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  1. Fairview by 25 over lewis and Lions by 20 over creekwood
  2. Creekwood by 20 over LC and stewart over hickman by 20
  3. WOW i hit 2 of 4. really really shocked by the creek wood and hickman score. what happened there. very surprised lewis beat waverly.
  4. Camden gets it done tonight against stewart. how does everyone see the other 3 games going? Fairview wins by alot, hickman wins by 10+, and i take waverly over lc.
  5. I missed the Camden game, but was right on another low rank win with hickman beating east. congrats to the LC girls, i was at the game and it was a hard fought and good game to watch.LC went on a good run and got out in front. lions came back but LC played well to close it out. good luck to the teams moving on.
  6. Lions on course for matchup with fairview in championchip game.
  7. Guess my original asessment of LC was right. loses to HC and CW this week tell me that Camden will win in the game next week and move on. Does anyone else see a low rank beating a higher rank in the first game of the tournament.
  8. went to hoenwald last night and the Lions dominated from the 2nd on to the end. TG played a nice game but had some foul trouble. we hit alot of big outside shots. LC got a nice game from 5 but he had no help. if 20 for LC was as good as he thinks he is lions would have lost by 20. daniel and TG controlled the pace, and we knocked down some big outside shots and kept LC playing from behind. when 12 got in foul trouble LC had noone to rebound with 5 and the lions got plenty of second and third chances. hope we can keep it up against waverly next week we will be ready for the tournament. i noticed during senior night that LC had 5 seniors, all 5 starters. they should see a big dropoff too.
  9. i said earlier i didnt think LC was very good, and last night kinda changed my mind. Made the trip to Hoenwald last night. It was a much better officiatted game than at camden, and the LC team looked like a totally diferent team than we played the first time. foul trouble hurt both teams, LC was better early and better late. thought the lions played very hard in the 3rd and forced LC to turn it over. LC is small but very tough inside. 10, 5, and 2 for LC were hard to handle, and 35 has really nice touch. it was their senior night and the will be losing 10, 5, and 35, and they will be hard to replace next year. LC will see us again, and hope we can match their play next time. good game by both teams.
  10. Looks like Stewart Co has made a statement should be fun for the next 3 weeks. i was hoping to see the Lions have a better show with East Hickman after 2 great games with LC and waverly. they have an oportunity to get one back friday.
  11. Lions have won 3 district games in row and 5 of last 6. Huge game this friday with Fairview. on the road and they are hot too, hope the Lions come our ready to roll. also looks like Camden took away LC steam cause they havent won since the Lions whiped em last week lol. good luck to my friends in Fairview i cant wait til Friday.
  12. #1 LC falls at Camden. Lions had almost 50 at the half and the game slowed down in the 2nd half. LC played hard to try to get back in it but fell short. i think it was like the girls game though where the refferees let alot of rough play go and let them play. LC should have had at least one technical or flagrent foul, but the Lions kept there cool and came up with a big win.
  13. i wanted to post after games last night but didnt. i was right about the Camden girls beating LC at home, but it was a tough game. i have never seen such aweful referrees in my life, both ways. And it was the same in the boys game after. a win is a win and it was big to get district wins at home but that was terrible and i think both teams were lucky to not have anyone hurt bad the way the game went. it was a game that could have gone either way and took a last second shot to win it but it was a game that i think the officials had way to much influence on the game because they allowed way to much to go on. Congrats to the Lions!
  14. Camden takes down the #1 team tonight. i hope the Lions hang another 100.
  15. Lewis will tak the L tonight. i think the girls will take car of business.
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