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  1. David Palmer: (National Rankings) Top 25 on TheInsidersHoops.com Top 40 in Athlon Sports Magazine Top 60 on HoopMasters.com Top 100 in Street & Smith Magazine Top 100 on RivalsHoops.com But, not Top 10 in Nashville? Does GoMab really know what he's talking about?
  2. LaMarcus Coker led Antioch to a 52 -0 win over Beech, he only played in the 1st hlf where he had 8 carries for 258 yards no one in tha state is better.
  3. Peter shut up you dont even play more than 2 minutes a game
  4. When the last time you guys were nationally ranked, oh never and why are you 6'10" and not even playing for anybody come on man get it together
  5. GoMab, If you don't recall I made it last year at TOC and had the 2nd highest scoring average behind the #1 player in the nation Louis Williams, but this year I play 17's and it's not as easy as the Delks have it while they play against people in their on age group.
  6. Glen wasn't there he was at NBA camp he was on Corey Brewer's team, come on GoMab you're grown don't lie to us youngsters. Also, we only lost once in Houston and made it to the semi's, but had to catch a plane back, and the team we lost to was from Oklahoma.
  7. GoMab, It's good about the Delks and all there looks, but we get offers from high-majors so bite on that one. By tha way who is Grizzly55 are you evena basketball player. PS.: I made it in because I was top 15 at the hoop jamboree, with all the other top freshmen and sophmores in the country, where were the Delks.
  8. I wonder who's ging from the Midstate Ballerz since they have the two best plaers in the state.
  9. if ya'll wanna see how these players stack up in the nation go to theinsidershoops.com, and find the word prospects click on it and go to 2005, then count the top ten players on GoMab's list then count some of the other players from TN that are on there. You won't see any Delk twins.
  10. Are you serious they both are garbage they both rode the bench for the Travelers 15's and are going to do it next year if they get called back.
  11. Maplewood- Barry Gardner, Ronald "Bubba" Taylor Lavergne- Antjuan Koger, Chris Darden Mt. Juliet- Josh Helton, Shawn Simms Antioh- Nolan Richardson, David Palmer
  12. Will he succeed at Virginia Tech or will he be a very big bust.
  13. they should they have 3 top 100 prospects in 04 Andre Allen Jerrell Houston Shaun Williams
  14. Memphis and Travelers still 1 & 2 of course [Edited by Travelerboy4 on 7/31/02 12:12A]
  15. Why are u going will you be able to compete. this tourney is full of the best teams in the nation. onlt 2 or 3 teams from TN could even compete, but maybe ya'll have gotten better.
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