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  1. fernando9

    Bearden Invitational tournament

    Bearden Invitational coming up this weekend, Thursday - Sunday (April 4-7). Should be a bunch of good games. Appears Farragut playing in for first time in a while, as well as all of the usual suspects in Knoxville area, plus Greeneville, McCallie, Hendersonville, Mo West, Science Hill and others.
  2. fernando9

    2019 Season

    I think AAA has quite a few strong teams this year, most being the usual suspects. From west to east, at least Houston, Rossview, Station Camp, Hendersonville, Farragut, Bearden all should be very tough this season. From east side of state non-AAA, I think Greeneville, Webb, and GP will all be very good in their divisions. I know Alcoa lost some firepower, so not sure what they have back.
  3. fernando9

    FINALLY, Oak Ridge takes down Farragut

    DC, no knock on Jeff Co and hopefully it didn't come across that way. They have some strong players and are doing a good job with that program. But it's also the first time I can remember in all my years that they have beaten Farragut. More just saying it's going to be tough for Farragut, as multiple other programs getting stronger (Powell, Karns) and other strong ones staying strong (Maryville, Bearden). All programs have ebbs and flows, but for a perennial power like Farragut has been for as long as I can remember, I believe this is going to be tough sledding going forward, as most upcoming high level players are at other schools currently. Now see how much I know when they promptly go out and beat Maryville and Bearden later this year.
  4. fernando9

    FINALLY, Oak Ridge takes down Farragut

    Congrats, Willie. That's always a great rivalry game. Farragut lost to Jeff Co tonight. It's going to be a long season and few years going forward I'm afraid for the Ads.
  5. fernando9

    Any Preseason Scores to Post?

    I agree that Maryville should be top ... they now just have to figure out how to get to state and then make noise, which is still very tall order for East TN girls AAA teams. But good senior talent and leadership. I'd by year end maybe give Bearden a slight edge over Powell simply because that's what tends to happen, and I'd guess they may be deeper. I actually think HVA may be pretty strong this year (maybe even competing at top with Maryville), as my understanding some girls who didn't play last year are back. But will have to see with the new coach. Farragut has a long road going forward the next few years on the girls side, as most talent will be elsewhere.
  6. fernando9

    Any Preseason Scores to Post?

    MV, not sure how much to read into a preseason scrimmage. But Powell is definitely for real and now really is shaping into a strong program that competes every year. Almost made it out last year and may do it this year. Some high level players on the team. My understanding is that Bearden may be slightly down this year but should be fine, as they are having to figure out where to put people with a few graduations and some injuries (but so is every other team). I'd guess Powell, HVA, Maryville, and Bearden will be the four battling for spots out of Knoxville area in the end...
  7. fernando9

    Boys' All-State teams

    Congrats to the kids. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/07/13/2018-tennessee-sports-writers-association-all-state-soccer-teams/781370002/
  8. fernando9

    AA State Championship Game

    DB player didn't get straight red. Received a second yellow for diving. And he was allowed to play in state tourney.
  9. fernando9

    Memphis AAA

    Jasonwitten, can you tell me about Rossview? Don't know anything about them being on the East side of the state.
  10. fernando9

    Class AAA East Tennessee

    Sorry, Ridge82 ... couldn't resist. All in good fun and I know exactly from where you were coming from. Appears Bearden surprised everyone, but from what I have seen are strong and fast, and with some difference makers in the back and one in the middle. But them getting out to State and neither of Farragut and Maryville? I never would have guessed. Well done by Bearden. DB is loaded with guys that have played together for many years (lots of seniors), good threats up top, and also have younger kid in the middle who is very good and a fantastic goalie ... short but fantastic athleticism and awareness. They really have the ability to possibly make some noise at State.
  11. fernando9

    Class AAA East Tennessee

    If this is the year Bearden "isn't very good" ... yikes. And well done by DB ... still undefeated heading into State. Very impressive.
  12. fernando9

    Post Season

    Farragut's very tight OT win over Oak Ridge and Bearden's destruction of Science Hill tonight both surprising. But best 4 teams in East TN AAA now get to face off. Will be two very good AAA Region Finals in East TN: DB at Bearden, and Maryville at Farragut.
  13. fernando9

    Post Season

    I know no-one seems to care about the big boys in AAA, but here goes ... I think in AAA, Station Camp has to be the heavy favorite if healthy. Houston good as always. In East TN: I strongly expect Farragut and Maryville to get through their Regions into substate. I expect DB to beat West for one spot out of their Region, and the Bearden/Science Hill game should be a good one for other entry, but I say Bearden. DB has a strong group, has good skill at each level, and hasn't lost a game in the regular season. Farragut can cause a lot of trouble as they are now getting everyone healthy and have a ton of talent to choose from. Maryville has strong senior class to work with, and Bearden has surprised a lot of people this year with a fast and tough blue collar team that keeps winning in what was supposed to be an off year. Should all be fun to see. I think at a State level if they get through, Farragut and DB especially would be really tough outs.
  14. fernando9

    CPA @ WH Tonight 7:00pm

  15. fernando9

    Bearden Invitational Tournament this weekend

    I would say so. I think Farragut if they were at full strength without injuries and possibly DB could give them some run, but overall, yes. Bearden evidently played them pretty well a few weeks ago ... and still lost 3-0 because of great set pieces. The twins are about as good as you'll find around here for a CB and striker combo, their goalkeeper is very good, and they have a strong group around them and coach seems to do a great job every year getting the best out of their players. I know Houston sure isn't used to losing, nor was that team from Georgia this weekend, and had a couple of people tell me that were at the game and Houston was stunned to get punched in the mouth by Greeneville. Not sure how anyone will compete with them in the lower division this year.