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  1. DB won't be on the schedule next year http://tricitiessports.com/football-schedules-coming-together-p89867-116.htm
  2. I've heard similar things about every big game played at Greeneville the last 10 years or so. I've never had an issue getting a ticket. I believe the gates at the Maryville game about a decade ago opened at 5:30.
  3. I don't know some of those schools are in the same situation as Crockett when it comes to things like funding. If he goes to Volunteer or Central, I see the exact thing happening all over again in my opinion. A lot of schools may be wary after these recent events.
  4. I counted 42 players on the field Friday night, not sure how many total they have.
  5. So glad the Vikings made it out of this circus with a victory. With this vote coming up, I can't help but think of the situation last year with Unaka. Forfeiting the season will have repercussions on more students than just those involved with this season's team.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing Richlands play the Vikings or another NET school. I'm sure you've seen the article online or read the paper today that mentioned Tn High's non-conference schedule. It had Virginia High, Elizabethton, and Lee County, which we were already aware of, and Knox Central. They had tried to schedule a non-conference game with Union, but couldn't work out a date. They struck out with all 4 of the Sullivan County schools.
  7. I think they'll improve somewhat next year. They had quite a few sophomores on offense. I've heard the 9th and 8th grade classes were fairly decent, so it may be a couple of more years before they get back to where the community expects them to be.
  8. I guess they saw no point in playing DB and Science Hill when you go winless in your own region. I see the Lee County game serving the same purpose that Johnson County game served a few years ago.
  9. On the TN High coaches show a couple of weeks ago, they said TN High had non-conference games with Virginia High, Elizabethton, and Lee County going into the 2017 season. They were also in negotiations with another team if Sevier County is unsuccessful in their appeal to play in region 1.
  10. Might as well add the Vikings to the cellar. 2-8 is looking highly probable.
  11. That talent that came through in 70-72 was once in a lifetime talent for a school like TN High. Since '72 when was the last time THS had an all-American and 4 or 5 all-state players on the same team? To compare those teams with this year's team is a joke. Coaching is obviously subpar but they just don't have a lot of good players this year.
  12. A lot of those breaks are happening fairly consistently. The Vikes will probably only win about two more games this season, barring an upset. Betsy 42 Vikes 14
  13. Does anyone know of the best area to park @ Greeneville? The last time I went they still had the parking lot across N College. I have no idea what's there now because I'm relying on Google images.
  14. Playing better competition can make you better but you have to be strategic about it. And it doesn't mean you would improve an infinite amount. Schools like Greeneville during the z-plan came to mind. Even in a down year they were head and shoulders above every team in their conference, so it would benefit them to schedule a couple of tougher non-conference opponents so they could help prepare for the types of teams they would meet in the third and fourth round. You would probably want to do the opposite if your team is struggling to even finish in the top half of their conference. A team like Central should try their hardest to schedule as many 1A and 2A teams possible so they can build up a few wins and hopefully retain some of the players that continuously transfer to surrounding schools. An interesting thing about DB is that this is the first year since 1988 that they haven't finished first or second in their conference. I think most people have a good handle on what was wrong with DB this year and hopefully steps will be taken to fix it, but they get to play the best in the state every year or at least a team that would be in the top 3 every year.
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