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  1. The real question is do they know they cannot still be playing any games once the tournament has begun, even if they have a bye.
  2. Coach mistake. Why are you still playing JV games the week of the district tournament?
  3. That PC/East game at Vandy was one of the best high school football games I have ever seen. HUGE crowd.
  4. Former head girls coach at D1 and D2 levels as well. Great hire.
  5. I will say being good is a double edged sword. Many teams will not schedule you. But at the same time, playing a home school team does nothing to prepare you for the post season. District games are what they are, but home schools should not be on your schedule.
  6. Not a lot of difference from what you had. Other than male of course.
  7. Did Patrick ever get a teaching license? Why did he resign at UT?
  8. The agendas have not been "hidden" for some time. No denying what is going on.
  9. And that is why there are only four competitive teams in Metro anymore. Cane Ridge, Pearl Cohn, East Nashville and Hillsboro take all the football players. Everybody else has leftovers.
  10. District tournaments are not even required now. Each district decides how to come up with two teams for the region tournament. They can vote to just send the top two regular season teams if they want to. Some let the regular season winner get an automatic bid to the region. Some don't. No requirement to play a tournament until the region. They could always just eliminate the district tournament altogether. How many of you would cry then?
  11. Contact the TSSAA about the state championship game. They typically have them in the archives. Regular season you might find someone on here from those teams that still have a copy but that is a crap shoot.
  12. July is summer not spring
  13. Whoever they name will definitely need to understand their place in the pecking order. LOL
  14. Have they named a school president yet?
  15. excellent baseball and softball hires.
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