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    Eagleville vs Cosby

    Pulling for Eagleville since they put my Monterey Wildcats out! Eagleville should take this one no problem.

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    UCMan what happened! Looks like Monterey and Clay both had a tight game but did not expect Clay to lose!!!

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Eagleville 56 Monterey 50 Great season Monterey.

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Nail biter in Eagleville I hear and also in Clay Co!!

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Anyone at Eagleville/ Monterey game please keep posted on score.
  6. How is everyone feeling about the new hire? He was a Coach at Monterey my Senior year as a Asst. Coach. Im looking forward to watching Bledsoe this year and Coach Tabors!!!

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    WOW I am glad someone finally gave Monterey some love. I hope Clay and Monterey both make it like last year.

    Champions 2019

    Farragut is loaded this year and as usual will make a deep run. This is the only time of year and sport I pay attention to the Bigger Schools!

    Big Pirate Supporter Peg Leg is sick

    Me and Peg keep in touch on Facebook but I don't get on there much anymore and I did not know this. Praying for him! He is a great guy and always there to help!
  10. TALMAD

    District 6a Power Rankings

    CLAY, Monterey, RBS, hard to pick TC and Gville that will be a good match up.
  11. TALMAD

    District 6a Power Rankings

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head after last night!
  12. TALMAD

    District 6a Power Rankings

    I think it will be a sweep come Tournament. Not seeing much in D5
  13. TALMAD

    District 6a Power Rankings

    Looks like the Cream is rising to the top! Question is can they stay through the Tournament!
  14. TALMAD

    District 6a Power Rankings

    I figured it might take them till this time of year before they stood out but I am like you and no one needs to look past them. They made it last year and hopes are high on the Mtn for this year.