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AA rules

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  1. AA rules

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    Sequatchie looked very good in the Meigs tourney as did Sale Creek. Both teams have a good shot at getting to state and making noise when they get there. Tellico also has legit shot at making state in single A. District 5AA doesn't look to be very loaded this year but most have young teams that do have talent. Depends on how they mature as season progresses. Glad the weather cooperated and teams got to get on the field a little this weekend in Athens, Overall a good tourney.
  2. AA rules

    2019 Tiger Classic Looking for 1 more team

    Looking for 2 more teams to fill tourney. Email Jeff Davis: [email protected] if interested.
  3. AA rules

    2019 Tiger Classic Looking for 1 more team

    Still looking for 1 more team.
  4. The 2019 Tiger Classic Softball Tournament will be played on March 15-16 at the Athens, TN Regional Park. Currently are looking for 1 more team to fill the tourney. Teams entered are: Harriman, Maryville, Meigs Co., Tellico, Polk Co., Sweetwater, Bledsoe Co., Sale Creek, McMinn Co., King's Academy, Sequoyah, Knox Karns, Jefferson Co., Sequatchie Co., and Copper Basin. If you are interested please email Meigs Coach Jeff Davis at [email protected] There is a 4 game guarantee and entry fee is $250.00. 3 Pool games and a single elimination Gold and Silver bracket.
  5. AA rules

    Rhea County

    Meigs has 2 kids from Rhea..
  6. AA rules

    Meigs at Sequatchie co

    That’s the good running back born and raised in Georgetown, TN. For you folks that lack the geographic knowledge of where Georgetown, TN is, it is in the southern end of Meigs County!
  7. AA rules

    Polk vs McMinn Central

    Ain’t sounding very peachy at the “Proudest School in the State of Tennessee.”
  8. AA rules

    Best single A teams

    Sale Creek has a very good chance to get there and add another ring to Coach Kirk's fingers. Whitwell also has a good shot.
  9. AA rules

    2018 Tiger Classic

    Welcome Carter HS. Tournament is now full.
  10. AA rules

    2018 Tiger Classic

    Welcome East Hamilton HS. Room for 1 more team.
  11. AA rules

    2018 Tiger Classic

    Still room for 2 more teams.
  12. AA rules

    2018 Signings

    Ashley Rogers, Pitcher, Meigs County HS - University of Tennessee Aubrey Reed, Catcher, Meigs County HS - University of Toledo
  13. AA rules

    2018 Tiger Classic

    Welcome Chattanooga Central. Still looking for 2 more teams.
  14. AA rules

    2018 Tiger Classic

    Add Grainger County. 3 spots available.