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  1. Only four teams will finish above .500
  2. What is it going to be this time East Nasty? Did somebody steal their Madden game so they couldn't call plays? Also, did you not prepare all week to stop the run? All Stratford has done for the last two years. Ever hear of stacking the box? 0 pass attempts.
  3. Never thought Hillsboro would be 3-5 at this point.
  4. 1. Pearl Cohn 2. Cane Ridge 3. Stratford 4. East Nashville 5. Hillsboro 6.Maplewood 7. Overton 8.McGavock 9.Hunters Lane 10. Hillwood 11.Whites Creek 12.Antioch 13. Glencliff
  5. Same old story. All the talent. No discipline and no coaching
  6. They would have to move out of Shelby county. Charter schools don't have a specific "zone" just like Magnet schools so the entire county is included in their drawing area.
  7. What is the excuse for this year’s loss Jordan, err East Nasty?. Outplayed. Outcoached. Be glad those guys were suspended. 4 of their top 5 playmakers should have made it too easy for you guys being underfeated and all.LOL
  8. It is a violation for ANYONE other than a registered student to participate in practice. I can remember one school losing all of spring practice for having a 21 year old in pads run the ball against starting D to simulate a good back. In that case nobody was hurt. The concussion will cost the system a lot of $$$ which means coaches got to go.
  9. Some folks will be going bye bye.
  10. Better get the fryer going early then. Ought to be a packed house.
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