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  1. Read my post about North in my previous reply. Thanks.
  2. North had the injury big to hit them last season. They started out 5-0 & in that 5th game 7 starters went down to injuries. 5 of them were season ending injuries. North went on to lose their last 5 games of the season but made the playoffs only to get stomped in the first round. I've seen North play (they're my alma mater, 1989 graduate) & they are still the same 'ol smashmouth run it down your throat football team. However, Coach Patrick has added some gadgets to the offense that's throwing defenses off. They are running more off tackle plays & a few end arounds to the WR's as well. They still only pass 3-4 times per game even though they have 2 speedsters @ WR in Hill & Roberts. North's defense is unpredictable though. They stopped Johnson County 2 weeks ago but against a Cosby team gave up almost 400 yards of offense & 31 points. I expect Chuckey-Doak to gain some yards & put up some points but North should outscore them. This is North's 1st home game of the season after playing the 1st 3 games of the season on the road. Next week though will be North's biggest game of the season to date when they take on South Greene in a bigtime conference matchup. I sure hope the players aren't looking past the Black Knights to the South Greene game. Chuckey-Doak is good enough to beat the Raiders for sure. Having said that, I think North wins this game by 12+ points. I'm thinking something like 32-20 or 36-22.
  3. Very very good questions. I can't remember the last time the Tornadoes didn't score a TD in a game. I would think giving up a 17 play drive would have come before not scoring a TD in a game but it's probably been years for both. Maryville ended up clearly being the better team but the 1st half it was pretty even. Like a lot of other people posting has said, the Rebels just wore down Alcoa's defense & especially the DL. It was still great defense played by both teams. I do think Alcoa's playcalling was questionable though. They didn't do some things I expected them to try. They tried to run the ball way too much. I will say that the Alcoa QB when throwing didn't have much zip on the ball either. A lot of weak & fluttering passes. A couple were under pressure but quite a few others were just lame ducks in the air. I still think both of these teams have an 80%+ chance to win state titles.
  4. Maryville won this game BUT the officiating was pretty bad against Alcoa. Again, I didn't have a dog in this fight but I am just calling what I seen. Maryville had quite a bit more total offense & wore down Alcoa in the trenches but this wasn't the type of game that's such a rivalry that deserved poor officiating. I feel like the officials cost Alcoa 10-14 points in this one. Maryville still probably would have won because they just dominated the OL & DL but it should have been a much closer game.
  5. Heck with it. I'll just listen to it online.
  6. Why even have the dang website then? That is just ridiculous! They should be ashamed of themselves! Geez!
  7. Rivalry Thursday website is hung up/froze on me. Anybody else watching from there having the same issue?
  8. I'm not in the viewing area for that channel. I live in the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee. I don't get why rivalrythursday.com has the game listed right from their homepage as going to be broadcast but not listed for Live/Upcoming games. There's a mixup or something!
  9. The game is listed as going to be shown from their home page but the list is empty for Live/Upcoming games:
  10. I just checked rivalrythursday.com website & under the Live/Upcoming tab there's not a game listed for tonight. Only On Demand games available. Do they not put it up until just before kickoff time? Thanks.
  11. 2020-21 school year! They will have 1 more year of sports & the school itself after this school calendar year. I've got North in this game. It's my alma mater though. LOL! I went there back in the 1980's though when it was a class 5A school & we were in the Big 10 conference along with Dobyns-Bennett & Science Hill among a solid group of sport schools. I'm going to say North 39 Chuckey-Doak 22.
  12. I've got South Greene to win in this one by 14+ points. Something like 31-17 or 35-14. West Greene has won their 1st 2 games but not by much especially against Claiborne (6 points in OT). Northview Academy isn't very good & they only beat them by 14 points. The Rebels I feel like are the favorites now to win their conference. Hampton was picked to win by the media during the preseason. Sullivan North which is my alma mater is also 3-0 like South Greene & they meet next week @ North. Could end up being a game for the conference championship.
  13. I think this is going to be a barnburner of a football game. I'm picking Alcoa by 3 points. Something like 24-21. I've had people in my local area ask me how a Class 3A school in Alcoa could beat a Class 6A school in Maryville? Both are typical state powerhouses but people say that Maryville just has too much for Alcoa. I don't see it that way. I'm neither an Alcoa or Maryville fan either. I just love good football games. This just might be the best regular season football game of the season. I think the Tornadoes pull it out by probably only a FG. I don't see either team winning by more than 7 points though.
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