TN High game be? Trying to decide which game to go to in upper east TN
  10. Some friends from CD said it appears to be a partial tear and unlikely to play this week but might be available next week if they somehow get through Kingston. Lots of #7 for CD this week according to some players.
  11. Rumor in greene county is that the CD QB tore his ACL. Hope it’s not true, hate to hear anyone go through that.
  12. Yes. #10 and #50 were banged up Friday against HV. Have heard 10 received a bad concussion and not sure on #50.
  13. His younger brother is better no doubt and easily the future. Especially throwing the ball. But older bro has been the starter for at least three years now and most the time he has been throwing the ball to his little brother or handing it to him. So if he’s out it’s gonna be a big big loss. Also #50 was also banged up, he plays OL and DE. Another senior leader.
  14. Have heard the QB got a bad concussion against HV and is out for the year...if so there goes 90% of their offense.
  15. Unicoi has a really good running back and a decent QB with a couple of big receivers. If you can stop the run, you’ll have a good time in Erwin.
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