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  1. No reason not to brother! Life is too short to not make the most of it and have fun!
  2. Awfully quiet in here from the H20 faithful right now..
  3. That one should be a dandy as well. It would’ve been nice to have this game on 104.5 but it’s hard to beat out the star power that the Ravenwood and Summit game brings.
  4. I know that Ravenwood vs Summit was the game of the week as of Wednesday. I haven’t heard differently but it could’ve changed.
  5. You might very well give it to them this week. However for the past three years it's went completely opposite and TC has won when it counted. History isn't in your favor but that's why they strap it up. It's Trousdale's to lose until H20 proves they can win when it matters most.
  6. Harriman should be a force in the east for the next three years. Sophomore Jordan McCullum will lead the charge with a very solid supporting cast. He stands at about 6' 7" and was a unapproved website Freshman All-American last year. He took a visit to Ole Miss this past weekend. It's going to be fun to watch him progress these next couple of years. West Tennessee always is a tough out in 1A but Harriman will be a team that can and should make plenty of noise this year.
  7. Having watched both teams play this game is intriguing. Powell is the obvious favorites but if Rhea can establish the run and keep time of possession solidly in their favor then things could get interesting. I would feel alot better about it if this was a home game for Rhea. This should be a slugfest with a lit up scoreboard.
  8. Cloudland has the home field advantage as that trip up that way is no joke. I think Coalfield is a little bit better team and definitely more battle tested. Going out on a limb and say the jackets win this one by 8 points.
  9. Rockwood struggles to play from behind so jumping early is huge for you guys!
  10. Scotty Dykes who’s currently at Cocke County would be an absolute steal! He was the OC at HVA with the Jones guy when they were building that program up. He’s had a couple of stints at other places but he knows how to win and has the college background as well. It’s a longshot but seeing him somewhere like Bearden would be ideal! They would not be a team to sleep on.
  11. Not a 3 or 4 A job but I’ll be interested to see who picks up the Bearden job. That could have alot of potential if the right coach is in place.
  12. That Northview job has a lot of potential! Will be interesting to see who picks it up.
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