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    FINAL 4

    12:00 Knoxville Webb vs. Ensworth/Baylor 2:30 MUS vs. Farragut 5:00 McCallie vs. CBHS/MBA 7:30 St. Benedict vs. JPII/Centennial I suppose MBA is to host unless health issues persist beyond Thursday. I would check MBA's website for any changes.
  2. Yes it is Farragut. The practice field behind the middle school has no parking, no facilities and our coaches say it is too rough to play a game on. The TSSAA/Club discussion swallowed this thread. I had no idea people had such strong feelings about that. Anyway, we have been told that only TSSAA sports may use the stadium field although there seems to be an exception for youth football. The problem I have is that this is a publicly owned facility yet certain groups are able to exclude other groups, essentially exercising ownership over it. I know lacrosse play on the field would not damage it as it is relatively easy to find stuff on the internet that says a field should be able to withstand up to 200 hours of play annually without damage while the stadium field ends up with far less....roughly 4 home football, men's soccer, women's soccer and track contests. Thanks to all those who responded.
  3. Our local high school principal withdrew the use of the HS Football field for HS lacrosse games several years ago and has refused to even consider allowing it since. I'm not exactly sure why but I think the HS football coach feels that if Lacrosse can use the field, then the HS Rugby team will also be able to use the field and that the field will end up as a mess, mainly from Rugby. I believe the HS football coach has convinced the principal of this and he has taken the postion that no club sports will be allowed on the HS field. That leaves us scrambling for fields and competing with local soccer clubs for municipal field use. Has anybody had a similar problem getting HS fields? What have you done to get fields? Are they freely available? I'd like to know if this is a problem everywhere or just in Knoxville. If lacrosse became a TSSAA sport it probably would not be a problem. Any ideas on when or if that may happen?
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