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  1. How’d the devils look tonight against Boone ?
  2. Yeah I was expecting that kinda number. I counted about 30 dresses out. Not sure what happened lol
  3. From my observation, I know it’s early and everything but HV looked like they’ll be down again. Numbers didn’t seem very good either. It was definitely a defensive battle with neither team scoring in the first two possessions of varsity action. I was expecting them to have their way with NG but that was not the case at all. Like always, their defense looked way ahead of their offense. Hopefully they’ll improve or it could be another down year.
  4. Hey UW, do you know if there is a cost of admission tonight at the scrimmage ?
  5. She was at Greeneville Middle then moved to Lakeway for a stint and moved to SG last year. She’s been a big help for them.
  6. They lost a lot but do return some decent players. Never know who might transfer in or out. All coaches are back so I’d expect the same scheme. The QB is gone which is pretty big. Think they scrimmaged Gatlinburg Pittman this spring
  7. https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/sports/many-adults-let-the-kids-down-friday-night/article_d95371c2-d922-11ec-a542-1f6f5f62c268.html
  8. Absolutely no reason eagleville should be playing at home. How is that fair at all? I know they have no control over it but we always played at the bigger school’s fields when we went.
  9. Bearden’s coach should have never signed the paper saying that the pitch count was 105. That’s what tssaa is always going to go by. I don’t agree with pitching him either but it clearly states in the rules and on that form that it is what is going to be the official pitch count.
  10. According to TSSAA Spring Fling Bracket, the single A state games will be played at Eagleville and Rockvale.
  11. The Peterson kid might be the best player in upper east TN.
  12. Just about every other state does 3 game series. I think it would definitely help getting the best teams to state instead of the best pitcher.
  13. I agree with this....As far as the east goes, Cloudland lost about everyone but they will be physical like always. South Pitt lost a lot but I am sure them, Coalfield, and Greenback will be the "favorites" until they meet Gordonsville.
  14. Forreal LOL I was just fixing to say that. Guess it’s going to be an “Any given day” kinda year
  15. NG blanked UH 7-0 yesterday. They’re starting to play some pretty good baseball.
  16. Yepp and looked like NG returned the favor last night. Should be a pretty good battle for the 2 seed.
  17. Exactly the two I had picked…wonder what has happened to Rockwood ?
  18. UH is the favorite for sure. I meant to put that in my response. I could also see Hampton beating NG at least once. I think Coalfield is going to be one of the better teams in the east also.
  19. Yepp…fell off big time. Just no one really any good playing now. Their feeder schools have good numbers but just aren’t very good.
  20. NG will be competitive in conference and region. If they finish 2nd it’s almost guaranteed substate birth based on how bad the other region is. UH and Hampton are the other two contenders
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