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  1. Been out of coaching for awhile. Where is the best overnight girl's high school basketball camp? Camps have become extremely expensive. Is there one, for the money, that is better than most. Mid level competition. Division AA team.
  2. I also think Coach Dugger will do a good job. He has a great knowledge of the game and the girls will definetly be prepared. Rik Anderson is coaching the boys middle school team at Happy Valley. I think he has had some chances to move back to the high school level but has not done so. ScottA, I think I remember you from your UH days. Did you move to the Knoxville area? If so what are you doing now?
  3. written word, thanks for the information. you are right about the competition. even the double A and triple A teams were not as strong as they have been in the past. Elizabethton and Unaka had decent teams but other than them the level of play was down from years past. sometimes teams are limited on who they may play and develop some bad habits that might work against less competitive teams. congrats to the lady indians. I know their tradition of winning and making it to the state tournament runs deep. at least a few upper east tennessee teams are making it to the sub state year in and year out and even a few to the state tournament. if you get a chance written word, a little more detail of the game. you seem to have a good understanding of the game itself so what was the big difference in the outcome? I know you talked about the shooting but, were they getting uncontested shots, or did they (either team) take bad shots. how was the defense? did Oneida press Cloudland? did Cloudland press Oneida? had heard Oneida had some speed and that at times gave Cloudland a little trouble. they (Oneida) must have guarded Lunsford and Banner pretty well to only have given up 41 points. Cloudland normally scores a few more points. would like to hear your personal take of the game. again, thanks for the information.
  4. Does anyone have any details of the Cloudland and Oneida game? Oneida must have been a little better than most people at Cloudland thought. Hard to come into Roan Mountain and get a win. Any information appreciated.
  5. some great posts..... here are some of my thoughts on this matter: 1. In our area most of the officials have been calling for a few years. It has become harder for them to maintain themselves in the correct position. Most call 2 or more games per night and by the time the last one rolls along are getting a little tired. Many of them call like it seems they are just wanting to get the game over. We all know as we get tired little things seem to bother us more. Some have been around so long they think the game resolves around them and not the kids. 2. The new officials coming in seem to be ones that have never played the game and don't understand it. The money has gotten pretty good so that is the main reason for calling. Most officials used to call for the love of the game itself. Now it seems to be how much money can be made. With this in mind they do not realize what is taking place in the game itself, big games emotions run high, spirits are high and more things are done and said. Common sense must be used in some circumstances and the rules must be interputed as such. Rules are made to make the game fair and just for all. If the event does not effect the game itself common sense should take over. But if you don't understand this, have never experienced this it would be hard to do. Remember, we are talking about a select few. We have many good officials that do a great job, and they are.....doesn't it seem like the best officiated games you have you can't remember the refs being there.....they have just blended into the game... I do appreciate this type of official or the one that tells me if I'm getting out of line. Tell me, if I continue, then "T" me, I deserve it. And after all thats all we are looking for, getting what we deserve.
  6. Got a technical foul called the other night by a highly experienced official for making the statement, "guys, we need a few more fouls called out there". It was in the 3rd quarter and it wasn't said very loud at all. My assistant coach, sitting right behind me even didn't hear me say it. The official had just let a hard contact play occur and was walking by in front of me going the other direction. I had not said anything to anyone about the officiating in the 1st half. Called time out and tried to ask him why and he said "I don't have to explain it". We have never had prior run-ins or anything. My question to other coaches....What are some of the cheapest technicals you have had called on you or some of the things you have done to get one? My question to you officials.....What are some of the things that set you off? Do you have discussions with other officials prior to the game or at half time? Do some of you look to give them easily?
  7. To Pageman, Is there or was there someone that coached the girls, freshmen I believe by the name of Todd Garrison? He used to be the coach at Johnson County and I thought someone said he went to Page High School. Didn't know if he was there if he would be considered for the job. Thanks for any info.
  8. I can say that no one has more class or thinks about the other team any more that Dr. Williams at Cosby. I have been around alot programs and he does it the way it should be done. Dr. Williams owed it to his fans to announce what time the game was to be played. One question, did they say that Cosby would be playing at that time or did they say the winner of the contest would play at that time. If Cosby's name was used then it wasn't the best thing to say even if the game was not in doubt. But I'm sure Dr. Williams wouldn't do anything intentionally to embrass the opposing team. Congrats to Dr. Williams and the Cosby Lady Eagles. Looks like the run you had this season is coming to a close. Great year.
  9. Coach Farthing does a decent job as an assistant coach and Coach Wilson has done a good job in the past few years. But I think Coach Able from Happy Valley is a better assistant coach than Farthing. Coach Able's knowledge of the game is just amazing. His rapport with the players can't be matched. If the valley would let him do the coaching they would be a much higher seed. Would be interesting to get the assistant coaches on here and see what changes they would make in their programs. Not to do any backsabbing just interested to see how they view their programs differently than the head coaches. Maybe Wilson and Farthering are like the weapons of mass destruction in Iran. Oh I forgot, those just might have been make believe.
  10. He (Coach Anderson) tried coaching junior high ball. Ask him what his record was this year. A lot of people are coming out of retirement lately. Could be you. Really didn't want to know about your night time habits. Getting to bed early will get you in trouble, oh, I forgot you already know that.
  11. Osubrutus, Nice to know you went to bed early even though you are on a delay schedule. You must be dreaming. Coach Anderson is a has been. Too old to coach anymore. Find someone young and ready to coach. I also believe Coach Farthering or Coach Abel would be a great choice for the job. Or even you might want to check into the coaching field again if it opened up. With you knowledge of the game I know the Toppers would be scoring 80 points a night and giving up only 85. I mean 58. Have trouble with numbers. On a serious side, agree with some of the earlier posts. Not always the coach's fault. Sometimes players don't do what the coach wants or teaches. Know from experience. Go back to sleep, Osubrutus.
  12. The "News" is back in basketball. Coaching the 7th grade boys at Cloudland. Just started about 3 weeks ago and got booted from his first game out. Same ole "News". Believe Hazelwood was offered the girls job but declined it to get a shot at the boys (which he later got).
  13. Osubrutus, sounds like you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Relax, enjoy your day off. Start some threads about the Lady Rangers. Did you see the game last night? (HV that is). If so, opinons? If not, then make some up. Ask coachh what happened to Baughman. How good do you think the Lady Warriors could be? Think positive thoughts!!!!
  14. Great job Morristown East. Good victory over a pretty good Cosby team. Nice job Coach Livesay. Hope Dr. Williams didn't get too mad at you. Any information on the game?
  15. I think each of you need to go back and read your own comments. Most of you are putting everyone down from Roan Mountain and from the creek. lander 22 just directed his comment to a certain person. Which wasn't very bright. If you want to make predictions, poke fun of the players, coaches, etc., then do that. You should leave the Community out of it. Not everyone that writes on here represents Roan Mountain or do they represent Stoney Creek. If that was the case then we all would really be in trouble. Go at it with each other but leave the others out. by the way landers 22, we don't buy the bit about Gatlinburg Pittman..
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