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  1. E5

    JV Games Needed

    Stewarts Creek High School is looking for JV games on March 9 home game, March 12 home or away, March 13 away, and March 23 home or away. Contact Mike Bartlett at [email protected]
  2. Stewarts Creek High School is looking for a home game April 28. Contact Mike Bartlett at [email protected] if interested.
  3. Due to a cancellation, Stewarts Creek High School (Smyrna) needs one varsity game. Available dates are March 31, April 11 or April 18. Contact Mike Bartlett at [email protected] or (615) 390-7148
  4. The lack of lefthanded hindcatchers and shortstopsmen was an oversight that should be adjusted in the coming years. On the subject of umpires, Bad Eye Bill was available and never got a call to umpire...
  5. E5

    Fastest Ghost Runners

    Fully automatic times, stopwatch,or Mississippi's?
  6. E5

    Fastest Ghost Runners

    Thanks for finding the ruling. What about if I courtesy run for a Ghost Runner? Do they have to slap hands in the field of play or not?
  7. Who has the fastest ghost runners by classification? I have heard of a 6.25 guy from East Tennessee.
  8. Maybe...but a LOT better looking than you!! Happy New Year
  9. X-ray reference was to Norm Cash. I must be so much older than most users to know about his use of corked bats. The comment was in jest.
  10. I don't think that can be regulated which is sad. There are companies you can find on the internet who will make the inner walls thinner to make bats more responsive already. I have witnessed a college game where a team was thought to have done this and the results were noticeable. The answer is to go back to wood and have an X-ray machine on site to check for corked bats. I have done some research and am woking on perfecting that ala Norm Cash in 1961.
  11. In high school baseball the teams with the best staffs and played the best defense have usually had the most success. This will not change. The trend I hear is that "small ball" will come "back." I am of the opinion that it has not gone that far away. Home runs will be down considerably and miss hit balls will travel less and the jam job bloopers will be down. In order to play "small ball," someone must first get on base. To me, teaching players to drive ball through or over infielders is going to be the biggest change. For decades, swinging to hit the top of the ball to produce ground balls will be more futile with the less responsive bats. Several studies have shown that close to 80 percent of all at bats are classified as "normal" at bats. In that, there is no cause for "small ball." The key to me is having players develop swings that produce longer groundballs, balls that hit in the dirt or beyond, and balls that are driven over the infield defenders. At some point the first guy has to get on.
  12. E5

    7 AAA

    Game time is 4:30. Come early and watch the magician on the gator drag the field.
  13. What a wise man you are! Unbeatable combo....NOW!
  14. I totally agree...just wanted to be the first one to put it on the board.
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