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  1. Covington just dominated the Class AA state tournament from start to finish. I picked Covington to start the season but changed my pick to Greeneville during the season.
  2. I picked Farragut from the season start to win the state. I thought the other team that could challenge them was Station Camp but they got beat in the Sectionals. Of the 8 teams that ended up going to the state in AAA I would have picked Bartlett as having the best chance at challenging Farragut. You can never count out Bradley Central either because of their tradition. However, in 2019, the Admirals were clearly the best Class AAA team in the state. Hagenow is a BEAST on the mound & Noland is one heck of a baseball player. Vandy is getting a great player & young man in Noland while Kentucky is getting a pitching gem in Hagenow.
  3. LOL! Nope not related at all. I don't have a twin but if you see anything looking like a clown then it could be an unknown twin of mine! LOL! Here's a link to the Covington player that made SportsCenter: https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/article.cfm?id=607938
  4. My panties in a wad? LOL! There are only opinions on what I asked & no right or wrong answers. That's the facts buddy. You just blown what I posted way out of proportion dude. Enticing folks? Are you kidding me? I asked for opinions but YOU came back with a post stating anything otherwise than what you said would be WRONG! That's not enticing anybody! You put this on yourself with saying there is only one answer & that's simply not true. You post it another way other than saying you're right in what you said regardless then I wouldn't had a problem with what you posted at all. Had to call you out though because of what you posted which wasn't really an opinion because you added that anything else other than what you said was WRONG! Don't come back at me when what you said is to blame. I was trying to get opinions from folks & not someone saying there is ONLY 1 answer & nothing else. By the way, I wasn't bragging about my picks either. Someone mentioned my % on the picks before. Somebody else poked fun at the games I missed. I was simply posting my % stats from all of postseason picks which weren't bad at all. That's all I was doing. Not bragging at ALL! No need to brag. It's something that I like to do. There's not a single thing wrong in me doing it either. No rules against me posting whatever picks I want to make either.
  5. Excellent post & explanation. +2 on that post buddy. Something like this happening can really take a toll on a kid's life. You said it great about what God has in store for him in the future. Sometimes bad things happen in order for God to allow something good to take place in the future. More importantly what you said is that this is just a game. Not the GAME OF LIFE but just a baseball game.
  6. The Covington Chargers(CHS) just made SportsCenter for their state title win today. It showed the HR by the kid that either his Dad or himself had been really sick & it was a pretty touching short spot on SportsCenter. I can't remember the kids name from Covington though. He was a pretty big kid but the HR was hit as a PH HR off the bench. I don't think he had played much in recent weeks.
  7. What on the bold above? "It is what it is" is the only answer & anything other than that is the WRONG answer? Well, I know the Championship Game might could go with that answer but "It is what it is" IS NOT the only answer to stuff like this happening. I already had mentioned there are no WRONG answers because every answer will be an OPINION on this. So, you saying anything other than "It is what it is" as a wrong answer would not be correct. There are multiple possible opinions/answers.
  8. Please go back & read that post of mine. What did I post? I said Greenback AT THAT TIME didn't seem like a contender BUT what else did I post about them? I stated I wasn't ready or going to remove them as a sleeper. I always felt like Greenback could end up at least being in the Championship Game. I NEVER posted anything different either.
  9. The only reason I responded with a post towards you like I did was that you called me a clown. That's going a little too far. That's name calling so I have to protect myself. Wasn't trying to ruffle anybody's feathers myself. If you had kept the clown part out of it then I'm all OK with that post. LOL! I prefer sweet, cheesy corn instead of sweet crow! Yep. That's what we're going to have now come tomorrow's final state rankings. I thought I was done with you after calling me a clown but no need to have any hard feelings. I'm actually pretty easy to get along with. It was just your post calling me that clown in which it got to me a bit. No hard feelings buddy. Congratulations on Greenback winning the state title! I fueled them? Oh well. Maybe I should have done this to my 3 teams in the state tourney. Maybe they would have done better! LOL! Congratulations to Greenback- Class A, Covington- Class AA, & Farragut- Class AAA in winning state Championships. All well deserved! Covington was probably the team that played the best overall from start to finish of the state tourney. I picked Covington just before the season started to win it all in Class AA but changed my pick midway through the season to Greeneville. Covington just hit & pitched well the entire state tournament. I did have Farragut as my Class AAA pick from before the season til the end. The only other team from Class AAA I thought had a chance was Station Camp but they lost in the Sectionals. I certainly didn't expect Bradley Central in the Championship Game despite their tradition. In Class A, I picked Greenback to make the state tourney but not to win it. I had Gibson County as the winners before the season. I actually had TCA as the 3rd best team behind both Gibson County & Greenback. I think without a doubt though Greenback & TCA are the 2 best teams from Class A. I've got a question for you guys. How many of you would like to see high school baseball games changed to 9 innings? I'm for this myself. I mean college is 9 innings, the minors are 9 innings, & MLB are 9 innings. I would love to see the TSSAA to make this change. For Double-Headers make them 7 inning games instead of the 5 innings we have now . Some might say this is too much on pitchers. Some might say this is too much for all players. I say it's a good idea to prepare the players that will sign with some type of college for the next level. 2 extra innings isn't that much. I would say for regular season 9 inning games that go extra innings just make a rule that stops the game after an inning limit if still tied. Maybe 12 innings as a limit? If still tied after 12 innings then it's a tie. That's until postseason play where somebody must win. One other thing. Let's bring back up the Class A Championship Game between Greenback & TCA. Look at this linescore: Greenback 2R 5H 1E Trinity 1R 7H 5E Looking at just the linescore who should have won this game? I know games aren't won on linescores except for the most important part which is Runs. However, TCA had 5 errors with 7 hits. Greenback had 5 hits with 1 error. Did TCA give this Championship Game away or did Greenback earn it? It's kind of like the post from the Greenback/Lake County game were Lake County did this same exact thing. 4 errors & a key 2-R error with the score tied 2-2 helped Greenback to a win. There is no right or wrong answer here. I would just like some honest non-biased opinions on this. I'm saying that even though Lake County had that key 2-R error vs Greenback in which the score ended up being 6-2 Greenback anyhow that the Cherokees earned that game more than they did the Championship Game vs TCA. But, I feel like both games they were helped to the wins more than actually earning them. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. These are strictly opinion based. Thanks guys & it's been a very fun high school baseball season.
