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  1. MJGB I was wrong. I guess you guys are the kryptonite to Oakland, just not enough fire power. I was wrong on my score. I wasn't there but I watched online. #12 Thornberry is a stud for you guys. Abner called another great game against the Pats. Hats off to a fight to the finish. MOJO
  2. Hey Coa.. Sorry I mean MJGB, it takes much more than the Super Friends to get under my skin. Now that we have cleared the air, I still think Oakland wins this game 45 to 10. And if I am wrong I will be around to admit it. Just like last week. Go tell the kids to prove me wrong. MY MOJO RUNNING
  3. I knew it wouldn't take long for MJGBs little pup to show up. Following him around everywhere he goes. And why would MJGB need to tell the kids anything? He must be a certain coach everyone assumes that he is. If you do have to tell the players this to get them motivated then they're nowhere close to being ready for a game like this anyway. Good job wingman! WANNA SEE MY RINGS BUDDY
  4. It would be even funnier hearing this from you in person I assume. You no doubt like to hear yourself talk as it is a defense mechanism to avoid the obvious I am sure. You use your fluff speak often to avoid the truth that stares you in the face as most keyboard warriors do. You can disagree with my assessment all you want friend. Friday will be here soon enough. MOJO
  5. Who said Oakland was running on all cylinders last night? Are you that dense? Do you really think CKC tips his hand and shows MJ everything? You are truly comical. Even if he did, MJ isn't stopping it. Next. BIG MONEY BUDDY
  6. Get it rolling... MJ - nice win for them against Riverdale in Round 1. Abner and Co. don't have an answer for CKC's record setting offense. Meanwhile if you love your freshman QB please don't send him out to the wolves to make plays. Just let him hand it off and let the backs "3 yds and a cloud of dust it" and punt every 4 plays. It will be over soon enough. No need in jeopardizing his future and confidence getting destroyed mentally and physically all in one night. It was a nice year to build on MJ, thanks for playing. Oakland - business as usual in an uneventful round 1 matchup with Lebanon. They should have little resistance offensively as this is not the overachieving MJ team from 2018. Defensively they are playing against a freshman at QB in a boringly predictable offense. Oakland's focus should be to fine tune all 3 phases of the game to gear up for the quarterfinals against Blackman and the big showdown against Maryville in the semis. Oakland - 45 Mt Juliet - 10 This is how I see it. MOJO
  7. Again... I was wrong about MJ. Good luck with your consultation prize of getting to come over to the boro to Oakland. BIG MONEY BUDDY
  8. That must be a tough pill to swallow. But nothing you are saying is wrong, I am still surprised how this season has played out for the Golden Bears. What is it that caused this team to collapse? ITS PLAYOFF TIME! GOT THAT MOJO! BIG MONEY BUDDY
  9. I concur my flaming friend! BIG MONEY BUDDY
  10. Riverdale will roll early. Mt Juliet doesn't have the horses or leadership to withstand the intensity that the Warriors will come out with early. MOJO
  11. So. This is not last year's Mt Juliet. In anyway. Not the same players, or coaching. This team looks to be in disarray after last night's thrashing. Hendersonville is not Riverdale either (seen both against Oakland). That team would get destroyed by the Warriors. Not sure what has happened to the MJ defense. This team doesn't have the hard nosed smothering defense that Abner always puts out. No powerful running game, 2 strengths TP has always implemented in his teams. Riverdale will surge early because of mistakes. MJ will crumble fast if something bad happens early. Last year I said MJ would be wiped over quickly by the "Rutherford County Surge" that Oakland, Riverdale and Blackman come out the gate with that intimidates teams. I was wrong when they played Blackman in the second round. They withstood the early kickoff fumble and Blackman scored 3 plays later. I repeat I was wrong. But not this year, Riverdale will be up by 3 TDs by the end of the 1st and the Bears will be going into hibernation by this time next week if the same bunch comes out there with the same enthusiasm they had last night. MOJO BIG MONEY BUDDY
  12. This reaks of Grimes and NPA. He does training for them. Alot of top kids involved and network with National Playmakers Academy. SUPERSTAR BUDDY GARRITY
  13. Not as big as you might think. Alot of smoke and mirrors with Grimes, fake 5*. MOJO
  14. No word on the Golden Bears and BDP? Things are awfully quiet on those fronts. MOJO
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