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  1. Plain old enrollment numbers are killing Whites Creek. They have 600 kids in a building built for 2000. Closing one of their feeder middle schools (Joelton) will further add to the problem. Glencliff has sheer numbers but lets put the PC aside and just say the clientele at Glencliff is more prone to the international version of football.
  2. The enrollment numbers would go into effect next year on the new schedule cycle. However, Whites Creek is not closing so it is a moot point. If they don't have football 10 teams would be getting a forfeit win at this late stage of the game. The school would have the opportunity to enter into a co-op agreement but that would mean no football at Whites Creek for at least 5 years. Can't just co-op this year and bring it back next year.
  3. The dead period is June 22nd not 29th.
  4. Needed to happen long ago. Finally got it done.
  5. The kid was in school at Wilson Central not zoned for MJ. The part where he had all the parents of kids now zoned for Green Hill come in and tried to tell them how to fill out a zone request in order to stay was not a good move on his part either. Every parent that had bad feelings for him rolled on him. He never stood a chance.
  6. Expanding their recruiting territory.
  7. Stratford made the 2nd round last year, deeper the year before. McGavock has made the playoffs the last 4 years. Hunters Lane made it back last year for the first time since Richard was there.
  8. This man knows of what he speaks. Fred you do not. Must be under one administration, not just housed in one building.
  9. 8 schools in 17 years. He must be related to John WIld
  10. yes. He took the girls job at Blackman
  11. He wanted out last year.
  12. Your line of blame is flawed, however, because the TSSAA sets the dates you can practice, and play. The local school board decides whether you can or cannot follow suit. TSSAA cannot force the school system to make it fair for the local boys. That is 100% on the school systems. Sometimes they get blamed for things completely out of their hands. If/when the Governor says schools can open, the TSSAA will allow all schools to begin practice in whatever season that happens to occur. If some local Boss Hoggs want to keep closed that is up to them.
  13. Govenor holds all the cards at this point. Anything else is pure conjecture. TSSAA will not come out with any absolute plan until the opening of schools is announced. There are several scenarios that have been discussed, but nothing is definite without that date.
  14. Bud Brandon? Times sure have changed in Green Hills.
  15. To answer your question, you only get two paid assistants and no financial backing either
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