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  1. I believe Region 6AAA is the only region in the state that has all quarterfinal games at one site. They have to petition TSSAA every 2 years to keep this going. The only reason they get approval is because all of the teams are geographically so close (Davidson and Williamson County + Dickson County).
  2. Boys Classic at Overton High School in Nashville Tuesday, December 20th 4:00 Franklin vs Pearl Cohn 5:20 Marshall County vs Hillwood 6:40 Greenville vs Hunters Lane 8:00 Overton vs Maplewood Wednesday, December 21st 3:00 Pearl Cohn vs Greenville 4:20 Hillwood vs Stratford 5:40 Maplewood vs Franklin 7:00 Hunters Lane vs MBA 8:20 Marshall County vs Overton
  3. Coach McGill passed away earlier this week. A good man and a good coach. He coached at Maplewood and Hillsboro (and probably other places). I believe he also was the coach at Fisk for a time.
  4. Several years ago, I started to see a trend on where the best soccer teams in the state were moving from the suburbs into the city schools. I went to the Southeast Regionals in Little Rock back in the late 90s and several of the teams were dominated by foreign players. I remember seeing teams from Texas, Florida, and Georgia that had one or two white kids and the rest were Hispanic (mostly), African, or Asian. Tennessee's best teams were from Williamson County, suburban Memphis, and Knoxville. Now, the trend has moved into the high school ranks. As the coaching gets better in the urban areas, the high schools are starting to overtake the suburban schools. I have watched several Metro teams this year and almost every one of them could beat Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, i.e. the traditional midstate powers. Look at Hunters Lane. They are 4th (or 5th) in district 12AAA. They have a stud African in the back and 3 great Hispanic kids up top. And, they are in the middle of the district. Just a few years ago, teams like that were laughing stocks. Granted, the coaching at the schools hasn't caught up yet. But if it does, watch for teams like Antioch, Cane Ridge, Overton, and Glencliff to make an interesting run.
  5. I believe Mo is going to UNC-Wilmington or Asheville, not Princeton, but I am not sure. Great kid who deserves a couple of good breaks.
  6. I find it remarkable that anyone would want to go to Lighthouse Christian.
  7. I think Hillsboro's style of play is more to Mt. Juliet's liking than Independence's would have been. Hillsboro is more methodical and easier to prepare for because they run sets. Whereas Independence is more helter skelter and fluid, which makes them more unpredictable. I think if the matchups had been reversed with Hillsboro vs Station Camp and Independence vs Mt. Juliet, both the region 6 teams would have won. But, now I am not so confident. I still think both Independence and Hillsboro win.
  8. Due to a last minute drop out, the Overton Christmas tournament needs a team for their tournament in Nashville on December 28th-30th. If interested in participating, or if you are interested in playing a game on any of those days, please contact [email protected]
  9. I haven't read all of the five pages of posts, but to answer the first question, yes, coaches read CoachT. I coach a different sport and CoachT has always given me a little information about what is going on around the state. As a girls basketball coach, it was very helpful to have Warriorfan give a ton of information about Riverdale before we played them several years ago. They weren't in our region and we had never played them, but before I watched any game film, I knew who/what to focus in on. That being said, 95% of what people say on here is bunk. But it's worth the time for that 5% of gold that can help give my team the edge. (It only takes about 5 minutes a day to get the good info if you know how to look.)
  10. Overton High School in Nashville is still looking for one team to fill out it's tournament on December 28-30. There is no entry fee and every team plays three games. If interested, contact [email protected]
  11. Don't know if it is announced yet, but they have hired a coach.
  12. Coach Barrett did a good job with decent talent at Hickman County and then went to a Riverdale team and won a state championship. Granted, to do anything less than win a state championship with that team would have been a disappointment, but they did win. The last two years have been really good, but could have been better. He is damaged goods right now and will do a good job if someone gives him a chance, but even if an athletic director wants him, the powers that be in the upper administration of a school system will have a difficult time taking the bad publicity. Hopefully, he will get a second chance.
  13. Wow. That's a good hire for Dickson if they are willing to put up with the bad publicity for a year.
  14. It's funny how quickly the fall from grace can be in the coaching profession. Someday, Coach Barrett will get another chance and do well.
  15. http://archive.theleafchronicle.com/article/20080229/SPORTS01/802290361/Lady-Bulldogs-clinch-Region-5-AAA-title I couldn't find the old article in the Tennessean, but I have posted a link to the article in the Clarksville paper. This story doesn't really get into the controversy of the game, but Region 5-AAA had to move their region final because of snow. Region 6-AAA played and McGavock upset Hillsboro. Coach Brandon didn't want to face the two Harrison girls (Deedee and Isabella) so he appeared to intentionally lose the game versus Smyrna. In the Tennessean article, it said Coach Wiley (now at Central Magnet) was yelling down to the Smyrna bench to get them to play, but Coach Brandon just smiled. I may have my facts a bit mixed up, but that was the general tone of the article. Both teams went on to win in the substate and Wilson Central won the state.
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