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  1. I reckon against Monterey but have heard nothing from either side. I think it was all ages! Like to know how Monterey looks this year.
  2. Didn’t Upperman and Monterey scrimmage Friday? How does Monterey look this year?
  3. Sorry for you guys loss Croz. Keith trained me when I was 19 years old just outta high school on my first job. I always liked him.
  4. I had not even heard of his passing and had to pull it up on line. I seen him in 2017 when my son played and he looked great.
  5. I hate to hear this! I worked with Keith for around 8 years in my early 20s I always liked him and remember when he started broadcasting! I did not know of his passing!
  6. I got some feedback on the Coalfield scrimmage from last week today. Heard Monterey pulled a lot of starters after first series. Couple guys got hurt on both sides. I asked about the score and told them what was posted on here and they told me they didn’t think that was correct but said Coalfield had some good players. Monterey has picked up a Freshman who is going to be a Very good running back and prob see some playing time this year as a freshman. Monterey scrimmages White County tonight.
  7. Monterey plays Coalfield tonight in scrimmage.
  8. They prob need to go 6A!
  9. I don’t think it would affect Basketball and Baseball for Monterey but even if it did they be ok. They have good programs almost every year anymore! Would prob kill Football.
  10. If Monterey enrollment changes much they will have to move up lol that seems weird to say but they not far!
  11. I notice they moved Monterey/Gville game to last week of season! Also Clay is game 9!
  12. Why would u want back in this cupcake Region? Lol. You guys would complain about a weak schedule then and how that hurts u in playoffs so just stay where u are lol
  13. Yes it has always had that. Guess Hughes not caught it. I do believe they are returning there whole line and as for the seniors I believe they are filled with better athletes. The best player on the team will be Jordan Key! He played QB against u guys last year and he is a tough player! The Borjas kid is a big tall kid who can make big plays and Telon and Perez are great backs! Payne has became a key player also but look for Key to be the play maker on both sides! I think they win this Region this year.
  14. Like I said this Region will only have 1 team make it outta the first round.
  15. Well u got to consider they are the Wildcats and not the Tigers. Lol that should tell u there info is way off! Monterey returned a lot more than 2! I see 5 in the column that are returning! They returned the whole line on both sides!
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