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  1. not sure I agree with that but I do not know any of their players other then the two who are at UT right now. can you list me two that are not named Sensabaugh?? Even if it is true none of them ever made it past the third round of the state playoffs! most lost in the 2nd round. and thats when you have to play teams west of Morristown.
  2. you show me their "DB" record in the playoffs!!!!!!! How many times in the last 20 years have they made it to the finales? or even semifinals....????? there are some good football players that come from the upper east tennessee.. but you do not see teams that do it on the level of Maryville the way they have the last 14+ years. I mean just look at what happened tonight... they took what many thought was a good S-Hill team and made it look easy.
  3. WOW what years was this? did not know a former Maryville coach also coached at DB. At DB they have a ton of kids every year. but the talent level is not on the same level as schools west of say Morristown. They might have 1 or 2 players who can really play but most of the time the drop off is pretty bad. the upper north East of the state has always been that way. Greenville High has had some good teams here the last several years but most of the time once they get to round three these teams up here can't hang.
  4. Over the last 14+ years how many players from the program have gone on to play high level D1 college football? talking SEC, ACC, etc. they don't always have that kind of talent on the field every year do they? Maybe one or two like this year..
  5. That's the head coach and that nasty school with DB in it right? He wished he knew how to build a program like that. they can't win a game away from the weakest end of the state!
  6. Also I am asking about YEARS of this. Many, MANY schools have 2-3 or even say 5-6 good season when they can beat anyone... and some have even beat Mayrville from time to time. But to do it for 14+ years now........!
  7. I don't buy the PA. Explain to me the playoff and championship numbers then. You might can win your region every year by beating up on the same old "cupcakes", but you can't go win championships and still do that. By round three you are playing good teams. You being a Ooltewah fan should know its not easy to make a playoff run! and I don't think your Owls are playing out of state that much either!
  8. I thought there was 4 schools in that county. Maryville, Alcoa, William Blount and Heritage right? and three of those are 6A schools too right? or is Maryville the only 6A
  9. Sure I understand the "player rotation" factor. and you are right you have got to be able to keep players fresh for the whole game. however very few programs even with 70-80 players are that deep with "real" talent. most of 20-25 at most that can play at 6A level. that's seniors and juniors who have put the work in. after that the drop off is huge Now if the feeder programs are producing freshman and sophomores that can come in and help at that level then I can see that all day. Its hard to get a good feeder program to keep that up so congrats to them. It shows!!
  10. Ok that was just a basic fan answer. What makes their staff so much better? and you don't just "luck" into that kind of talent over a 14 year span. They are "producing" it year in and out. all i am asking is what are they doing thats so much better then other schools across this state? Also would they ever consider playing another power-house like a Hoover or Don Bosco Prep or a Oscar Smith? would like to see how they would do outside the state against other power programs.
  11. For us high school football fans who only get to see them if (when) they make it to the finals, can you please fill us in on what they are doing different there? Am I right in saying that since 2001 the program is 199-7....? That's impressive and to have that kind of success for so many years in a row....that's just so hard to do! Is it all coaching? Is it the youth football programs or feeder programs? Is it just a mentality once they get in the program? is the community or area just that much bigger so they have more kids to choose from? Is it the system? Is it the water? I know the coaching is good, just look at the record and that is clear, but has it been the same complete staff for all 13+ years now? You would think with the success this program has had that many coaches would move on to head jobs of their own at other schools or even move up into the college ranks. I do not think the community is all that much bigger then other cities like Johnson City (SH who they play tonight) or Kingsport (DB), and other middle or West TN cities so i don;t think they just have more bodies. You even have two other schools in the area with a power in Alcoa there too. I would think it's a product of the youth and middle school programs. If you make good players early then they will be fantastic players as they get older. that's how I see it but I want to here how you all feel.
  12. Phargis thanks for the info, I was mostly trying to find out where the "stars" from these schools I listed (no names here becasue I did not weant to leave anyone out) but which club they would play for this year... I know that three years ago they were pretty split up. and impact had the stronger teams. two years ago Nashville One had some strong teams and last year it looked to be allience had some strong ones. with the new ones opening up I was wondering if that would even it out a little more up there or if the players would go back to their old clubs.
  13. What kind of response have you had so far for this tournament? more so on 18 17 and 16 year old age levels? What type of teams have signed p or that are at least looking into attending? just wondering the level of play. Thanks.
  14. Yeah that is what I thought but I wanted to ask. I noticed that Nashville one last year did not look the same as it did the year before so I guess most of them went to Alliance as it was the new club last year right? So what happended to Impact? Williamson county Jrs? Did they just break up and start up under different names which is happening again this year? We have played against the same players for the last 4 years now and it seems like each year it changes a little up there. Kingsport (KVC) has been the same for the last 2-3 years... Smokey mountin Jrs. changed some last year with K2 starting up. Choo Choo city has been the same for the last 3 years... Just kind of wondering what the Tennessee club season is goig to look like this year (our last)
  15. 1st. how many clubs are in Nashville now? or in the Middle TN area 2nd. Are for the major schools in the Nashville are (Ravenwood, Siegel, Indy., and Riverdale) what clubs do many of this young ladies tend to attend? By that I mean where will you see the stars from these team be playing club?
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