  10. At the time of my post about Greenback being inconsistent they were playing that way. Then again, they had a top 5 toughest schedule in Class A so that could explain things too. One things for sure about Greenback this team can NEVER be counted out of a game regardless of the score. Summertown was rolling right along in the latter game today with a 4-0 lead & Greenback only had 2 hits of Summertown's SP. Greenback erupted with 4 runs in the 5th inning. They got the game winning run on a walk-off HR in the 7th. Their state experienced team plus talent is now paying off. I'm still picking TCA in the Championship Game but Greenback can most certainly beat them. I just don't see this game being more than a 1-2 run game either way. Now since I said that watch one of them blow the other away. LOL! The only chance of a blowout in all 3 Championship Games is Farragut vs Bradley Central in my opinion. I'm still in amazement that Bradley Central won their game today 4-3 with only 1 hit. I think Riverdale only had 5 hits but poor Riverdale defense cost them a chance at playing for the title in Class AAA.
  11. How flippin old are you? Your son is more mature than you are. What picks have you made or posted? My % is now in the mid 70% range so you want to call that bad? I used to coach high school baseball for 11 years as an assistant coach. What level have you coached? T-Ball league? LOL! These picks don't necessarily come down to knowledge either. This tournament was 8 teams from each classification that had a legitimate chance to win. Sure there were some favorites but anybody can be beat. I already said the state tournament was about pitching depth so you took that one from me so don't take credit for that comment. To be honest, your comments/posts are immature & not worth my time so don't expect to see me make another post directed towards you. Geez! Here are my picks for the State Championship Games: Class A Trinity Christian over Greenback Class AA Covington over Forrest Class AAA Farragut over Bradley Central Bradley Central from Class AAA won their semifinal game vs Riverdale with only 1 hit. Riverdale made 4 errors. Not a single one of the 4 runs scored by BC were earned runs. WOW! Farragut's bats were finally on fire in their AAA semifinal game vs Bartlett scoring 17 runs. I think they easily win the AAA Championship over Bradley Central. The other 2 games from Class A & AA should be better or closer games.
  12. Stop the name calling bud. Was that line drive to the shortstop not called a 2-R error? It was & should have been too. No, I wasn't at the game but watched it online. That 2-R error put Greenback up by 2 when it was a tie game. I said myself that that 2-R error still might not have lost the game for Lake County but that didn't make Greenback earn it either. I expect for you to take up for your team though. I have no horse in the race in this game at all. Could care less who won. My teams were University High- Class A, Elizabethton- Class AA, & Science Hill- Class AAA. So, I have no reason to make false/fake claims or comments. All of my teams are now out of the state tournament & I am not rooting for any particular school. Greenback just barely got by playing Lake County again later in the day with a late rally by the Falcons. I have NOTHING against Greenback. Nothing at all. Just telling & also stating the facts. Lake County could very well have won that 1st meeting with Greenback if not for 3 errors that cost them 3 unearned runs. I was one that even said Lake County was a team that I didn't see how in the world they made it to the state. It was because of their strength of schedule & pitching though looking back on it. Greenback is the better team but not by much. That's for sure! I went 13-3 with my picks from today. I actually made a mistake picking Goodpasture over CAK. I thought I had picked this game the other way around. I meant to anyhow but I have to take it as a missed pick because that's what it says. LOL! Here are my picks for the games on Thursday: Class A Semifinals: Summertown over Greenback TCA over Grace- Franklin Class AA Semifinals: Forrest over Sequatchie County Covington over Nolensville Class AAA Semifinals: Farragut over Bartlett Bradley Central over Riverdale DII-A Final: CAK over CPA D11-AA Final: Baylor over Christian Brothers
