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  1. Does anybody know how this game turned out? And any highlights of the game? Thanks for any help.
  2. Does anybody know how this game turned out? And any highlights of the game?
  3. layup

    Blackman vs White County

    are you telling me that Johnson quit or did he get cut from the team? Either way it doesn't sound good for either side. Surly Johnson is just sick, it is too close to the end of the season for him to quit.
  4. layup

    Shelbyville and 7AAA - what if?

    Shotime.....are you there when Insell calls White County?? I seriously doubt it. I know for a fact if Shelbyville wants to travel to White Co. they would be welcome!! I just wish people would get on hear and speak the truth, instead idiots fill the pages!!! [Edited by layup on 5-1-03 8:45P]
  5. layup

    Hess @ Sparta

    Not to sure on the truth to that one bench. I am sure if I Hess had the chance he would, that is how you measure your team and your coaching ability. On the thread are they saying they want to play at each teams home site? Is it a one time deal or what? To Hess and his staff: Keep up the good work! It was a smart move to get Hacker back! If she would have transfered you could have written off the season!!
  6. layup

    White County Coaches

    How stupid can that be.......an autograph? Thanks for the laugh Assist!!!
  7. layup

    Hess @ Sparta

    Lets see bench...they play not only in the toughest district in the state. But playing the four time defending state champion in AA is not a bad move on Hess and his staff. Is that such a bad game? :confused:
  8. layup

    Hess @ Sparta

    Hacker...I commend you on the excellent post! Not too many people would do that. As far as i am concerned you are "future" for the Warriorettes. But if they do not want you, then my advice to you is LEAVE!!!!!! Go to Shelbyville and win two rings. Pick a good college and play and get a free education. I just hope you are happy and determine to finish whatever you start!!! Best of luck!!
  9. layup

    White County Coaches

    For what...oh to watch them play in the playoffs?? Come on people I thought we were serious about basketball on here?? But thanks I needed a good laugh!
  10. layup

    Hess @ Sparta

    Why wouldn't somebody want to play for a winner!! And have a chance(real good chance) to win a state championship, or two for that matter! That is why! Come on people get for real Hess isn't going to ever win a state on his own. Because of a couple of reasons.....(1)Shelbyville and (2) Lawrence Co., I am sorry I would love to see the girls go further but the facts are there. Hacker go while you can!! Win two state rings then come back and visit. Show Hess and the town your rings!
  11. layup

    Hess @ Sparta

    I heard today that the coaches at Shelbyville are interested in her transferring. Lets see here....she couldn't start at White Co. a team that couldn't make it out of the region, but a team that finished #1 in the state and in the top #15 in the nation wants her to play for them. I'm by no means the smartest person alive but I am dumb enough to know that if Hacker is not playing Sparta has no chance of advancing!! I say Hacker leave, transfer go play for a winner!! Get a scholarship to play D-I. I hope the best for you, and Coach Hess wake up!!!!!!!! Insell see the talent...but what does he know(right)? :confused:
  12. layup

    White County Coaches

    I thought that the coaches did a great job last year with what they had. And does anybody know if Dotson is going to be back?? I heard Slatten was staying. :confused: [Edited by layup on 4-14-03 1:15A]
  13. layup

    White County Coaches

    Go White County....we are behind you!! Thank you players for playing so hard throughout the season! Sparta is proud of you!!
  14. layup

    Sparta basketball

    Was just wondering how many seniors Sparta boys lost this season, and who were they? :confused:
  15. And how many state championships has he won? None..I'll help you. He is like the Buffalo Bills of basketball. A district title mean nothing if you can't even get out of your region. He does a good job in the regular season but chokes when it really counts!!