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  1. [Actually Halls did win there Pool....they were 3-1...Upperman 2-1-1...Marion County Coaches nor Boosters got any results from the Seq pool on sat nights game...the winner of Seq and Halls would win that pool....the host pool site is in charge of sending a rep as in any tourn you go 2....it was simply a lack of communication like the paper said.
  2. u r rite...Coppinger pitched well....I think a 1 hitter but how many hits did Hixson have???? 3 I believe! I would be thinkin of Notre Dame and CCS if I were Hixson. Congrats on the big win tho!!
  3. Well Kevin Layne signed with Clev St but decided to come back to Jas. is currently enrolled at Chatt St but i believe has plans to play at Covenant Coll. Nick Wilson has red shirted at Motlow after some transfer questions about grades from Chatt St. and Jake Smith, who grad in 2006 is playin at Roane St.
  4. The relief pitcher 4 Marion was Lucas Lloyd, dont have Matt Senders on the Marion roster!!
  5. your right-thats y Marion had 11 hits to Meigs 6 and fowler gave up 1 after the second. And Bell throws meat also-11 k's. vs. DCA. With your brillant baseball insight Im surprised your not a regular host on baseball tonight! As for hits against DCA, Marion had, I think 6 and 5 left the infield, the other was drag bunt! DCA had 6 hits also from Marion's meat pitcher. Lets c...Mcminn 0 runs off an avg. pitcher, Meigs 2 er's off Marions #3 and DCA 2 e.r. and 1 of those the umpire told the catcher after the game he missed a call at home, coulda been 1 e.r. So if my math is correct thats 4 E.R's in the region and sectional off Marion's meat pitchers....Like I said your brillant!!! Ill put that out there and let everyone else decide!!! The spin stops here!!!
  6. Whats the word on Stem??? Rty or Lfty?? hard or crafty??
  7. Mexican must b runnin 4 the border.......good thing the Warriors went on and made the trip! I hear they r cookin his fav. meal......CROW!!!!!!!! 10-0 for nothin is now 10-1!!
  8. who says they will throw there number 2????? Didnt Shaw throw in the tourn when Central went down in 8 on 2 past balls 3-2??? And didnt Mcminn split w/Meigs in the season?? and didnt Mcminn beat Meigs to force a if nec. game??? and didnt Marion beat Shaw 1-0???? But yea Mexican u could b right it could end in 5 but I think the Warriors will make trip neway!!
  9. luvbball

    5AA Score

    Who's winning and who's left??
  10. Actually. . . . .ND won the City side and Marion won the Valley side with records of 10-2 and 9-2 respectively. ND wins overall by virtue of beating Marion 7-4 in the second week of the season. Congrats to ND and MC.
  11. Marion Co. 14 franklin Co. 4 baylor 4 Red Bank 3 in 8 innings Championship Marion Co. 0 Baylor 10
  12. Thursdays games are: At Lookout Valley 500 LV v Red Bank 700 Seq. Co V Baylor At Franklin Co. 500 Grace v Franklin Co
  13. Sequatchie Valley Classic 2007-All times are Central Time Note there has been a change in the Seq. Co Pool-Christ. Her has dropped, please see the changes!! Lookout Valley Pool Thursday-26th Red Bank V Lookout Valley-500 Friday-27th 230-Red Bank v Huntland 430-Huntland v CCS 630-CCS v LV Sat-28th 930 CCS v Red Bank 1200 LV v Huntland 200 Whitehouse v LV 400 Rhea Co. v Whitehouse Marion County Pool Thurs-26th 500 Franklin Co. v Grace Academy Friday-27th 130 Marion v Rhea 330 Rhea v livingston Academy 530 Liv. Acad v Whitehouse 730 Whitehouse v Marion Sat 28th 900 Marion v Huntland 1100 Marion v Liv. Academy 100 Rhea v Red Bank 300 Liv Academy v CCS Grundy County Pool Fri-27th 200-Grundy v Grace 400 FC v Dekalb Co. 600 Dekalb v Marshall Co 800 Marshall v Grundy Sat 28th 1030 Grundy v FC 1230 FC v Marshall Co 230 Grace v Marshall Co 430 Grace v Dekalb Co 630 Dekalb v Grundy Seq. Co Pool thur 26th 500 Seq. Co v Baylor Fri 27th 300 Seq Co v Upperman 500 Upperman v Cumberland Co. 700 Baylor v Cumberland Co Sat 28th 1200 Seq. Co v Cumberland Co 200 Baylor v Upperman Sunday Championship Marion County Site 1200 Marion Pool v Grundy Pool 200 seq. Co Pool v LV Pool 430 Championship Note: The Thurs games from Marion and Seq. Co Pool sites could move to Franklin Co in case of rain. For info please contact Franklin Co High school after 1200 or Marion County High
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