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  1. blueeyes

    C/MHS ... Girls Basketball

    No way they'll hire a Clarkrange alum for MHS, but maybe it'll be payback from Clarkrange for MHS giving them an undefeated season and State Championship.
  2. blueeyes


    And I might add, helped them go undefeated and win a State Title her Junior year. They NEVER would've done it without her. So DD you just need to stop about Transfers and such, you all have gotten more than your share over the years. GO WILDCATS!
  3. blueeyes

    8-AA Girls

    What has LA done Goldencloud and oldkodger? They beat a depleted Smith Co without the District MVP due to an injury in 2nd Quarter and then beat York, who is in the Cellar in 8AA. I don't see how you think you've "woke them up." The real test will be the next two games.
  4. blueeyes

    8-AA Girls

    The exact reason there needs to be a high school in Rickman for those kids that don't make the team can play.
  5. blueeyes

    2008-2009 Burks Middle Panthers

    Hoover for President (after Obama)
  6. Gmen 24 Mountain men 20
  7. Didnt Billy Joe Officer teach you better on those directions panther
  8. blueeyes

    Upperman or Livingston

    Which team gonna be crying after tonight.
  9. blueeyes

    Monterey's Covington OUT as of end of season?

    Nobody cares about Mens bball on the mountain, they only care about football and sometimes baseball as long as they're winning. IF RUMOR IS TRUE WHO WOULD BE IN LINE 4 THE JOB?
  10. blueeyes


    The big question is can Monterey withstand the pressure?
  11. blueeyes

    Monterey @ Gordonsville

    Monterey has come so close before to upsetting the "big dogs" they finally have gotten over the hump. Finally, they may have the confidence to get with the next level in their region. Gordonsville will be hungry after their loss, but what a game of tremendous proportions in the region race from first to fifth still up for grabs.
  12. blueeyes

    clay co.

    so let the secret, out whos the coach?
  13. blueeyes

    Tournament format is awful

    if your #1 seed, you can lose in the district semifinals, lose the consolation game and go to the region as the #4 seed, you can then lose in the region finals and then go all the way. I dont like it either, but thats the way it goes!!!!!!
  14. blueeyes

    Region 4A..........The stress

    Dont drink the stiff ones first or you could get yourself a prison term.
  15. blueeyes

    Allons Basketball Coach