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    Post Season

    IMO... there was a huge difference between WH v Beech and WH v Stratford. WH was dominant against Beech but could not finish. That was not the case vs Stratford. Stratford was the dominant squad. My prediction is Beech over MLK, Stratford over Beech. Central and Stratford to State easily I believe

    Post Season

    The Spartans win 3-2 in 100 minutes. White House goes a man down up 2-1 on a second yellow card. Stratford gets the equalizer then scores in the first OT to seal the win. Bunch of disappointment up on the ridge tonight. Gotta give it up to Stratford they were quick and fast and out played the Blue Devils when it mattered most.

    Post Season

    So true that. Thanks...he’s back now. Best of luck to you guys moving forward.

    Post Season

    Nope, Lost one of our starting center backs with about 15 mins left in the first half with a ruptured bursa on a slide tackle at end line... I guess I was mistaken with my previous statement, Station Camp put two on us in the fist game back for our other CB after torn ACL early in the football season.

    Post Season

    The scouting report says they are fast on top with a solid, patient midfield. Haven’t seen them myself, but I will take our mids over any group I have seen in the last four years. Our backs are tough solid and disciplined. We have yet to give up a goal when at full strength this year. If we are focused and aggressive right from the rip... I like our chances.

    Post Season

    Oh yessir it did. Bench and bleacher clearing "brawl" and 911 gets called. Could have been worse, though. I will refrain from making too many comments. To summarize, very physical soccer led to dirty elbow led to a push led to a kick led to a scrum. 1-0 scoreboard 3-1 red cards hopefully the film will be reviewed and ALL of those who deserved reds will be served. Shameful and disgraceful end to a very well played and evenly matched soccer game that could have gone either way.

    Post Season

    Booger makes an appearance... Lay some Boogerisms on us my brotha...
  8. CPA edges WH 2-1 in a good un. WH lost a starting center back early to a hopefully non season ending injury. Pretty even match. Good soccer!
  9. Should be a good one at the House tonight. CPA brings in an 11-1-2 record to face a White House team having won 7 straight. This will be last tune up for both teams prior to beginning their run at titles. Ya'll come on out and buckle up. Some good soccer is on tap...

    Post Season

    I guess there is no reason to expect chatter to pick up as we near and begin post season, huh? It has NEVER been this lacking. Who ya got from here on out??
  11. And yet, Murfreesboro Central Magnet, from the lower division, beat them 3-2 three weeks ago. They are a great side, and they very well may win it all, but lets not give them the trophy yet.
  12. And we always felt better avoiding CPA and taking our chances with Page. At least with the current set up all three of us can make it to state if we take care of our business. This is my last year as my youngest is a senior. I intend to cherish every minute of it, but I do take solace in the fact that losing to CPA will not be the last HS memory. Lots of soccer between now and then, but I feel the odds are pretty good in AA that WH, Page, and Greeneville make state runs, and hopefully the gods of the random draw will allow none of them to meet in the quarters.
  13. So who are the teams to beat with all the new alignments? In AA, White House lost one starter and return 10 starters, have 9 senior starters, and four 4-year senior starters. Have a couple of lingering injuries but they should be back in about 3-4 weeks. I like the way we look and the focus these young men have through 2 scrimmages. Not to wish the season away, but I sure am looking forward to senior night match with CPA, finally a CPA/WH match without season over consequences. How is everyone else looking...

    AA bracket out

    Queue up the magnet/open enrollment debate...lets get rid of them too.... I am also glad. There would be 3 size based divisions with multipliers for scholarship, magnet, and open enrollment schools and let the chips fall where they may. No one would ever be able to sleep from the incessant whine of parents, boosters, and coaches of this entitlement driven society we have created for ourselves.

    AA bracket out

    Nope, because SIZE MATTERS.
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