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  1. Bighurt

    Updated Head Coaching Jobs

    Hillwood announces their new coach today.
  2. Bighurt

    Warren County Vacancy

    Tom Moore is a great hire.
  3. Bighurt

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    The Stratford RB was Joe Campbell who set the NIL career rushing record and played RB at MTSU.
  4. Bighurt

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Absolutely no chance.
  5. Bighurt

    CPA vs St George’s

    ", , , get to watch and not work." Some would question whether you ever truly "work". Just sayin'.
  6. Bighurt

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    I said I drove through Smithville and then mentioned Antwan who was a Smith County fan. DeKalb Co. High School is in Smithville and Smith County High School is in Carthage. Random ruminations on my part. I am sorry for the confusion.
  7. Bighurt

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    I drove through Smithville last weekend and thought about him. For several years, he would call almost us almost every Friday night. I miss hearing from him. By the way, I know Smith County High School is in Carthage NOT Smithville.
  8. Bighurt

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    robjim is still delusional. My case is still under appeal.
  9. Bighurt

    Passing of "The Man" - Herschel Moore

    I attended a coaching session by Coach Moore about 10 years ago. We talked for a hour about just the blocking responsibilities of the WRs in the Wing T offense. Unbelievably detailed.
  10. Bighurt

    Passing of "The Man" - Herschel Moore

    A wonderful man and a great coach. I have never met anyone who loved football as much as Coach Moore.
  11. Bighurt

    Eagleville vs LEAD - what will the TSSAA do??

    It starts when robjim flips the switch.
  12. Bighurt

    RIP Antwan

    So sorry to hear that. Tony was a great Smith County fan. He and I went back and forth - egged on by RobJim - but I respected him tremendously. He would call me from time to time on Friday nights during football season. I regret that RobJim and I never made to a Smith County game.
  13. Bighurt

    Spring Fling at WT Jones Field

    No better host anywhere or any sport than David Limbaugh.
  14. Bighurt

    Kick the private schools out!

    Yes, it is not every public school. I don't even think it is most public schools that complain.
  15. Bighurt

    Kick the private schools out!

    Next year, the complaints will have to be about something else. Except, Columbia Academy has decided to stay in Division I and their district/region opponents have announced that they would NOT play them except in football - in football, the rules say they have to play them. Same old. Same old.