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  1. Dekalb played hard versus Upperman last night, it was a 7 point game in the 4th period. Dekalb shot 6-27 from 3-pt line and was still in the game. Upperman is a great team and will go far this season, they beat Dekalb by 40 earlier this season, big improvement tigers, keep working.
  2. I will tell you what will happen with our new coach. First District win in 10 years, most wins in a season in over 15 years, a sweep of warren co. for the first time in 17 years, a college signee and a program our entire community is proud of, great job Coach Cope.
  3. Here is a stat that i found kind of shocking, what are your thoughts. 6-AAA (WARREN,WHITE,COOKEVILLE,CUMBERLAND, AND COFFE CO.) has a 2-10 record against 8-AA (SMITH,DEKALB,YORK,UPPERMAN,LIVINGSTON, AND CANNON) i knew 6-AA was loaded but 10-2 against a triple a district, that is pretty impressive.
  4. Also, Logan Clark has been playing solid so far this year too. DeKalb all the way baby!!!
  5. Even though Dekalb lost to Warren in their first game of the season, their offense looked very explosive and it will tough for teams to outscore them all season.
  6. Dekalb County's top 3(Denman, Garrett, and James) are looking pretty strong so far this year. I think they will be hard to handle in the district and region tournaments.
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