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    All sports, but in particular college football and basketball, HS volleyball
  1. http://www.memphisvolleyball.com
  2. Hutchison defeated Evangelical Christian School at home Tuesday night 3-0.
  3. Coach T, I thought that might be the case but couldn't find it or missed it in the FAQs. Thanks for clearing this up for me.
  4. I've received a notification that I have a private message (from a board moderator) but when I try to read it I get a message that I am not authorized to read private messages. When I try to send a private message I get a message that says I am not authorized to send private messages. When I try to email an administrator, I get a message that I am not authorized to email this individual. When I try to email play4keeps to let him/her know that I cannot read the private message I get a message that says I am not authorized to email this individual. I have private messaging enabled in my profile (and have for some time). Very frustrating, please help!
  5. St. Benedict swept Briarcrest last night 25-20, 25-16 & 25-20. St. Agnes beat Hutchison in 4. Hutchison won the 1st set and St. Agnes took the next 3.
  6. Ours usually start 4-4:30 for freshmen, 5-5:30 for JV and 6-6:30 for varsity. However, last night we had both Freshmen and JV go 3 games, so varsity didn't start til around 7PM. This makes for a late night after dinner and homework...
  7. Hutchison won games 1 and 3, StG 2 and 4. St. George's had Hutchison in game five 14-11 before Hutchison reeled off 5 straight points to win it 16-14.
  8. Briarcrest had a big win at home over St. Benedict last night in 5. Briarcrest won the first 2, SBA next 2, then Briarcrest took the 5th game running away.
  9. Delta Region Volleyball Association 2009 Bid Qualifier 1st and 2nd place 1st place earns National Bid 12 1. MJVA 121 2. Asics Memphis Metro 121 13 1. Asics Memphis Metro 131 2. Fort Smith Juniors 13 14 1. Ozark Juniors 141 2. Asics Memphis Metro 141 15 1. Delta Force 151 2. Asics Memphis Metro 151 16 1. Asics Memphis Metro 161 2. Ozark Juniors 161 17 1. MJVA 171 Elite 2. Little Rock Juniors 171 18 1. MJVA 18 National 2. Asics Memphis Metro 18 National
  10. Bigdaddy and The Chosen One, thanks for backing me up and confirming my post with the video evidence. As a new member and new poster, I must admit that it is intimidating to have an experienced poster like oldsetter challenge you right off the bat (even if it was from the other side of the court)... I think CoachT is a great outlet for the fans and look forward to enjoying it for years. Oldsetter, you obviously have a great deal of vball expertise and I hope to meet and have a conversation with you one day (hopefully as my daughter's team returns to the state tournament).
  11. Just one example (there were an unusual number of very bad calls in this match, many subjective and not necessarily quantifiable) from the GPS/Hutchison match Thursday afternoon...I will not name teams or players as the bad calls (at times) went both ways, however those that were there will recognize this one... -Player hits a kill to the far corner where the line judge is stationed (in correct position behind the corner lines) and the ball hits the line judge in the ankle, clearly out of bounds. After conferring with the up ref, ball is called in. -Fans of the team the call is made against react loudly. No profanity used or personal attacks were made. Simply loud complaining about the call. Up ref requests that T$$AA official move to the stands to keep an eye on the fans and call a penalty if need be. Fans (and in many cases the coach) of the opposing team were just as loud and vocal when calls went against their team but NO action was taken by the Up ref or the T$$AA. In general, one bad call does not change a game's outcome and this one probably would have ended the same regardless of the multiple bad calls. Bad calls by the officials are part of the game and are to be expected. However, it is a fact that the bad calls have a huge impact on momentum and the course of the game and the expectation should be that bad calls are rare and not the norm as they were in this match. And, I'm pretty sure it is all on video if anyone from the T$$AA would like to review the assigned officials performance in this match.
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