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  1. How many starters do you return?
  2. I shouldn’t have said “no way”. I think Portland and Lewis County are tough outs though. How much does Eagleville have coming back?
  3. I drove by the field yesterday afternoon about 5 and they were putting up some chicken wire Roy!
  4. Facts are facts. Every public school has students that perform below level. We do have CDC students and students with learning disabilities. I don’t choose to belittle these students. If you do that shows the lack off character you have. As to “beating kids away with sticks”, we service the children in our county as opposed to you, an open zoned school which gets to pick and choose the best of Wilson County. Don’t get into the deep end of the pool sir. You don’t have the facts or the ability to debate me on the merits of our schools.
  5. Compare value added EOC scores. When were you a reward school? How many gold balls...wait.....you don’t even have a silver ball do you? Our director is incompetent???? Maybe you need to check your director. It’s understandable that you are jealous of our school. Dr. Satterfield is not incompetent. You may not like him or us and that’s okay. I respect the hate but we win at everything. You should camouflage it better though. #factshurt
  6. For you youngsters, this issue caused a considerable amount of consternation in this county a few years ago.
  7. I am not aware of the “problem” at TC. Maybe a shortage of room in the trophy case. As for Gordonsville, do you really want to compare their program to Watertown??????
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