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  1. Has the coach or administration came out "publicly" condemning the situation? If they have I haven't seen it. I know they said the accusers are off the team but that's about it.
  2. The traits of a sociopath. Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general symptoms: not learning from experience no sense of responsibility inability to form meaningful relationships inability to control impulses lack of moral sense chronically antisocial behavior no change in behavior after punishment emotional immaturity lack of guilt self-centeredness
  3. By the way. At the end of your post you said "if he 's done something wrong then they will take action". He's been suspended for 30 days!!!!!!!!!!! Does that mean he did something right????? He's already been found at fault. That's why he's at home while his team is playing a tournament in Myrtle Beach. That's why he will be at home while his team plays in the the tournament that he is supposed to be running. Carolina. Do you think he didn't do anything wrong, that's why he isn't coaching??? How about you Knoxguy? Do you think he's at home because he has the flu? Do you think he got a 30 day suspension because he's a super great guy? Oh wait I know. He got suspended because (in his own words) "I just coach hard". Sometimes I just do the best I can". That poor pitiful me. I would never hurt anyone. See what they did to me? I was just trying to make kids better. Why are they picking on me? Why am I always getting investigated? I'm not the bad guy they are.
  4. HaHaHa. I'm pretty sure I can say anything I want on this board. Isn't it funny how we started talking about all this and then POOOOF a 30 day suspension. Sir. With all due respect. I love how you continue to back this guy and how every time I say something negative towards him you chime in that it must be because I'm pissed at him. Lets' say this, and this isn't "word on the street". If you knew the truth about this guy you would be appalled. If it comes out in the paper tomorrow or Wednesday, it will only be the rational about the 30 day suspension. It will not be about the miles and miles of files this man has on him. I hope that will come out too soon. I guess we sit back and see if anything come out in the paper soon (wink wink)..
  5. This is not about a player or players getting their feelings hurt. Do you think that the Knox County BOE would suspend a coach for "just" yelling and motivating his players. The ex players that have tweeted they know "all" the details don't know a 10th of the details. I understand their want to support their old coach, but there is way more than just a yelling here or there. The coach made it sound like he was suspended for not being "politically correct". That's a slap in the face to the administration. From what I have gathered, and I've talked to a lot of ex parents, this has been going on for a long long time. I was told by one of them to look up the definition of "sociopath" and you will know Mr. Blevins. I did that. WOW!!! I can't believe the man is still there. He must have someone downtown on his side. The principle should stand up for ALL the kids and let this guy go. You know. We as human beings always want to know "who told on us" for doing the wrong thing. They are the bad guys not the person that did the wrong thing. That's whats going on here. The kids and parents all can't be wrong. Quit trying to find out "who told" and start punishing the doer of the deed. I hope EVERYTHING comes out. There's a lot.
  6. Seems like their interim coach did a great job last night. Good for him. Steps into a hostile situation and puts up the W.
  7. Norman. I am reporting back what I heard. I have no idea if it is true or not. Of course there are 2 sides to the story. My guess would be he didn't get suspended for no reason. Do you think the BOE would suspend a teacher or coach without having substantial evidence that he did something worthy of a suspension. In this day of "i will sue you" you can be assured that the BOE did their homework before casting down the punishment. If the coach is right then he should sue.
  8. Talked to some friends at Bearden. People say they know the details?? They have no idea. This is way bigger than the coach wants to admit to. He's hoping it doesn't all get out. He's blaming 'political correctness" for his suspension? He should have a law suit then. He should file one. My guess is he knows better, because then EVERYTHING comes out. Not just this little blurb.
  9. Check out the News sentinel..Suspended for 30 days. WOW!!!!!
  10. Carolina. I have read all the post on here. I understand why a coach would only want his players training for one sport. We all know the answer to that. The question that would be cool to ask Mr Blevins is this. Why do you think you have the right to mandate your potential players only play one sport when this is high school. Like I said. everyone on this board understands the obvious, and that is as a coach you would love for your players to only work on basketball 24/7/360. Again I go back to, this is high school not college or professional. We should allow our young adults to experience as many sports as they can because if they play at the next level they will only do one. If I were a coach I would love to dictate that my players only play the sport I coach, however, I would NEVER impose that kind of statement on any teenager. I understand that it isn't morally correct to do that. I am however, able to cut the player that I don't want. If you could ask him the other question and get back to us with his answer that would be great. Carolina, I do understand your opinion and your devils advocate opinion too. I see what you are saying. I hope you understand where I am coming from. Just not right to limit a young adults potential IMHO…Love the debate though. That's what this board is for!!!!
  11. Carolina. This isn't about wins and loses. You don't get it. This is High School. Where kids have the "freedom" to take the courses they want and the freedom to try out for the sport that they would like to play. I could care less what the man's record is. There is no vendetta here. I just asked the question. found out that the Bearden coach tells the students there that they can't play basketball if they play football and I "personally" think it's wrong. I could care less if he's a good guy or bad guy. I just think we as adults should do what's right for our students. I'm sure if the Bearden parents had their way they would want him to stay but allow football players to play basketball. That's all...Just do the right thing. I don't need to call the AD or Principle. Heck I don't know them and don't really care. I just asked the question on a "message" board in order to talk about it. I thought that's what this forum was for? We'll see what happens. Maybe he will change his mind next year.
  12. Carolina Crazy. First off I shouldn't have to defend myself but I will respond to you calling me out. I do not have a kid at Bearden. If I did he or she would not be playing for a coach such as the coach in question. There are things that go on in life that are just bad. No matter if they happen to your kid or not. When you hear about these things then you should speak out. Just because it doesn't happen to mine doesn't make it any more right. If It would be wrong for my kid then its wrong for others. That why I brought it up. Just to see how others thought about it. That's who I am.
  13. I'm afraid that this isn't the only negative instance surrounding this person. I think there are a whole lot of things like this that haven't been told. It a shame that the administration has allowed this to go on so long. FHS parents count your blessings that this doesn't go on at our school.
  14. He has NO RIGHT WHAT SO EVER to dictate whether anyone can play or not play a sport. You are right however, that the administration should do away with his coaching privileges due to him wronging the student athletes at his school.
  15. He can do whatever he wants because he wins? I hope you aren't serious. This is High School basketball not the NBA. These kids don't get paid to play. They are 15-18 years old. They have no idea what sport they like the most until they play. This coach thinks he should be able to dictate who gets to play basketball and football. I'm glad our coach doesn't see it that way. Our coach puts the kids first not his winning percentage. I was talking to an ex UT football player about it and he laughed. His direct quote was "do you know how many players on my team played football and basketball in high school? A lot". What a shame for the boys. Having the opportunity to play Football and basketball is such a great gift and to have one man dictate whether you get to use those gifts is bull. Shame on the AD and administration. POOR LEADERSHIP if you ask me.
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