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  1. Both teams played a great game PC and Haywood it's hard to stop both teams offense. AC will see. This chip and next year coming from the west became whom ever win between those two teams next year are going to win
  2. When my son played he sat out of the Jamboree his last year,my nephew playing with them this year he sat out. Everyone doesn't sat out.
  3. They don't play all the starters. They play some of them but not all because they don't want them to get hurt. Some of the 2nd string played because they are in the rotation. Why risk your best player to injury for a Jamboree
  4. You know Haywood doesn't play a lot of the starting players in the Jamboree.
  5. All I know is that everyone that has to play the wood is going to have a problem
  6. What bait I won't to know who AC is playing in the semi,I didn't know. So when I heard it was red band, had to check them out
  7. I believe it will be a good game as well
  8. 12 more hours and it's game time welcome to the wood
  9. I sorry for what happened I can't speak for everyone,but I have heard from some of the ones that don't sit on that side say that they would talk crazy in the parking lot because they are pissed. And they said,it only for the playoffs this not next year but I won't be surprised if some still sit over
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