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  1. Mothman26

    Ensworth Job open again

    You would think Semptimphelter stays on the staff do you think he’ll be a HC candidate ?
  2. Mothman26

    Ensworth Job open again

    Jeff Fisher?
  3. Mothman26

    Ensworth Job open again

    If there’s one name to be on the lookout for it’s Roc Batten
  4. Mothman26

    2019 State Championship Picks

    may wanna change it again CPA is losing 32 seniors 8 of which are going to the next level
  5. Mothman26

    Ensworth Job open again

    I understand why Ingle is the "front runner" But its highly likely he will go there even if pretty much his whole team from last year graduated I think he will be at CPA next year unless Ensworth really roles out the red carpet. Also interested in this hire as the rumor is that the new heads over at ensworth are trying to put less of a emphasis on sports, so it'll be interesting if they try to go big time or land with a ok guy
  6. Mothman26

    Final 4 in D2 A

    Finally the D2’s are set after a couple rain delays we have the semifinalist CPA vs Knox Webb Webb BB vs Tipton Rosemark The 2 Webb’s are strong favorites to meet for the championship but Tipton and CPA have been really good down the stretch CPA knocked off defending state champ Knox Grace tonight. Keon Johnson is the player to watch the kid has been outstanding to watch for Webb BB JJ Platt has also been a dependable 2nd option for them. TR plays a run and gun type they want to speed up their opponents and suck the life out of you by pressing. CPA is probably the biggest wildcard as they can beat you in many ways with many different people steeping up night after night
  7. Mothman26

    Final 8 in D2 A

    Webb won by 2
  8. Mothman26

    interesting 2019/2020 games

    CPA at ECS week 1
  9. Mothman26

    Final 8 in D2 A

    Match ups start Saturday with then final 4 heading to Lipscombs Allen Arena. With Keon Johnson’s suspension in the air it looks like Knox Webb is the favorite but last years champs Grace Knox are still in and playing a veteran CPA team who is always in these games. Harding at Knox Webb Grace Knox at CPA Chattanooga Christian at Webb Bell Buckle Goodpasture at Tipton Rosemark
  10. Mothman26

    Keon Johnson done?

    The first Tech was due to him jawing with a opponent at the free throw line after the ref said stop. The 2nd was because he put his open hand in the face of a offensive player when CPA had the ball which is a new rule this year and is considered taunting and a automatic tech
  11. Mothman26

    D2 Middle Region Tournament

    they match Webb's athleticism they beat them early this year they can go pretty deep as well
  12. Mothman26

    D2 Middle Region Tournament

    Should be a interesting tournament Goodpasture and Webb are the obvious favorites with teams like CPA, CA and BGA having a good chance to win as well games start Wednesday (1) Goodpasture vs (4) Knowledge Academies (2) CPA vs (3) Davidson Academy (1) Webb BB vs (4) USN (2) Clarksville Academy (3) BGA
  13. Mothman26

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Typical memphis catch a break and shoot your self in the foot switch coaching staff and this game is a blowout in whitehavens favor
  14. Mothman26

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    This game is a good example of how behind Memphis HS football is Nashville and Knoxville area teams have OWNED Memphis area teams this postseason
  15. Mothman26

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Oaklands QB looks like a really gamer and lunch pail guy contrasted to the athletic minded raw Whitehaven QB