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  1. From all the soccer-watching I've been doing lately, soccer is apparently a very physical game. Therefore size DOES matter, and both Farragut and Bearden have plenty of that. I saw the CBHS after they had won, and they were much smaller kids. Farragut or Bearden would beat them by about 2 goals.
  2. bigfrase


    I've known this would be the year for Farragut baseball since my sophomore year. I'm proud of all the guys on the team. Thanks for making the school look good not only with winning, but with class.
  3. Since I attended the game, here's my "expert" opinion.... When I saw the red card given for the handball, I wasn't totally convinced that it deserved a red card because I hadn't seen the play perfectly clear, but I was still happy because my Admirals got a PK....but just a couple minutes ago, I saw the play on the WATE news, and it was so unbelievably obvious that Spahr stuck out his arm and it hit him somewhere in the elbow area. In the News-Sentinel today, Spahr said the ball had hit him on the shoulder. Well the video camera wasn't lying so it seems to me that the right call was made. Props to Bearden on a great season and playing 4 great games with Farragut, but even more props to all my FHS soccer boys for bringing home the hardware.
  4. From the 3 Farragut-Bearden games I have seen this year, Bearden is great at one thing, and above average at everything else. They run an amazing fast break off the counter attack. They just boot it outh there for Herbstritt and Upshaw, and those guys are just too fast. Stop their fast break, and its easier to contain them. Oh by the way, go Farragut.
  5. bigfrase

    best fans

    We appreciate the recognition HiwasseeVol. Although recognition is not the reason we attend all the games, we are glad to see that Farragut's fans are recognized as good, down to earth people that are not obnoxious or out of hand. I would also like to say you make some great comments on here.
  6. bigfrase

    best fans

    Those are some CRAZY monkeys i'll have you know!
  7. bigfrase

    best fans

    Yes, that is correct, except there was a member left out. Willie Mays Brandon Hays usually joins Fraser, Napier, Luck, and the big boy "Adam" to all games. We will continue to support our baseball team.
  8. bigfrase

    Farragut - Webb

    what class is in t207? gameday?
  9. bigfrase

    best field

    Farragut can be compared to major league fields. Ask anyone who has played on the field, other than Bearden's player who apparently hate it, and they will tell you what a beauty it is. I play kickball on that field in gym, and I can tell you what a great field it is from firsthand experience.
  10. Harrison Eldridge (sorry if the spelling is wrong) is the ideal leadoff hitter. This man gets on base more often than not. Whether it be walk or hit, you usually see him on base. Plus, he has the home run capabilities. Keep up the good work.
  11. WAH WAH, Bearden complains about refs and umps more often than Farragut slaughter rules their opponents. South Doyle is a very good team, and from what I have seen of the 1 Bearden game I saw this year (Farragut) and their talent level, they were lucky just to be in the game against SD. Admit it when you lose, and leave it at that.
  12. Right now, the way Farragut is playing, everyone else is seemingly playing for second place. The bats, all 1-9, are dangerous. Opposing pitchers get no break against this team. The Admiral pitching staff is unbelievable as well. If Cobb, Kelly, Waldrop, Sherrard, or even Reagan starts, other teams will MOST likely not score more than 3 runs, if even that. Then Hahn can come in to wrap things up and secure any victory for the Admirals. You never know what can happen come tourney time, but as of now I like how Farragut is playing.
  13. The best field to play on in the state of Tennessee is undoubtedly Farragut's field. I've been to many fields this spring, and none have even come close.
  14. farragut won by 6 if i remember right, west scored right at the buzzer so it was around 6.
  15. First of all, I would like to say secretagentman has made the most intelligent comment on here I've ever seen. After we beat Mville, it was all talk and excuses, but I doubt it was from any of the players, b/c I know those guys and they aren't the kind to make excuses. I'll get on here and say last night Mville just waxed us. I won't make excuses. But then one maryville guys tries to say last night Maryville didn't even play good, his exact words being "Maryville wasn't on their game". Well you are just a moron buddy. If that's not on their game, I think they could beat the LA Lakers when they are. Too many of you Maryville people are ignorant on these boards (not all of you). I don't mind comments, but stupid ones, yeah. As for the guy who started this topic, DR4ND, excuse his stupidity. We can't even begin thinking about any kind of championships, much less state because we've got a long ways to go from where we are now. As for a 30 point loss, thats the first and last you'll see out of us.
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