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  1. It is a club sport at this time. All school systems can choose to compete.
  2. At least one of the candidates considered to be in the mix has been told he is not. So yes, I would agree.
  3. No. Parks only have control of two softball fields. McGavock takes care of the rest.
  4. The real question is did he have it on over his khaki shorts?
  5. Ask Lincoln County if the talent got split when Fayetteville High opened.
  6. Have to be Tyler Turner with 5. 4 as head coach.
  7. The current staff member that you WOULD give the "interim" tag to is one of the applicants so if you do that most decent candidates are not going to apply because it looks like you already have a coach in waiting. A lot of coaches do not want to stick their necks out looking for jobs in case it causes a problem with their current employer, Why do that if it appears the job is already spoken for. Now I know and agree that said current staff member is a "great guy" and all that, but he is not going to get the job. Putting that interim tag on him would only make your situation worse. You certainly would not have had two of the three candidates for sure that have been seen on campus or at said eateries that are considered the "finalists". Try to see the big picture.
  8. Nadeens is a better choice. Although The Flat TIre is good too.
  9. I have witnessed all of them do it. All of those you mentioned, as well as several others, are guilty as charged. The fact that it happens is just part of the landscape now. The fact that people continue to deny it is outright idiocy.
  10. The one that gets violated the most is the part about 1st contact. The student has to contact your school first according to the rules and yet I have watched just about every D2 AAA and AA school (and a couple of A) have coaches, parents or other school representatives go up to kids' parents and introduce themselves at games especially in Metro middle schools. Heck, I have watched it done by public high school folks too. Blatant violation.
  11. They are currently in fundraising for it.
  12. It will not open as a 5A or 6A though. Probably 3A
  13. What he is saying is that he may be the next Nick Saban as far as X's and O's but in D2 you have to have the Jimmys and Joes and he has no connections to bring the athletes in around here. Winning 4 state championships in South Carolina at a 2200 student and closed zoned school 20 years ago means nothing to kids today. These kids are playing for schools 25-30 miles from their homes.
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