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  1. tonybologna

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    I agree that in most high school teams players don't have that killer instinct to down right take over & win games. I'm talking about the star players & not the role or just good players. For instance, a James Wiseman type player. There are a select few & mostly not players from the state of Tennessee that do have that killer instinct. That either comes from the coaching they receive and/or their parent(s) have them living a life with that type of passion for the game.
  2. tonybologna

    Champions 2019

    The high school I attended & graduated from (Sullivan North High School) won 2 Class AAA state Championships when I was in 6th & 8th grade(1983 & 1985). Those 2 State Championship teams had 3 top notch aces. Darren Nottingham, Chad Smith, & Freddy Neeley. They also had 2 other pitchers that could close out games in Chris Frazier & Todd Wells. These 2 different Championship teams never gave up more than 4 runs in any postseason tourney game. I remember both Nottingham & Smith pitching over 100 pitches each in consecutive games to win the state title in 1985. I think strongly any really good team can get by with 3 solid SP's & only 1-2 good relievers/closers. That's my opinion based on old school baseball. Of course, this wouldn't be the case for college or MLB but for high school baseball I really believe a Championship team needs only 3 really good SP's & up to 2 really capable relievers.
  3. tonybologna

    Champions 2019

    Why 6 pitchers? I played high school baseball & have also coached middle school baseball as well. When I played in high school we only had 3 legit arms. 2 SP's & one that could start & would also close games or pitch long relief if needed. You don't need 6 pitchers to be a contender. That goes for Class A-AAA. I know times have changed since I was in high school (1986-1989) but I still follow & go to high school baseball games. In my local area I don't know of a SINGLE team that has 6 legit pitchers. I know a select few teams have 3 legit starters & 2 legit relievers but those type teams are few & far between at ALL levels.
  4. tonybologna

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    I seen them play all of their games in the Arby's Classic. When they won that tourney & done it without Pember playing except for some of the Championship Game I knew this team would make the state tourney. I didn't know for sure they would win it but I knew they had a good chance in doing so.
  5. tonybologna

    Big 7 (Class AAA, Region 1) Baseball Predictions

    Yep. This conference is pretty good from top to bottom. The #7 team can beat the #1 team on any given day/night. I'm really starting to look @ Daniel Boone now as being a huge player in possibly being the surprise winner of this conference. They were picked 4th.
  6. http://www.timesnews.net/Baseball/2019/03/16/Vikings-favored-in-Big-Seven-baseball.html?ci=stream&lp=12&p= This conference is typically a 2 team race between Science Hill & Dobyns-Bennett. This season however there are 4 teams capable of winning this conference. Tenn. High has been given the slight nod. Both Science Hill & DB are right behind. The 4th team & my darkhorse pick to be in the Top 3 possibly is Daniel Boone. I think DB is going to end up 2nd. I think Boone will give both Science Hill a run for 3rd. I do think Tenn. High will win the conference but it's not going to be by much. If TH doesn't end up winning the regular season then I could see it be between DB & Boone. I think Science Hill just might finish 4th overall.
  7. http://www.timesnews.net/Baseball/2019/03/17/Cyclones-favored-in-Three-Rivers-baseball.html?ci=stream&lp=6&p= Elizabethton is a pretty heavy favorite to take the conference. Having made the state tournament in 2018 & also having quite a few players back from that team makes them a serious threat to return back to the state tourney. They have 2 aces on the staff in Evan Carter & Corey Russell. These 2 are also their best bats as well. However, Betsy has an all around solid pitching & hitting team. They have lost 2 games here early on in the season but I don't feel like they will lose too many more for the regular season. I doubt they will lose over 5 regular season games unless they fall apart or have key injuries. They do have Science Hill & Dobyns-Bennett from Class AAA on their schedule so these games could be 2 more losses because these 2 schools are traditional Class AAA powerhouses.
  8. http://www.timesnews.net/Basketball/2019/03/18/University-High-heads-the-Watauga-Valley-baseball-pack.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=1 In my opinion, Sullivan North is the darkhorse to possibly win the conference. I think it will come down to them & University High. I have seen North play once already vs Providence Academy. Their strength is pitching (SR Hunter Dingus is their ace) but have 3 solid bats as well in Zack Scott, Hunter Dingus, & Brayden Wilhoit. They will play solid defense because Coach Dixon for North has always preached on playing solid defense to keep them in & win games.
  9. tonybologna

    Champions 2019

    Here's what I got/predict from early observations from games: Class AAA Farragut Blackman Riverdale Class AA Covington Elizabethton Greenbrier Class A Loretto Greenback Union City Those are the top teams in my opinion but it's very early in the high school baseball season. Elizabethton in Class AA made it to the state tourney last season & is absolutely loaded especially with pitching. They did lose a doubleheader yesterday to Loudon & Union City here early on but both of those teams are pretty good as well. Class AAA has several really good teams. Not just the Top 3 that I named above. Collierville, Brentwood, Brighton, Hendersonville, & Tenn. High are also teams to watch out for too.
  10. tonybologna

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    You hit the right picks for the Class AAA title game but Bearden beating Memphis East so easily was surprising to me. I picked Bearden to win in the "Big Ones" contest from the site but I would have never predicted for them to handle ME so easily.
  11. tonybologna

    Gibson County V. Loretto (2019 Single A Championship)

    What did I miss here? She was discredited for being in Class A. That was my point!
  12. tonybologna

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    Well, it wasn't close. Wooddale was clearly the best team in Class AA.
  13. tonybologna

    Class AAA Sectional Matchups

    It was a stall tactic to be able to do exactly what you & I both said.
  14. tonybologna

    Gibson County V. Loretto (2019 Single A Championship)

    She's a great player & was only a freshman this season. The only part of her game that I think she needs to work on is going to her left (off-hand). She can dribble OK left-handed but you can tell that she's not as comfortable dribbling and/or taking the ball to her left. If she is able to do that better starting next season she will be unstoppable because she can already shoot the ball from way beyond the 3-pt. line. She's a good passer too but in the Championship Game there wasn't much of that to show because the coaching was depending/allowing her to do basically all the scoring for them.
  15. tonybologna

    Gibson County V. Loretto (2019 Single A Championship)

    Oh don't worry. Karly Weathers WILL be a Class A Miss Basketball Finalists her final 3 seasons in high school & WILL win the Award at least 2 out of 3 years remaining.