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  1. Tennessean only covers a half dozen schools. Pretty obvious they have no real clue what is going on. Just following the loudest self-promoters.
  2. Wow. Actual team scoring summaries. Somebody tell the Tennessean it can still be done.
  3. I will just say the precedent he has established has no roots.
  4. No, just those three. Two running backs/LInebackers and a large lineman. They did try to get others but were unsuccessful.
  5. He was an assistant at Jackson Prep in Mississippi under Tyler Turner in 2021. Turner got fired and Rang went to Howenwald.
  6. I highly doubt you see any of the D2AA teams on Lipscomb's schedule for quite a while. Unless of course they drop back down in two years.
  7. splitting hairs but you have 7 region games. Add Thompson and Calvert Hall gives you 9. You cannot add CPA AND one more. Only get 10.
  8. MichaelMyers76


    So are you saying you have never talked bad about a kid that quit your team? Or do you realize in your advanced years that maybe they had a valid reason? Did you run a one -way street program? You know, my way or the highway. (the answer is yes). What is the difference in the BA admin running theirs the same way? When you say he was not considered, how do you know? Because he didn't get the job? Or do you have any knowledge of the situation from the Admin perspective? Pretty sure you know only SW side of the story. Problem is, like you said, it is a two-way street. BA has had a bit of turmoil over the last few years. Perhaps they are looking for a fresh start? It IS their prerogative to hire whoever they want to. Loyalty IS a two-way street. What side of the street are those wrestlers without a coach on? They did nothing wrong. Remember to look BOTH ways before crossing the street.
  9. That could be the case this time also. Or ya'll could be looking for another TV game. Time will tell
  10. If they don't already have their schedule set they are deeply behind.
  11. Kevin Mawae. The biggest reason to go with another NFL guy is because whoever it is has to be connected enough to continue to fund the program. The school itself did not pay for those 25 assistant coaches, strength staff, nutritionist, and barber. That was all raised internally. Whoever gets the job has to be able to continue to raise those funds because they will not be coming from the school itself.
  12. MichaelMyers76


    Going to have to change that last sentence. You don't post shots on social media, regardless of whether or not they are valid, and still retain "class". Class moves on to the next phase of their life and never looks back. No need for parting shots. Also, "class" does not quit on his team in the middle of the season because he didn't get his way. Finish what you started and then move on. If future potential employers don't take that into consideration it will be their own mistake. Quit on your team once, you will do it again. C'mon FB247 you should realize this. You have preached it for years.
  13. I don't have a dog in this hunt, but it seems to me that Kitna would be a really bad choice at this point.
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