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  1. Having seen both teams I would definitely say this is the most accurate post of all. White House's region will give them a few more opportunities to scratch a win than Station Camp. Really don't understand how Hollingsworth has survived this long.
  2. Any thoughts on the jamboree at East?
  3. Davis wanted in. He is trying to find some new kids he can drive to school each day since the Hylicks graduated he has a couple of open seats in the car. LOL
  4. I knew it didn't go well for LA when they didn't put anything out on social media. If they had done anything good they would have trumpeted for the whole world to hear. That being said, I bet they try to score 100 on Glencliff opening night. They only have 13 kids right now.
  5. Big boy is special for sure. Great footwork for a big man.
  6. A few tidbits on coaching in Metro I think everyone that knows football realizes that East is the king of underachievers. Never has anyone done less with more. The lack of discipline and fundamental preparation kill them in games where the talent level is more equal. No way they should have lost to Fairview. Chris Hughes just out-coached them. The staff at PC does indeed have some fracture. They may work for Brunetti, but that doesn't mean they believe in him. And that is straight out of their mouths not mine. That being said, PC does indeed play anyone. Never seen them turn down some really good teams. Look back through the years. MBA, CPA, Mount Juliet, etc. They will take on anybody and I have mad respect for that. Overton's student population has turned over so rapidly the last 5 years. They just don't get the level of athlete they used to. It will really begin to show up this year in football. Probably 2-3 more years in baseball. They ain't the tea sippers anymore. McGavock has 2000+ students but can only get 40-45 to play football. Gore does a great job of teaching the game, but just can't keep his zoned kids in the building. Antioch/Whites Creek Glencliff/ have had multiple coaches the last few years and apathy has taken over.\ Hunters Lane hasn't had any talent in the building since Campbell left. Hillwood was a .500 team just because of the coach's son and now both are gone. Hillsboro=FItzgerald. The name alone brings players to him. His son brings the rest. Coaching link LOL Cane Ridge- Always had talent out there. Woods got them to buy in. Of course, the number of kids suddenly appearing in purple from other places is staggering. No hate. Just truth. '
  7. Warren County is a coaching graveyard. Here we have parent expectations Here we have the reality of the talent level.
  8. Boys basketball has overlapped multiple times. I can remember having to cancel games due to having players still in basketball. Softball has typically just been preseason playdays that were missed.
  9. Firebird, these kids are not THAT stupid. You notice they ain't volunteering to meet you out North. That is how I know it is all mouth. If they wanted you that bad, it wouldn't matter where they had to go.
  10. Ask yourself this time next year hotshot.
  11. What he inherited at Centennial will seem like UCLA in the 60's compared to Hillwood.
  12. Pete did indeed get hired at Hillwood. Centennial whiffed with their first pick and lost their 2nd choice because of it. Running off Pete has turned into a bad situation for them.
  13. No chance. Substantial would be putting it mildly. Frankly surprised he could land another job.
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