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  1. Thanks for picking up the slack for me OnB! Work has been kicking my butt so I’ve not been able to be as active on the T as I usually am. This is not the best game for us to have our homecoming on. In my opinion I think this will be the toughest team we’ve faced thus far this season. For us to come away with a win against the bobcats we’ve got to shut down the running game from the start. If we can do that and do a good job of managing the clock then I think we have a good shot of winning this game. I’m glad to see the Oliver Springs football team turn things around. When OS is relevant, it’s food for Roane county football. Best of luck to both teams. GO BIG BLUE!!!
  2. Hats off to both teams on a heck of a game. Harriman had the chance to win it and stalled out at the goal line. Tigers take the 99th meeting 13-7. Time to get ready for a big district game at home with OS next week.
  3. Couldn’t ask for two better men than Travis Tapp and John Webb. I’ve been critical of Tapp many times but nobody cares for his players like he does. He teaches our guys more than just football.
  4. It’s about that time! I made the drive home from Nashville just to see this one their are few things I despise more than Rockwood. Blue Devils keep rolling and take this one by 10!
  5. This seems to be the year where streaks are coming to an end. Greenback by 2 scores.
  6. I think OS has the ability to keep it close for a half but GB is too much for anybody in 1A. GB by 4 TDs!
  7. Sounds like a dandy at Wallace Black tonight!
  8. We’ve been in the juju hut smoking the peace pipe and trying to recooperate from that beating RT and his Jackets put on us.
  9. I was hoping you’d reply on this thread. It certainly wasn’t a slight to the Kingston Program whatsoever. I was genuinely interested in what you guys thought. I honestly hate it that you’re going through a struggle because it’s good for Roane county when Kingston is good. I think your comments are pretty accurate. Kingston certainly set themselves back up when they ran off Coach Harrison.
  10. The Jackets are off to a rough 0-3 start with consecutive losses to in county rivals Harriman and Oliver Springs before Friday’s loss to Austin-East. I support Kingston and Coach Panky whenever they’re not playing my Blue Devils. I’d just like to hear from the Kingston faithful what your take on this situation is? Is the blame to be put on the coach and his staff or are the Yellow Jackets just that down this year? We’ve certainly been in similiar positions at Harriman before and the good news is that it does get better!
  11. I think this comes down to if harriman can start and finish this game. RTL you heard correctly. Frost should be ready come Friday barring something unforeseen. Also hope your linemen and the other kid who was hurt isn’t something serious.
  12. Same for you guys. Not necessarily the same amount of athletes in years past it seems but still a lot of heart and fight from you guys. Can’t expect anything less from a Keith Henry coached team.
  13. Agreed. On both sides. Certainly don’t blame the loss on the refs as we had it in our hands in the first half. Still no excuse for that bad of officiating at the high school level.
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