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  1. thenextone

    Top 10 3A

    I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Stratford does.
  2. thenextone

    Top 10 3A

    So what's the top 10 for 3A in 2019 looking like? Any predictions?
  3. thenextone

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    Keep forgetting it's not football season now.
  4. thenextone

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    Maybe Region 5AA is just that good?
  5. thenextone

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    3rd straight year Region 5AA sends 2 metro teams to state
  6. thenextone

    Best Team to Not Make State Tournament

    2008 NCS team. Lost region championship to Eagleville and lost sectionals to Moore County. Finished the year 32-3
  7. thenextone

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    That would be hard with ensworth down the street
  8. thenextone

    Metro Rumors

    A lot of ncs
  9. thenextone

    Redistricting for Class 4A

    I dont really see maplewood going 5a
  10. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    Running clock?
  11. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    I wanna know what wolf has to say now.
  12. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    Get that championship!
  13. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    Very proud of my Spartans. To go from 2-8 to 1 Td away from a trip to cookeville is no easy task. Great season Spartans!
  14. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    Hate for my Spartans but I hope the Chargers take it to Alcoa! Think I'm gonna make the trip to Cookeville.
  15. thenextone

    Stratford @ Covington

    Anyway. Good win Covington. Take it to alcoa