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  1. Really cool seeing a bunch of Nashville and Memphis area guys playing really hope Boise drops a game so memphis can take the G5 slot in the NY6
  2. I didn’t think coming into the game with the offense only scoring 26 in the first 4 games they would put up 28 on one of the favorites and shut out a offense who has been putting up big numbers all season. That’s why you play the games I guess
  3. Ingle Martin is BGA’s kyptonite perfect gameplan. BGA has been mentally broken by CPA the last couple years between football and basketball. No reason for why BGA shouldn’t of won this game on paper. CPA took the opening drive for a TD and killed 11 min off the clock and then picked BGA off in the end zone and from then on BGA looked absolutely deflated
  4. This one might get ugly fast
  5. Wonder when the last time that CPA and Lausanne lost on the same day
  6. Mothman26

    CPA 2019

    It will be a interesting season for the lions there’s not a single position group that will look the same as last year still a lot of good players that came on to contribute in the playoffs when it mattered. CPA has a tough schedule again this year they play Brentwood High, Ravenwood and Indy along with Ensworth and a game vs the 2A runners up from Florida. week 1 vs ECS should be a interesting game to see how the lions adjust to losing so many key players from last year
  7. Mothman26

    TOP 10 D2-AA

    A lot of holes for CPA should be answered week 1 vs ECS that’s a good game to start out in D2-AA
  8. -put 12 drainage pipes under field -layer of sand underneath grass to absorb water better -both sidelines are turfed should help dry the field better
  9. You would think Semptimphelter stays on the staff do you think he’ll be a HC candidate ?
  10. If there’s one name to be on the lookout for it’s Roc Batten
  11. may wanna change it again CPA is losing 32 seniors 8 of which are going to the next level
  12. I understand why Ingle is the "front runner" But its highly likely he will go there even if pretty much his whole team from last year graduated I think he will be at CPA next year unless Ensworth really roles out the red carpet. Also interested in this hire as the rumor is that the new heads over at ensworth are trying to put less of a emphasis on sports, so it'll be interesting if they try to go big time or land with a ok guy
  13. Finally the D2’s are set after a couple rain delays we have the semifinalist CPA vs Knox Webb Webb BB vs Tipton Rosemark The 2 Webb’s are strong favorites to meet for the championship but Tipton and CPA have been really good down the stretch CPA knocked off defending state champ Knox Grace tonight. Keon Johnson is the player to watch the kid has been outstanding to watch for Webb BB JJ Platt has also been a dependable 2nd option for them. TR plays a run and gun type they want to speed up their opponents and suck the life out of you by pressing. CPA is probably the biggest wildcard as they can beat you in many ways with many different people steeping up night after night
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