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    Ooltewah, TN
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    football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, moto x
  1. Rshu117

    Ooltewah Volleyball

    Ooltewah has the best volleyball team. They have an unbelievable girl that can spike on anyone named Amanda Trent. J-Kile and C. Cotter have huge right arms they bust the ball with. Jessica Menzer is an amazing setter and Brandi Meents comes out every game with amazing skills. Jessica Kile always has the fire in her eyes!!
  2. Rshu117

    Freshman Football TN

    Ooltewah freshmen are good this year. they beat mcminn freshmen 41-0 and beat central jv 34-12. the defense is unstoppable like OwlsStateChamps said thanks for the support.
  3. Rshu117

    Mcminn County Vs. Ooltewah in 2 weeks!

    this game is gonna b a good 1. ive heard mcminn's got sum good backs but i dont no if they can beat caldwell. 520 is 2 games? thats pretty dang good if u ask me. itll b close but Ooltewah will win thumb
  4. Rshu117

    who are the best junior running backs in tennesee?

    Who is the best junior running back in tennessee? 2 words for ya...DEWAYNE CALDWELL from Ooltewah. The guy has explosive speed to take it to the house. He has somewhat trouble in breaking tackles. If he works on his upperbody he will be unstoppable in his Senior season. The 5'8 190 lbs. running back from Ooltewah is the next Gerald Riggs!