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Posts posted by mat73557

  1. On 2/22/2019 at 12:49 PM, WrestlingGod said:


    2019 Dominic Fields (Tennessee) vs 2017 Matt Sells (Blackman, Sr 2x State Champ)

    A pair of 2xers. This one would be hard to pick. If I was playing that one game where you shout the first thing that comes to your mind I would probably pick Fields here but honestly I think its a toss up. Ill go with my gut here.

    Fields by dec




    You know I have to disagree with this one......  LOL.  After watching Fowler beat Fields at the state duals this year I don't think there's any way that Sells loses that match.  

    This is a very entertaining idea however! I really miss getting to watch some of the guys mentioned.  Croy, Soloman and especially Fuller were so fun to watch.  And I agree, Hicks has to be the guy at 113.  Love that kid.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, cbg said:

    I was told two years ago that Metro Davidson County would lease Municipal Auditorium to the TSSAA for less than $15,000.00 

    From what I remember, it will only hold 10 mats.  So you'd have to stretch the timeline a bit more or something.


  3. I will say this.  Here in Murfreesboro, I and countless others have contributed tons of blood, sweat, tears, and money to making sure that Rutherford County kids have the best opportunities they can to be competitive and display good sportsmanship.  (I put in 14 years in youth football)

  4. Congrats to the West coaches and team!  Obviously, they came to win and put the effort forth to make that possible. 

    I wasn't trying to be critical.  I was just a little surprised when I looked up the scores for Middle.  In the last match with West, there were 14 forfeits out of 21 bouts. 

    In total, Middle had 63 bouts all day (21 x 3) and out of those, 33 were forfeits.  (more than half according to Track)  The prom thing makes sense and I know that there was an injury or two. 

    Good to hear the comments on officiating.  I thought the officials did a good job at the Iron Man a couple of weeks ago as well.

  5. A quick thank you to everyone who came out to Blackman for the IronMan.  We had some great wrestlers competing and there were lots of exciting and very competitive matches.   

    It was a long day with three tournaments back to back and those who made it through the whole day certainly deserve a medal!!  (Parents and Coaches included!)  Congrats to all those who won the cup!

    Thanks to John Salter who kept us in business with TrackWrestling, and thanks to all the Blackman parents and staff for putting in a long day to help advance the dreams of so many. 

    Numbers were a bit higher than I originally thought. 

    2018 - 282 @ (Blackman HS)
    2017 - 185 @ (Summit HS)
    2016 - 216 @ (Blackman HS)
    2015 - 172 @ (Blackman HS)
    2014 - 156 @ (Blackman HS)

    Competing in Freestyle and Greco is an excellent way to get in summer work and stay motivated.  Hoping to continue to see growth here in Tennessee!

  6. 7 hours ago, wesander1980 said:

    Doesnt seem to be to many registered for this tournament, mainly blackman's kids. Bradley invitational looks really good seems they have lots who committed already. Whats the reason that one does and the ironman doesnt seem to have many coming? Does everyone register last minute? 

    Everyone ALWAYS registers last minute.  I would expect 200 - 250. 

    2018 - -?- @(Blackman HS)
    2017 - 185 @(Summit HS)
    2016 - 216 @(Blackman HS)
    2015 - 172 @(Blackman HS)
    2014 - 156 @(Blackman HS)

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  7. Thanks for the offer Twofdr.  It would be too hard to ask you to post all that.  

    I am disappointed that there is no information out there.  It looks like this tournament is gonna be pretty strong.  Lots of people want to know about the grand championship matches and all that.  With no information out to the wrestling public, it seems like a huge missed opportunity to promote our wrestlers and the great things going on in Tennessee.   

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