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  1. Maybe I can answer this question. I work in the medical field and have a background in science. First, Sar-CoV-2 is nowhere near 10nm. That would quite possibly make it the smallest known virus. Every piece of literature I've read on this subject places the virus larger than the influenza viruses, SARS, and MERS. Most of them have the size around 125nm. But all of this is somewhat irrelevant because the virus spreads via air droplets when an individual sneezes, coughes, yells, etc. These droplets are quite larger. They aren't going to penetrate a mask if you're wearing it correctly. Without a mask, the largest ones drop to the ground due to gravity and the smaller ones evaporate fairly quickly although the virus could still be on a surface for some time. Although they could still infect someone who is very close to the person who is expelling the droplets. Molecules from something emitting a smell are quite a bit smaller than viruses, as are oxygen molecules. If a mask could filter out oxygen it would be pointless to even wear it, impossible to wear it for more than a minute or so depending on an individual's lung capacity.
  2. That's true they have and I truly wasn't expecting them to be 7-1 at this point. Some decisions though sometimes leave you scratching your head. I guess the same could be said about any team especially when it's coming from an armchair qb perspective. They're the ones who are putting in the hours.
  3. Lawnman has Betsy ever went undefeated in the regular season aside from that '38 season? I know they have had several successful teams and several good playoff runs but it seems like they've always had one hiccup during the regular season.
  4. They're pretty evenly matched in most areas and I'm happy to see them win because Crockett has that quick scoring capability. The running game surprised me on both sides. Wasn't expecting the Vikings to have any decent rushing yardage or to see Crockett held to 6 yards. But if we're dealing with hypotheticals or conjecture the Viking offense would obviously be more of a threat if the best player was on every offensive drive instead of playing every other, but I don't expect to see that anytime soon, it's been the same all year.
  5. There were bad calls on both sides. Not to mention how time seemed to magically slow down on the scoreboard on the 2nd to last play. I don't think Crockett will have trouble with Boone, but I don't think either THS or DC have an automatic ticket to the quarterfinals. Too many good teams in region 2 for a guaranteed rematch.
  6. Let's hope it's similar to that game and not the one that occurred a few weeks later.
  7. Larkins, Hackler, and Kollie can be really dangerous when they get in a groove, so I think that will be a little too much to overcome on Friday night. The Vikings have developed a decent passing game and Keller already has an FBS offer and will undoubtedly have many more by next year. The schedule, however, has been really light with the exception of DB in game 1 with the combined record of the first 7 opponents being 18-30. Crockett's schedule isn't much better in comparison, only one team in the first 7 with a winning record, but at least they tried by scheduling Ooltewah and Webb.
  8. I believe the line needs to improve for the Vikes to win this one, so we'll see.
  9. Haven't heard or read anything about TN High's Cole. https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Football/2019/09/05/Boone-faces-Tennessee-High-without-Cole.html?ci=stream&lp=2&p=
  10. Alcoa runs one back right before half to make it 14-9.
  11. Blackman up 14-3 with 20 seconds till halftime.
  12. Jaden Keller really shined for THS. He scored on both of his catches and appears to be their best player by a country mile. They have a D1 TE but I guess they're content not throwing to him? The offensive line has some glaring weaknesses as well as special teams, which will be hard to overcome this year. I would put them fighting for 3rd behind Boone and Crockett this year in the region.
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