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  1. Starting on 08-21-20 wasn't the date I seen posted in multiple articles. I've seen September 18th as the start date. I also read they adopted an 8 game schedule for all school.s That was Option 2 of their 4 plans to choose from. I know I'm not crazy because I read this information from multiple articles including the one that was posted here to read from The Tennessean newspaper. So, you wishing for a 10-game season is out the door. I jut want an accurate schedule & I don't know when the TSSAA will release that. Here at CoachT I don't believe the weekly schedules they have are updated/accurate. How would they update them if they have nothing to go by yet? Thanks
  2. Now that Governor Lee is allowing full contact sports when will the TSSAA adjusted team schedules be released? I haven't seen anything that hints at a new/adjusted 2020 schedule. Is there a date that this will be announced/posted for us? I do know the season kicks off on 09-18-20 but other than that nothing else about adjusted team schedules for each teams 8 games. Thanks.
  3. Anderson Co. & Greeneville are really the only 2 football teams from Class 4A that can beat Betsy in my opinion. The Cyclones should be repeat state champs though. They have an offense with a star QB & their defense will be good again a well. I really don't think any team will play them a close game except for Greeneville in the regular season. I wouldn't want to face Anderson County though. They are more capable of pulling off the upset than all other Class 4A teams other than Greeneville.
  4. Looks like it's Option #2 for the high school football season with 8 total regular season games being played. The regular season would start on 9-18-20.
  5. It's strange that Tennessee High stayed with Mountain Brook for one half but most every other team they faced in the tourney didn't have a chance from the opening tip it seemed like to me. I thought for sure Mentor, North Mecklenburg, or Concord would be the teams competing with them for the title. Heck, none of them came within single digits. Just shows how strong this Mountain Brook team really is in 2019. I expect them to take the Alabama state title in Class 7A this season unless they were to have a bad game at the wrong time. I don't see that happening though. This team is really really good. I would bet they could give Oak Hill a game or possibly even beat them.
  6. Nobody really even threatened Mountain Brook to be honest. They were that much better than every other team in the tourney.
  7. From the teams I've watched thus far in District 1-A, I think University High is the team to beat. Now, their current record of 6-5 is deceiving. They've lost to upper echelon teams (except for North Greene) which were much bigger schools for the most part. They have 3 legit scorers lead by Caleb Meredith who is also a star on the baseball diamond. Hampton should also compete for the District title in the regular season. North wasn't supposed to be this good either (9-5 overall) & just lost to a really really good Sullivan South team by 15 points but the score was closer than the final outcome. Also can't rule out Happy Valley but they've already had some bad losses. I see the regular season title going to either University High or Hampton. When the postseason tournament arrives I can see 3-4 teams possibly taking home the trophy including North or Happy Valley to go along with Hampton or University High.
  8. Well, Mountain Brook turned out to be the best team this season in the Arby's Classic. They were clearly the best team this season. Mentor failed in the semis. I thought they would at least make the Championship Game. Mountain Brook was just solid in ALL phases of the game. I now see why they're such a dominate team in Class 7A in the state of Alabama.
  9. The semifinals should be great. These are without a doubt the 4 best teams. I think Mentor is the best of these 4 teams but anyone of these 4 can win it. Concord put together a really nice game in the quarterfinals. So did Mountain Brook as well though. Should be one heck off a semifinals. I'm sticking with my Mentor prediction to win it all though. I think Mentor plays Mountain Brook in the finals on Tuesday.
  10. I personally think Mentor is the team to beat. I saw Mountain Brook play. They are strong on both defense & offense but to me Mentor looks like the team to beat this season. Mentor has a legit 5 starters that can score plus a good (not great but good) bench. Bearden was awesome last season in this tourney. They don't have the same team in 2019 so I don't think the would have been a factor. However, when I first seen the brackets for the 2019 Arby's Classic I noticed that Bearden wasn't in it. I still can't understand for the life of me why we wouldn't have them back. This local area without a team like Bearden just doesn't stand a chance at winning it. DB shocked some people including me when they won their opening game in a shocker.
  11. I watched all Arby's Classic games on opening day. Mentor looks they are the best complete & all around team this year. Today, I went to North to watch the Action Athletics Christmas Tournament. Much much more talent & smart play in the Arby's over this tournament. Sullivan South is clearly the best team in the Christmas tournament being played @ North. The only team I could see beating Mentor would be Webb school from Bell Buckle. They have enough talent to match or beat Mentor.
  12. As always the field is loaded for the 2019 Arby's Classic. Looking forward to watching quite a few good basketball teams & players in this years tourney. There's at least 5-6 teams that could win this 2019 tourney. There really is no clear favorite. Just about 5 or maybe 1-2 more that could take home the Championship.
  13. That's not correct. Look @ the TSSAA bracket. For ALL classifications in the Quarterfinals & Semifinals the team at the top of the bracket for each matchup is the host team. Oneida is at the top of the Class 1A bracket game with Meigs County. Therefore, even though Meigs is the higher seed Oneida will host. It's a stupid rule but that's the way it works. The higher seeded team should always host until the state title games in my opinion but the TSSAA has taken a back & forth acceptance of the bracket being like this & swapped around every season. For instance, next season in the State Quarterfinals & Semifinals the bottom team from the bracket in each matchup will get to host regardless of seed.
  14. Well, Greeneville blew a 21-7 halftime lead @ Betsy the 1st time this season & lost 24-21. I think it's revenge for the Greene Devils this time around even though it's again being played @ Elizabethton. Betsy won by 3 last time so I take Greeneville by 3 this time. Greene Devils 20 Betsy 17.
  15. DB played a heck of a game tonight. They really hadn't played well in their last few games. This was their best game probably since their 38-13 victor over Farragut back on October 11th. Maryville comes to Kingsport next. By far their toughest game on the season probably to go along with Alcoa. I think Maryville is just a bit better than Alcoa. I hope DB keeps this game close but unless their defense plays near perfect in which they are capable I fear the Rebels might win this one by 2-3 TD's or possibly more. Maryville has a tough defense as well. The difference here to me is that Maryville has a better offense & probably the best offense DB has faced on the season. I just don't see the Indians being able to score enough points to win.
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