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  1. Best high school back for me would be Golden Tate/Randall Cobb. Have to admit I have never heard of and never saw Jewel Flowers.
  2. Not one of Fulmer's shining moments.
  3. Yeah, 3 stars. What a joke. That tells you something about the people doing the ratings. Any idiot could have watched 5 minutes of tape on him and saw he was a beast.
  4. Like 99-2002 or so. Multiple all pro years in the NFL. It was like he was playing against pee wee kids in high school. Never seen anything close to it. I saw Eddie Moore play as well. Awesome player but no Patrick Willis.
  5. In 1988 Scooter Edwards, with a knee on the ground, picked a fumble up and returned it for the winning TD. Bad call. We lost. It’s still an L and that state championship trophy is still in their trophy case. It is part of the game. We moved on and have a trophy case full of gold balls to prove it.
  6. On point. It has gotten to the point of disgust.
  7. William Cannon White played football at the University of Tennessee in 1921. After a one year stint at TC in 1922 there appears to be no info on him from22-29. He became the head coach at Ramsay High School in Birmingham Alabam from 1930-1940. White served in the military during WWII. After the war he continued his career as the HC at Howard University, an assistant at the University of Tennessee in 1945, HC at the University of Sewanne 1946-1953, and finished his coaching career as the HC in 1954 back at Howard University.
  8. I would say on your side that would be a definite possibility.
  9. That Sabin man ain’t orchestrating good enough anymore.
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