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  1. DUDE, I believe I already apologized to limbaugh, and no I believe I 'll stay where I'm out, and my point again - let's keep going back to Lebanon vs. Cookeville. This stuff has already been talked about. I think you fellows need to get a life, and stay off of coacht, it's really getting to your head!!!!
  2. SlingBlade7 turned the Lebanon vs. Cookeville topic into a Babe Ruth discussion when he had to bad-mouth the Babe Ruth Coaches like he did, but unfortunately that topic got closed, so I had to start a new one. Oh, but this topic is Babe Ruth Coaches. You turned in back into the Lebanon vs. Cookeville topic. Did you forget what topic you were on?
  3. No, I'm not a Cookeville person. I was upset by the comment made about Babe Ruth coaches. These guys did not lash out at him for his remarks. Just seemed they were all too quick to jump on the Cookeville people.
  4. If that wasn't a dig, than what do you call it? Seems to me you were second guessing his line up, "best nine or worst nine, what does that mean? Oh, so I get it, you were also trying to get these Cookeville people started on him. Yeah, definitely a pattern here. Oh, and by the way, I am a teacher, so yes my salary is public record, just like public officials are also. So, if these parents think that their budget is too high, than they have a right to say something. They are the ones paying for it all. If it weren't for the parents there would be no baseball team. Have you forgot how times are hard right now, the economy is bad, budgets and cuts are everywhere. Major cuts in my school system too. Some of these parents may have lost their jobs, so I can see why this baseball budget might needs some cuts also, but lets don't think about the parents here, just the coaches and what they want. I am not a Cookeville person, but I can kinda see why they get aggravated at you people. Did you ever stop to think that maybe since they deal with this Coach Chaffin on a consistant basis, they may know him a little better than you do, knowing things behind the scenes, that's what the tromo person said. I was talking about what he said, not you.
  5. So, why didn't you have something to say about SlingBlade7's crude remarks about Babe Ruth coaches? I do apologize, and no is wasn't deleted, and it wasn't you. It was a SlingBlade7. I went back and corrected the name in my post, but for everything else I stand corrected on. None of his detractors, as you call them, had said anything about this coach at that point. Sounds to me like you people were trying to get something started. If this coach is a good friend of yours, like you say he is, you would'nt be trying to get the Cookeville people to talk about him. I have noticed that pattern!!!
  6. This is my first post. I wasn't never planning on posting anything, but I read something the other day that really ticked me off. Yeah, SlingBlade7, I didn't like the way that you referred to Babe Ruth Coaches as "Guru's" and the way that you were bad-mouthing the Dad's for being Babe Ruth Coaches. I don't no what a Guru is, but it was very sarcastic in the way that you said it. Not all BR coaches have sons playing in the league. I have been a BR coach for the past 18 years and I have no sons, but I do have great respect for the Dad's also that do it. We spend every summer with these boys, and do it for FREEEEE!!!!! We do it for our love for the boys and the game of baseball. I myself coach Babe Ruth, because I look at it as a honor and a privilege, and don't expect anything in return, except hoping my boys have fun each summer. You high school coaches ought to commend us Babe Ruth coaches, instead of bad-mouthing us, for giving your boys the extra practice and playing every summer to make them become better ball players for your high school teams. Also, and I guess it was alright for you guys to get on there and get your digs in about that Coach Chaffin, saying, well is he going to play his worst nine or best nine? and then you coming back with "yeah it could go Good, Bad, Good, OK, Good, Bad, Good, Great, or Best and yeah with him you never know" Seems to me like you all don't think he is that great either, kinda like you think this coach really don't think he knows what he is doing. So don't get mad, and get your shots in with the other people that also want to say things. Just like the one person said you don't see and know everything that goes on behind the scene. "Remember That"
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