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  1. Halftime Monterey 36 Harriman 12
  2. Be a tough draw for us but last time we was there I’m pretty sure Monterey and Clay got 2 Memphis teams and took care of business!
  3. Monterey Wins. Not sure of score yet my son not told me.
  4. Good Luck to you guys @orngnblk from what I hear u guys got ur work cut out this week! Bring that gold back east again! Go Kees! “Dang that hurt to say” lol
  5. Congrats Greenback! Great game! Type of game I expected but not the outcome!
  6. That what I was thinking! I sure hope that not the case!
  7. Where has Bass been? Anyone know? Miss reading his posts!
  8. Good luck to Gordonsville! I do believe Gordy wins this one in a close one.
  9. Clarify exactly what happened then. My son sent me a video of it and he was pretty close to them and he said he was pretty sure it was Whitwell. I would like to know lol.
  10. Roy did u know that Johnson man is from Monterey!!! I may come down to watch him get mercy ruled by Pirates!
  11. I watched it on live stream. I didn’t think it was a good game lol prob because I was so aggravated. I could see why some thought it was.
  12. Where u been stranger! Ya Monterey really sucked it up last night! Play calling was horrible!
  13. Omg lol u should of asked them what they was fighting about! Lmbo
  14. Croz it was awful! No fire in the boys and they could not complete a drive. The last 3 games Monterey played they didn’t look good at all but last night they was horrible! Congrats on the Basin win! Good luck this week and the week after. Gville is fired up and fire on all cylinders! Gville by 21!
  15. Lol true. Monterey is young and I believe next year will be better. Just gotta replace Key the QB. He be hard to replace but the rest is youngsters and plenty to build with!
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