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  1. I am going to assume fine. They are at full strength right now with Anderson back.
  2. We were talking about Newport and Grandview Friday and said Grandview is probably 15 points better than Newport overall.
  3. I honestly think Region 1 will send two teams to state. One of the more competitive years in a long time. I could also see all four teams win their first round games to.
  4. Just Seen where coach Lambert is the new DC at Knox Catholic
  5. Yes she is back. Will take her awhile to get into playing shape.
  6. How did Hampton look? I know they have been playing well. The east is going to come down to Hampton and North Greene. I definitely could see both squads making it to the glass house. No one else is really that good. The other two contenders could be Harriman and Oneida.
  7. They are, especially at home. Next up is the Ladies Classic which is always a good measuring stick. Hope for an injury free tournament and some good competition to get ready for conference play.
  8. Same here...should be a really good year for the conference. Any of those 4 teams could beat one another on a given night.
  9. Family friend is involved with the basketball program. I do know her baby got sick recently and that has put basketball to the side for now. Not sure how serious or anything like that, but she is not planning on playing very soon.
  10. I also thought the WG and NG girls game would be good, but NG won by 30. Not sure if anyone was out for either team but that seems like a good win on the road.
  11. Very well could be especially at WG...Anderson started practicing this week so she should be back by Ladies Classis I would think. I am sure she won't be to much of a weapon until January though.
  12. Had heard she was going to Providence...not sure though.
  13. Not sure when you all would play Newport Grammar, but have heard they are best team around. The person I talked to said they look like a high school JV team. They are in NGMS conference.
  14. You are correct...NGMS has a ton of 6th graders, who have never really played. SO hopefully they can develop in a few years LOL. I also heard Grandview is supposed to be really good.
  15. Picture perfect drive for Hampton to start the game.
  16. Right now it seems to be...Cloudland will take awhile to get to their A-Game due to football, but I still think they will be out manned. Unaka just isn't very good. University lost anyone that was half-way decent and NG isn't near as good but could sneak up on some people if the Germans gel together. As far as the other region goes, Cosby and Hancock will be the top 2 there. Hancock seems to be much improved and Cosby is still Cosby.
  17. NG plays Clarkrange tonight, so that should be a good test with a quality 1A opponent. I agree they’ll be prepared for a run by February.
  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that...I was sitting there and was like dang if he had kept that he would still be running. Felt like I said it over and over.
  19. Looks like NG will get a big boost with Anderson coming back much sooner than expected. Supposed to be back early December
  20. Is it at Oneida or Hampton? I’m in upper East TN so if it’s in Hampton , most likely will be there. If not, I’ll have to choose between Greeneville and Betsy or Cloudland and coalfield .
  21. All I said was that SG receivers could be the difference and they weren’t. Oneida did whatever they wanted to...I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of SG. I was at Oneida and Hampton last year and sat on oneidas side. Big fan of Tony and what he did there and always enjoy how physical the Indians play. The other SG supporters are the ones that talked the trash.
  22. Yepp just got home from greeneville game....talk about boring. Oneida played a heck of a game. Really impressed with Oneidas execution on offense tonight. Honestly it felt good seeing SG get smacked in the mouth. The two best overall teams in region 1 & 2 are Oneida and Hampton and that’s evident now. Should be a great game next week. Wish it was at Hampton because I’d likely be in attendance .
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