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  1. BlazeP


    Johnson is a good running back i will say that but i cant see him playing at UT. But the best of luck to him. What about Smyrna defense how will they hold up? And to answer gimme question, his name is Jermey mimms. He will be a very talented running back... But it will be kennys turn to shine. Watch out for this guy, he is really good. Kenny will turn alot of heads this year that is for sure......
  2. BlazeP


    want some predictions on how you guys the the blaze will fare this year.... Give me your opinions..................
  3. Thanks Varsity that really helps me out.
  4. Wow, i hope that stands true. so i guees this is the region tourney. Could you tell me some info about the tourney, like as in who's all in it, who many games you can lose, and were it will be played. Just a little info because i dont know much about it.... thanks..
  5. Cant hardly wait till friday night its almoat here!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the props Oakland.
  6. Whats up shady? Hey which one is J.D.? Well anywayz about the game i think it will be a heck of a game to not only watch but to be apart of. LeBrian is one good player and i dont think Blackman can really stop him because he's the best on their team, and another thing he's not all they got. Riverdale is a very tall team and Blackmans not, but speed kills so we will just have to wait and see Friday night. I think it will come down to the final minutes to decide wgo will win. Looking foward to it, i know i will be ther cheering on Blackman!!!! GO BLAZE!!!
  7. BlazeP


    What a year for kenny. Riverdale watch out next year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. BlazeP


    Thank you to all the blaze players and staff for making this a season to never forget. If it wouldn't been for some costly mistakes and a few fumbles i think we couldv'e maybe made the playoffs, but never the less thanks for a great year of football. I think we have a lot to look foward to next year.
  9. Blaze win by passing
  10. BlazeP

    Oakland v. Riverdale

    How can yaw sit on here every year and talk about Oakland and Riverdale is the real battle of the Boro. It's been the same outcome for the last few years. Riverdale comes out and kicks the daylights out of Oakland. Face it Blackman and Riverdale is gonna be thr next big battle of the boro, because the to schools are closer together, and oakland is closer to siegel.
  11. BlazeP

    Blackman v. Smrna

    Oh ya, one more thing........................... WE WANT BRET, WE WANT BRET, WE WANT BRET, WE WANT BRET, WE WANT BRET, WE WANT BRET.......................................
  12. BlazeP

    Blackman v. Smrna

    What the heck happened out there tonight???????????? That was not the Blackman that was susposed to show up for this one.... I think what Smyrna did by saying Wolke was hurt was smart becuase i know Blackman let its guard down. We didn't play worth anything. I'm really sick and tried of wasting my 5$ every week just to watch them lose. Here at Blackman we will not be satisfied with an ave. season we expect greatness, nothing less than that. We expect to be in the playoffs every year... Well way things are going you can forget playoffs, what do you think teams like Gallatin, Oakland, and Riverdale will do to us when we play them? Thats two more region losses right there. I'm just sooooooo disapointed in the Blaze right now. You guys havn't even won a home game yet. You came out there and laid an egg. I'm just to upset right now to say anymore for a while. I'll see you guys around i think i'll retire from Coach-t for awhile...
  13. BlazeP

    Freshman Football

    The Blackman Freshman should do really good this year. Thats more than i can say about the Varsity..............
  14. BlazeP

    region 4 pickem week 4

    All of Smyrna, and everything about it is B.S.
  15. BlazeP

    Smyrna vs. Blackman

    I just came from the Smyrna and Blackman freshman game were the blaze stomped the dawgs 36-20, And whats funny the game still didn't even look that close. But anyway after the game the dawgs showed their true colors. The game was over and the final was 36-20, and the players were still talking. Some players were like thats ok Blackman stinks, and coaches were saying its ok they better hope we don't meet them in the playoffs. See this is the chacter that the coches from Smyrna want their players to have. It's the same thing every year. Smyrna comes out talking trash to anybody and everybody, and what happens in the end they get beat. You idiots from Smyrna wouldn't believe how stupid yaw looked tonight. You really showed your true colors and it was "YELLOW". Now about the Wolke's issue he was at the game limping around always complaining about his foot. So i really think there is something wrong with his foot. I mean why would he be put it in the DNJ if it wasn't true. So know if it isn't true and it was all a big hiest then all of murfressboro and smyrna will know smyrna true colors and their class. :justwrestle:
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