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  1. McKenzie is a great football team no doubt. Clay can't have back to back fumbles like they did tonight. However, I don't see this game being a running clock. Too much fight and pride from this group of seniors to roll over against anyone. If Clay plays like they did in the quarterfinals, they definitely have a puncher's chance. Should be a fun one!
  2. FIrst things first, hats off to Coalfield on a great season. Those kids showed incredible heart fighting back from a 27 point deficit to nearly tie the game. Their coaches made great adjustments and moved the ball downfield better than any team has all year. Second, while our boys certainly had some uncharacteristic mistakes, they came up big with a goal line stand when it mattered, then we got a couple huge first downs to salt away the game! Definitely some things to fix before next week, but glad we found a way to finish the game. Anything can happen next week, and the game isn't won on paper! Lots of the Clay County faithful will be making the trip down Highway 111 to Finley Stadium next Friday. Super proud of this team!
  3. The same people were saying the same things about South Pitt last year. They went to Cloudland (I understand it's harder to win on the road than it is at home) and only won by 1, but then beat McKenzie for a state title.
  4. Clay County needs to win this game just by 1+ to have a shot against McKenzie or MASE. Every game is unique and you can't get to Chattanooga without winning on Black Friday. Either team playing in Chattanooga has a shot to win. I promise you that the Dawgs will believe they can win both this week and next weekend and don't have to blow out Coalfield to measure up to McKenzie or MASE. The Dawgs have great respect for Coalfield and are only focused on beating them right now.
  5. Sounds like this one should be a great one. I hope our Bulldogs are fortunate enough to see the winner next in Chattanooga.
  6. I am distrustful of a website that has Lipscomb Academy as only the fourth best team in Tennessee and Oakland as the seventh best team.
  7. They will have to move someone to Region 4 once Gordonsville grows into being 2A. Can't have a region of only Clay County, RBS, and Jo Byrns.
  8. No question McKenzie or MASE will be a handful. However, anything can happen in a given 48 minute timeframe. If Clay plays like they did last night and someone can beat them, I'll be the first to sing their praises. They certainly proved they can have a puncher's chance.
  9. It seems like it is very hard for teams in 1A to schedule quality opponents. I know it is difficult for teams in our region to schedule 7 non-region opponents, often times having to take whoever is available for that week. We had to travel to Grundy County and Gordonsville had to travel to Morristown to play Lakeway Christian. Not exactly ideal opponents.
  10. Most of those guys play both ways. The cupboard won’t be completely bare after this year, but it will be hard to replace this group.
  11. My assessment of the game tonight: Getting the first stop and subsequent 80 yard score was huge for Clay! Gordonsville is very hard to handle when they can grind the game out on the ground, while mixing in the deep ball as you sell out to stop the run. Quite frankly, the game was over after the muffed punt. From that point, Gordonsville had to start trying to force the ball downfield. Clay’s secondary was strong enough to win one on ones with Gordonsville’s wide receivers and then let their line tee off on the QB. While I believe the Bulldogs were the superior team, Gordonsville definitely looked like they were emotionally spent from last week at South Pitt. Definitely been fun watching these two groups of seniors battle it out the last four years. Hats off to the Tigers, especially #3 and #5 as both of them showed a lot of toughness tonight through trying to battle through injury or standing in the pocket against Clay’s defensive line.
  12. For the enrollment that Coalfield has, it is amazing how their program is always competitive. I believe their enrollment is comparable to RBS and Pickett County. Their community support is always great too. Should be another great crowd in Celina next week. As for the game, I do believe Clay should win, but nothing is a gimme when there are only four teams playing.
  13. Who goes to Chattanooga? Clay is rolling at the moment but all the folks in Celina know what great football tradition Coalfield has.
  14. Clay loses 9 seniors after this year. Can replace the QB pretty well, but the other holes will be hard to fill.
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