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  1. 42 - 34 Central Magnet. Don't know who posted a tie.
  2. I believe the top dogs, Livingston Academy, Cannon Co, and Upperman should keep the top three spots in District this year. Central Magnet will be much improved with a full Varsity season under their belt and much deeper on the bench this year with an infusion of several talented freshmen that should help in the second half game. Central has only one Sr., Ashley Brewer, and one Jr., Mac White, Sophmore post Ola Obie, and three talented sophmore guards. Last year, Central Magnet had five players that rarely left the floor and two subs on the bench. The starting five showed that they could and did compete with most (not all) teams in the first half and then ran out of gas somewhere in the 2nd. Also, Coach Willey has a full year with the team now and a chance to fully implement his offensive and defensive stratigies. Last year Brewer was one of the top three rebounders in regular season in Rutherford County stat wise, and consistantly contributed points, mostly at the Free Throw line. This year Central needs to get Brewer opened up on the Offense side of the ball early where she is capable of taking over a game...thats to say as long as she can stay out of early foul trouble.
  3. Good win against Eagleville last night (60 - 56) for the MCM Lady Tigers. Three players in double figures and two of those were in the double double (if our bleacher non offical score keeper kept correct stats.) The team is starting to spread the ball around very well, but most importantly, they are getting much better at taking care of the ball. Eagleville pressed hard the entire game. Another single A team but certainly a step forward for their first year in Varsity. Hats off to the Lady Eagles, and the Eagleville player who scored the game high 29 points. They never quit or gave up!
  4. I forgot to mention that Murfreesboro Central Magnet School will be competeing in the 8AA district with Cannon County, DeKalb County, Livingston Academy, Upperman, Smith County, and York in most sports. We do not have a football team as of yet, so our students who wish to play football play for Eagelville.
  5. I was trying to find Murfreesboro Central Magnet in the database and this school appears not to be listed, at least for Winter basketball. This is the first Varsity schedule year and needs to be added. Help?
  6. Thanks Camper! It was exciting to watch the semi-finals last weekend with some of our girls. Looking forward to trying to compete with a very good district.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't trying to avoid the question! I don't believe we won any of our varsity games. We competed fairly well in a few and got blown out in a few. I know we had three overtime games overall, and won all three, but they were all against good JV teams. Not making excuses or projections! We are not quite ready for prime time and that was evident throughout most the season. Not surprising for a fist year school with about a third of the team, including our season high scorer, celebrating 8th grade night during our last home game. We certainly have improved but we still need a few more pieces of the puzzle to compete next in varsity. 7A watcher is certainly right about "getting better playing tough opponents."
  8. Daily News Journal: Game February 8, 2011 CENTRAL MAGNET 49, PCA 23 Ashley Brewer scored 20 points, and Claudia Smith added 14 for Central Magnet. Amelia Rosa led Providence Christian Academy with six points, and Mary Claire Dutton had five.
  9. I'm certainly not saying we are going to be playing for District Championships with Livingston Academy or Upperman or anyone else next year. I grew up in the Livingston area (Rickman)and have two family members who played in some of Livingston's State Championship teams, one football, and one girls basketball. My wife and I both have relatives playing for Livingston Academy right now. I know the depth and development that is required for continued success. We lost most of the games we should have lost, such as our varsity games, yet we won several games that even the parents and fans were surprised. Our inagural season consisted of two sophmores, since the school only goes to the Sophmore grade this year. Only one of the Sophmores played basketball prior to this year. The rest of the team consists of 8th graders playing up, or Freshmen and a very few with basketball experience. Some were "other sport" athletes that resonded to the call. Good news is we are a young team that's only going to get better. Locally, we will attact players within Rutherford County that do not want to attend or get lost in the several 2000 student campuses we have. All must meet some pretty serious academic requirements. Were not Riverdale and we don't want to be. Central Magnet will attact some pretty serious players and talent that might have been sitting on the bench for some AAA schools. There is alot of people like me, living in Rutherford County that came from the smaller community schools that have great pride and tradition. Central Magnet has that same feel! Almost every team has a player or two that are familiar to everyone because of their ability to change a game. We have good coaches that are setting the bar high. We believe we can provide a place where a team is just as important as an individual. We've all seen teams like that win a State Championship. Can we compete in this District? Our team certainly thinks so and from what we have seen, not to their surprise. Good luck and see you next year!
  10. CENTRAL MAGNET 37, HUME-FOGG 35 The Lady Tigers edged Hume-Fogg to improve to 8-12. Ashley Brewer led Central Magnet with 15. Claudia Smith added 10. Jazmin Adams led Hume-Fogg with 17.
  11. Area Roundup from last nights game in the Daily News Journal: Freshmen/JV Girls Cannon Co. 53 Central Magnet 47 Ashley Brewer had 28 points and 10 rebounds for Central Magnet. Mckenzie White had seven points and 15 rebounds, and Claudia Smith added seven points. Folks, this game was a lot closer than the score indicates. Central Magnet was down one point at the half and the lead switched back and forth for most of the game. Exceptional play from both teams. The CMS house was rockin and the air was filled with excitement! Congrats to the Cannon County players, fans, and Coaches! Good job CMS Lady Tigers!
  12. Thanks for the last post! Now here is the bad with the good from last nights game, and the last non JV game for us this season. Claudia Smith (eighth grader) actually had seven points, and our Sophmore Ashley Brewer was not allowed to play varsity (TSSAA Rule.)We play Cannon County JV tonight at Central Magnet. From the Daily News Journal: LA VERGNE 43, CENTRAL MAGNET 23 Three La Vergne players finished in double figures to lead the Lady Wolverines to the win. Marissa Brimm scored 13, Asia Shelton had 12 and Alex Swope tallied 10. Claudia Smith led Central Magnet with five.
  13. Daily News Journal January 22, 2011 Central Magnet 46 Sequatchie Co. 41 Claudia Smith led Central with 14 points, while Ashley Brewer and Erynne Grubbs tallied eight each. Emily Gleaves chipped in seven.
  14. Thanks for the welcome! Here are some Daily News Journal Post from the last two nights. Central Magnet 54, Culleoka 42 Ashley Brewer posted 22 points and 13 rebounds in Central Magnet's win in junior varsity play late Monday night. Claudia Smith chipped in 17 points. Central Magnet 46, Franklin CO. 38 Claudia Smith finished with a game high 22 points in Central Magnet's junior varsity win. Ashley Brewer chipped in 11 points.
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