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  1. This reaks of Grimes and NPA. He does training for them. Alot of top kids involved and network with National Playmakers Academy. SUPERSTAR BUDDY GARRITY
  2. Not as big as you might think. Alot of smoke and mirrors with Grimes, fake 5*. MOJO
  3. No word on the Golden Bears and BDP? Things are awfully quiet on those fronts. MOJO
  4. Who is on the short list for next HC? Do they try to make a splash hire like Lipscomb? Does Bowers come back? Do they hire within? Do they call Paul Wade? MOJO
  5. MJ does'nt lose.... They simply have guys waiting their turn. Like Oakland, Blackman, Maryville ect. BIG MONEY BUDDY
  6. I don't doubt you a bit. All the more reason that this would be a good investment. MOJO
  7. I totally agree with you 100% on this one! That guy is maybe the top defensive mind in the state! CKC will tell you himself he would'nt have had the kind of success he has had without Coach Jackson. MOJO
  8. Id say Riverdale and Blackman. If there is one thing that can be said about Oakland its that their game field up keep is below par. Its as bad as some lower budgeted metro fields. BIG MONEY BUDDY
  9. Who are the guys that have proven their worth and will be getting a shot at being a head coach very soon? Who are the guys content with being coordinators or a position coach that really don't have any aspirations to be the head guy? Who are the guys that have previously had shots at being head coach and it just did'nt pan out, but now mean everything to the staff they are on? Who are the guys that no head coach can do without? Give me who you got and why. MOJO
  10. It happens... Just have to be able to allow him to wear both hats and trust him enough to be able to give you the backing through the tough times. He has to respect the fact you have the final say. Would have to be friends for sure. MOJO
  11. I happen to like Alcoa... They win without buying their talent. And without running the spread... And do it ALL. THE. TIME.... BIG MONEY BUDDY
  12. Again... You're wrong. Just like all the other biased, inexperienced, naive, gibberish you spew out. MOJO
  13. You don't say? Meanwhile in other news: Water is wet. “Never put yourself in a position to be made an example of.” ― Gary Hopkins MOJO
  14. It doesnt surprise me. They know you all have a heavy home field advantage and they don't want no part of that. Because it probably wouldnt turn out well for them. At the very least you all are being compensated. I think you all can come up and pull it off to be honest. Based on how both of you looked at the end. Obviously BA has the best that money can buy, (at least they are supposed to) but I came away feeling like several top end public schools (in the state) would have beaten them this year. MOJO
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