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  1. NO you got that game taken away from you! All they had to do was stop us and they could'nt. Congratulations on a great year EH. Your still young and you will learn alot from this. I'm sure you will be in it late next year and by going thru this will only make you better. Please do not get on here and make it sound like GC was given the game.
  2. Dont worry aint, thats normal before a scrimage game.
  3. Hey VougDick, look I can't spell either!
  4. Your guys may board the bus as Hurricanes, but by the time you arrive in Pulaski they will turn to Sugarcane. By the time the final horn sounds they will just be candycanes. Come Saturday morning they will be known as the walkingcanes!
  5. Yes I am but if we have to go thru much more of this I may have to change my name! lol just kidding VFL
  6. The only thing I have gotten out of EH so far is MrsKnowitAll is the Barb of EH and Mountain Troll shur dus haf uh purrdy mouf.
  7. Exactly, FV has some really good players. I really like the QB.
  8. Did'nt miss it at all. Just letting you know the score in case you missed it. Now 24 to 7!
  9. Looks like that biscuit has plenty of butter on it. The hair is sliding off! 21 to7
  10. 50-0 still in the 2nd. That is the halftime score.
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