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  1. Didn't Pennington go to Webb?
  2. What Memphis teams/ players stood out or surprised you?
  3. Good post, Not to get too off subject, but I think the best state championship game last year was the Briarcrest 2OT win over BGA...BCS goes for it down by 3 on the 3 for the win or the loss (could have kicked the FG) and wins on fourth down pass. I think Maryville wins the 4A title again, unless Hillsboro or Melrose beats them (Melrose has a TON of D1 prospects and they could have easily been in the state title...believe they lost 7-0 to HHS).
  4. Imagine playing those two schools in football, basketball, baseball, every year and not just at state...especially at their place....
  5. Best pitcher, best pro prospect, and probably best future prospect. Cobb is good and he out did Pomeranz, but Pomeranz went against a tougher lineup...didn't Houston only score like 2 runs in the last 11 innings previous to the Farragut game and then no runs against Farragut?
  6. By gosh, I hadn't realized the tournament was over yet? oh wait...it's not, but people sure are acting like it is.
  7. I was just wondering how the tournament went? Who played well, what team surprised everyone, Who won the dunk contest?
  8. The 16u Memphis Rebels beat the 19u Memphis Rebels today in the championship game of the Skills-N-Drills tournament. Best ball handler award went to josh stafford and best defender award went to lawrence kinnard, both for the 16u rebels.
  9. The Memphis Rebels just gained Tavarous "T" Payne. T is a 6'8 center from washington. He is going to be in town for the summer and has decided to play for the Memphis Rebels. He was not yet been cleared eligable for AAU because he was not present at substate. In the game the rebels played in tonight T only played 4 or 5 mins but had 8 points and 3 blocks including 2 NASTY dunks. Hopefully he will be able to play aau this summer.
  10. Listen up everyone, its over.... i repeat its over! The stars dont stand a chance, neither do anyother teams. I saw the Y play at substate last weekend. They were the best team there out of the 15's and the 16's. They are amazing! I have never seen a team so loaded with good players for each position like this team before.
  11. I was just wondering how good the indiana spieces are this year. It looks like they are pretty good considering they beat the midstate ballerz and memphis bulldogs, last year at nationals they were really good.
  12. How good are the TN Thunder 16's this year? Who are their best players?
  13. Well the Memphis bulldogs defeated the memphis rebels again today by 9 points for the substate championship. The bulldogs will be the #1 seed and the Rebels the #2 seed from west tn.
  14. Gomab im not sure what u want me to tell u, so why dont u email me at [email protected]
  15. I just found out today that not only did the YOMCA 15's beat their 16's by 1 point, but they also beat their 17's at substate! I think it goes without saying that the YOMCA 17's are a great team(#2 in the nation according to basketballphenoms.com) but the 15's must really be something. The YOMCA 15's play sunday morning against the memphis elite for the championship. YOMCA beat the elite already saturday by about 20 points. Has anyone seen the 15's or played against them, im just trying to figure out how good they really are.
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