  13. Greenback did beat Lake County 6-2 BUT this game was pretty much given to them with Lake County committing 3 errors including a 2-R error by their shortstop on a soft line drive that went off his glove in the top of the 7th with the score tied @ 2-2. That made the score 4-2 & the 6th run by Greenback also came on an error by Lake County as well. Now, this doesn't mean Lake County deserved to win but the errors by Lake County didn't make Greenback earn the victory in this game. It was nip & tuck all the way until that top of the 7th inning with the 2-R error. I went 12-4 with my state Quarterfinal picks including the DII picks. One thing I've learned for sure now is that GCA- Franklin is legit & deserve to be where they are at. I knew they had a very tough schedule but I still didn't think with that record they would not only be here but look as good as they did against Loretto. They are for real & certainly a serious threat for the Class A title. They take on TCA tomorrow in the winner's bracket & this game will show how serious or good of a team that they really are. They beat TCA & I think they just might go on to take the Championship. It will be a tall & tough task though to beat TCA. I'm picking TCA in a 1-2 run game though. Greenback & Summertown should also be a solid matchup in the other winner's bracket game in Class A. I'm going with Summertown in a close game. Here are my picks for Wednesday's games: Class A Winner's Bracket: TCA over GCA- Franklin (close game, 1-2 runs) Summertown over Greenback (close game, 3 runs or less) Loser's Bracket: Loretto over University High (Loretto by 3-6 runs) Eagleville over Lake County (Eagles by 3-4 runs) Class AA Winner's Bracket: Forrest over Loudon (close one, Rockets by 1-3 runs) Covington over Nolensville (Chargers by 3-5 runs) Loser's Bracket: Sequatchie County over Haywood (SQ by 4-5 runs) Elizabethton over Pigeon Forge (another close game, Cyclones by 1-3 runs) Class AAA Winner's Bracket: Farragut over Summit (Admirals by 3-5 runs) Bradley Central over Independence (Bears by 4-6 runs) Loser's Bracket: Bartlett over Science Hill (Bartlett by 3+ runs) Riverdale over Arlington (Warriors by 4-5 runs) DII-A Winner's Bracket: Goodpasture over CAK (Goodpasture by 1-3 runs) Loser's Bracket: CPA over Clarksville Academy (Lions by 5+ runs) DII-AA Winner's Bracket: Baylor over Christian Brothers (Baylor by 5-8 runs) Loser's Bracket: Father Ryan over Ensworth (FR by 1-3 runs)
  14. One other thing guys. I have looked at each quarterfinal matchup closely from Class A-AAA. There really are no what you would call clear cut favorites in any of the 24 opening round games. I mean the matchups are all solid. 2-3 weeks ago I would have thought Farragut playing Bartlett would have been a clear victory for Farragut. Can't say that now because Farragut has lost a couple of games in which I didn't see coming. This is the time of the postseason where Starting Pitching depth matters the most. Farragut in Class AAA clearly has the best SP depth of any team in Class AAA & probably of all 3 DI classifications. I would place Summit as having the 2nd best pitching depth from Class AAA in the state. Class A's pitching depth is pretty even but TCA, Greenback, Lake County, & Summertown are all pretty close. University High has 2 excellent SP's but after that it's a dramatic drop off. In Class AA I see Forrest, Loudon, & Elizabethton having the best pitching depth with Pigeon Forge not too far behind.
  15. You hit the nail on the head with strength of schedule. I would included pitching a little as well but not nearly as much of a factor. LOL! I've heard of & watched them all either live or on demand. All of these teams are solid ballclubs. Grace- Franklin's record makes them look like a team that shouldn't even made it to the Regionals but boy their schedule plus some early season injuries were the culprits for their record. I still say they are the most surprising team from Class A to make the state tourney. By the way, it response to you asking me about the toughest Class A baseball schedules. I listed the Top 10 in a prior post & now I have them in what I think is the order I would place them in. Here they are: 1. Grace Christian- Franklin 2. Lake County 3. Eagleville 4. TCA 5. Greenback 6. Summertown 7. Loretto 8. East Robertson 9. Gordonsville 10. Columbia Academy I based my order on strength of schedule of course. The Top 3 teams listed above played between 6-12 teams ranked in the Top 20 whether in state teams or out of state teams in tournaments. The other 7 teams played teams that were ranked Top 20 5 times or less. That's where I get the order. Of course, some of the teams above played ranked teams more than once when it was teams from their conference. The bottom 5 really could be swapped around in any order from #6-#10. Columbia Academy played the least amount of Top 20 teams but they did play a couple of tough teams. Also keep in mind my ordered list here ONLY includes the regular season & not any postseason games. Looking forward to the start of the state tournament tomorrow guys. Glad it's double elimination & if double elimination was the case in either the Regionals or Sectionals I strongly feel like there would be a few different teams that would have made it. It is what it is though. Maybe the TSSAA will implement or at least consider rule changes in the future. Then again mabye not either with this bunch. LOL!
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