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  1. Does Unaka have any preseason scrimmages ? Me and my buddies would love to meet up and talk about some old memories.
  2. Does Unaka have any preseason scrimmages? I’d like to get out and watch them. Been awhile since I’ve been up the creek.
  3. Hear the rangers have big plans for the upcoming season
  4. Any thoughts on football in Carter County this upcoming year? Unaka lost a lot of their production, Cloudland with a new head coach and Hampton could be tough. How will each team be come kickoff?
  5. Looking for an AAU Team in East Tennessee for a 17 year old. He is a 6'2 guard and has a lot of playing experience. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. One of NG best players just had surgery on arm after he fell dunking and broke two bones. He will be out 4-6 weeks. Also have a post out with an ankle injury. Neither of these guys suited up against UH. When they get healthy, NG will be tough to beat.
  7. How much seating will there be and is there room to stand?
  8. I’m in upper East Tn and was trying to decide which one to head out to tonight. These are the two I’m trying to decide on Cloudland v coalfield south Greene v Oneida
  9. Cloudland v coalfield Crockett v Tn High South Greene v Oneida
  10. They’re very young and gonna be pretty tough for the next few years. The freshman group won the Middle School Regional Championship in football last year.
  11. You can tell none of the male athletes will play football. There are about 20 kids in the school right now that’d make a huge difference. They like dribbling the hard ball too much. Middle school program is the same way. Got three schools combining to make a team and can only get 13 players. Sad times
  12. How is this one gonna pan out? I know the Cole kid is pretty tough. Don’t know very much about Gibbs.
  13. That game and Boone v Gibbs are my two front runners right now. Would like to watch Gibbs offense and Boone’s Cole but also would like to see Bradley Central.
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