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  1. Listen, with 1.5 seconds that is a catch and shoot situation. Not a catch, dribble twice, elevate and shoot situation. I was there too, Ive watched the shot 50 times and it was no good, listen to the announcers who couldnt believe the call, look at the clock, its on 0.00 before she even elevates, even worse youre own radio people said she didnt get the shot off, they were sitting right next to our radio guys and youre guy said we got away with one there. As far as the teams and coaches SH is a very classy and my pick to win it all next year and Ive congradulated them after every win. Post whatever you want next, I wont see it, Im signing off and will see you next year..
  2. Congratulations to both teams, Science Hill should be favored to win it all next year...
  3. Look, youve called us idiots and us you. Lets try a civil approach here, I agree that SH is a great team( even better next year) but the reason most LC fans are upset is that we got no respect from anyone at SH, Everyone there said it would be a blowout, a group of SH fans sitting behind a group of ladies from LC were cussing and saying how they were gonna go on a run any minute and would beat LC by 20. The fact remains LC played the toughest schedule in AAA of any team at state (just check strenth of schedule on Coach T). Lc does not shoot as well as SH( 29% in this game) but nobody plays any better defense, holding teams to less than 42 points per game while playing the toughest teams in the state including Science Hills lowest total of the year. That being said SH is in the championship game and I wish them luck( if youre gonna lose Id just asoon lose to the state champs so go SH). But you will always have to ask yourself one question, if their was instant replay in state high school bball would SH be there or not. Yeas I know they still may have won but sure wish it had been a 4 point half time lead instead of 6, especially when you lose by 1...
  4. Your the Idiot, go look at the replay of the game, SH lost to LC plain and simple. The shot before half was way late, JUST LOOK AT THE TAPE, the announcers could not believe they gave her the shot. Their was a second and a half and she dribbled twice and took a jumpshot, so SH won with a basket after the buzzer by 1 point. You do the math even you cant be that dumb!
  5. Let me be the 1st to say congratulations Science Hill, I can eat crow with the best of em, I hope the young lady who got injured is ok, Good Luck Tomorrow!
  6. Let him keep running that mouth Purple he will get to meet me soon enough, already know who this IDIOT is baby!!
  7. You guys can keep kiding yourself if you want too, The day you played Mt Juliet it was their 3rd game of the day and Williams could barely get up and down the floor and Bob Jones has played a week schedule as well this year. Out of 36 games all you guys can say is we played Mt Juliet and Bob Jones,give me a break, when you start playing teams like middle Tn teams play maybe you can get past the 2nd round!! Clarksville by 20 PLUS! By the way until tomorrow the closest game you have had is to that Lawrence Co team that you were supposed to blow out!!!!!
  8. I would love to see you face to face, coach t knows me personally, you made this personal (soft shot) and I promise you wont like meeting me, just ask around but be careful what you ask for cause I already know who you are B!!!
  9. Where u at dumb azz, Central got killed and Lawrence lost by 1...Idiot
  10. Clearly better my ####, The shot before the half was late, everyone in the gym knows that, clearly better, S Hill escaped with their life and Clarksville wins by 20 plus!!!!
  11. Lawrence Co shot terrible today (10 of 38 starting 4th quarter) plus the shot before half was way late even the S Hill fans sitting behind us said so and LC still should had a chance to win at the buzzer, When you dont play any competition all season it shows at tournament time...Clarksville will beat S Hill by 20 PLUS
  12. Overton over Morristown a blowout huh... kinda missed that one..
  13. This one could get interesting, Mt Juliet has played Riverdale two very tough games. Still have to give the edge to R dale but having to beat a team like Mt Juliet 3 times in one season is a tall order for anyone..
  14. I agree, Will be pulling for LC but I also think it will be a good game...Cant wait!
  15. Actually they beat Cloudland by 30 (68 to 38) but I agree you are supposed to win those, LC beat Loretto by 35. Not even sure why you would use those examples with as many top AAA teams LC has played.
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