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  1. Check the East Tennessee Soccer Federation's website, www.etsfsoccer.com. They have a full summer of activities at Civitan Park in Johnson City.
  2. A call from Johnson City tells me the Science Hill defense didn't show up, and the Morristown West defense did. Morristown West wins 2-1, with goal 2 an "own goal" by Science Hill.
  3. I drove from Knoxville with two of my friends from CAK to see this matchup. They were split on who would prevail. I had seen both teams play, and was picking Science Hill mainly because of the "home field advantage." Both teams had numerous opportunities in the first half, but were unable to finish. Realistically, I thought Catholic looked to be the better team in the first half. Yes, Science Hill was leading 1-0 at half (on a questionable hand-ball in the box PK), but Catholic had better chances to score. The second half was played in much wetter conditions than the first, with both teams looking like they would rather be somewhere else for the first 15 or 20 minutes. That is, until a beautiful one-touch goal by Science Hill. No.9 (sorry, I don't know names) served a beautiful cross to No.10, who deftly one-touched a shot into the lower left-side of the goal. Unfortunately for Science Hill, that combination for the score was the last time the offense seemed to be working together. After going up 2-0, Science Hill's offense turned into one-on-one play. In the sloppy conditions, that play didn't work. Was Science Hill tired? Well, they looked like they were. Catholic, on the other hand, began working better at moving the ball upfield. Their No.17 and No.7 were suddenly putting a great deal of pressure on the Science Hill defense. That defense broke down on a semi break-away goal by No.17. He beat three Science Hill defenders in route to the goal. 2-1, Science Hill. The last 5 minutes of the game was all Catholic. Several opportunities by Catholic were squandered until, with what had to be less than 1 minute to play, Catholic takes a corner. The ball bounces around, deflects off of a Science Hill defender, and appears to go into the goal. The Science Hill keeper bats the ball out, and after getting knocked around, the ball goes across the goal line for another Catholic corner. This time, Catholic converts the corner to finalize a come-from-behind draw on the opponents home field. Great match to watch, even in the rain.
  4. After missing their match with CAK in Knoxville, I wanted to make sure I got to Maryville to see this Science Hill team play. We in Knoxville don't get to see them very often. Some soccer friends of mine in Johnson City have been sending me information on the team, and have told me that Science Hill has been feasting on lesser quality teams early in this season. They told me the loss to CAK was due to defensive lapses. Does this mean Science Hill can't beat the quality teams? Well, they haven't yet, but it seems to be more due to the fact they haven't faced quality opponents as of yet (with the exception of CAK, and now to a lesser extent, Maryville). In East Tennessee, with the decline of Dobyns Bennett, Science Hill should make it through the Regionals to again face a Knoxville team in the subs. I am told Sullivan South will test them, but playing on the big field in Johnson City (so say my Johnson City friends), will give the edge to Science Hill. I did see the Science Hill-Oak Ridge sub-state match last season, and was impressed with the Civitan Park facility. The big fields will give teams, who are accustomed to playing on football fields, big trouble. No Knoxville team will be able to make throw-in passes to the Penalty Mark on those fields! In the match against Maryville, the Science Hill team I saw controlled much of the play, had many quality opportunities, but just couldn't seem to finish. Lack of talent? It doesn't look like it. It does look to be inexperience, not playing off of each other, and keeping the ball on their foot two or three touches too many. They were steady in the midfield. Their defense is stubborn, but like their front line, looked inexperienced. Yes, they should have beaten Maryville. It is still early in the season, but this Science Hill team, if they continue to improve, will be a formidable opponent for our Region's representative come late May. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Don't know names, but Science Hill controlled much of the play. The Maryville Goalkeeper made a ESPN Top 10 play on a rocket shot by a Science Hill player late in the second half. Maryville scored on a PK in the first half, and a missed offside call in the second half led to a Maryville player going one-on-one with the Science Hill Goalkeeper. On that second goal, the Maryville player scored on a beautiful chip over the SH keeper's outstretched arms. No. 10 for Maryville was by far their best field player, but was not able to free himself very often. No. 10 and No. 9 for Science Hill had good games.
  6. Does Dobyns-Bennett offer English Composition?
  7. I believe Dobyns-Bennett plays Morristown West, and Science Hill plays Morristown East in Johnson City. The safe money would have Science Hill facing Dobyns-Bennett for the Region crown.
  8. Sorry Oak Ridge, you were mistakenly not included in the list of ranked teams Science Hill has played. You won 3-1 at spacious (110 x 80) Civitan Park in Johnson City.
  9. Science Hill was #11 when they defeated Farragut IN Knoxville. Science Hill's decision to "pack-it-in" in the second half was aided by Farragut's small field. Overrated? Possibly, due to the fact they have only played three ranked teams (defeated Farragut 2-1, lost to Hendersonville 1-0, and played to a draw with Gallatin 1-1). Talented? Undeniably. Dangerous? You bettcha. And for the continued comments concerning the 26-0 drubbing of Daniel Boone-don't comment if you didn't see it. Boone looked like they had never played the game before. As always, the road to the State for Science Hill goes through Knoxville-literally and figuratively. They should win the Region, and again face a Knoxville team (or possibly a rematch with Oak Ridge) in the sub-State. This Jeckyll and Hyde team should not be taken lightly.
  10. Science Hill dominated play, still has difficulty finishing. Science Hill wins 3-0.
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