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  1. EastTNGuru

    Predictions of next years state games.

    i wouldnt be too sure of that
  2. EastTNGuru

    TSWA 1A - 2A All State

    Tennessee Sports Writers Association
  3. EastTNGuru

    TSWA 1A - 2A All State

    i know everyone is going to get on here and agree to disagree w/why so and so should / shouldnt be on the team.....but how do you leave off a kid who had 12 picks and returned at least 5 of them for TD's???? Brian Sommers of Alcoa left off??? is it because he's only a sophmore? fishy........
  4. EastTNGuru

    Alcoa Vs. Gp

    have any of you stopped to think that maybe alcoa was using the "3 dives and a punt" tactic, but they were just that much better than GP tonight that it didnt work? from what i've heard, they didnt hardly get a chance to make it to the "2nd dive", let alone a 3rd and punt! alcoa was just that much better tonight, and you cant blame a kid for wanting to score a touchdown, regardless of the circumstances. if it were you kid out there doing the exact same thing you wouldnt have a problem w/it!
  5. EastTNGuru


    what is going on down in dandridge????? sounds like they're calling for the man's head according to the paper and news!
  6. EastTNGuru

    best running backs in east tn

    that's also 2A north east tn football, not the best competition in the world
  7. EastTNGuru

    Alcoa vs. McCallie

    Alcoa would really dominate if they moved to 3A, which in my opinion is the weakest of all the classifications.
  8. EastTNGuru

    Chris Shiverdale

  9. EastTNGuru

    loudon vs alcoa

    if loudon comes out and smacks alcoa in the mouth and gets some early points on the board then alcoa will lay down and loudon will take the cake. (I.E. Maryville game)
  10. EastTNGuru

    loudon vs alcoa

    Alcoa wins this one big!! 42-17
  11. EastTNGuru

    Alcoa v/s Fulton

    Fulton did play terrible, but Alcoa didn't look that great!! They got off to a slow start and Kyrus needs to learn how to block without holding!! They can only improve as the weeks go on!! Good job Alcoa!!
  12. EastTNGuru

    Alcoa v/s Fulton

    I respect Maryville and everything, but you need to to stop talking about them like they are Gods!! I admit that they beat Alcoa and it didn't surprise me. The way Alcoa played surprised me, but not the outcome!! Seems like the Rebs have only beat losing teams too so far (except Alcoa)!! You don't have to buy into all the hype, because if all the attention was toward the Rebs you'd think otherwise!! Good luck to them though!!!
  13. EastTNGuru

    Alcoa v/s Fulton

    a little bit of both, i'd lean towards fulton's problems being that dont have a QB who can take a snap, make a hand off, or throw a pass!
  14. EastTNGuru

    Best 5 RB and QB in East Tennessee

    RB 1 Lindsey 2 Gulmire 3 Caldwell 4 Tallent 5 Shiverdecker QB 1 Feigler 2 Watts 3 Helton 4 Wall 5 Stanton