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  1. Booger, My understanding was PlayersCoach had a tailgate after the game and had even grilled some special food he was saving just for you. Sounds like a good friend you got there.
  2. I saw that UTC tied Alabama. That is a great accomplishment. I guess the only question which remains is was Booger there?
  3. UTK. Wait a minute! So you're slinking around the UTC girl's dorms too? How are you avoiding campus security. At UTK, they have a campus-wide PlayersCoach alert. There are "Shoot on sight" posted orders in all the on-campus police vehicles. My understanding is Booger intends to eliminate the problem this Sunday at the UTC/Lipscomb game. It will be interesting to say the least.
  4. That is the oddest thing you would say that. Several times I have seen PlayersCoach slinking around my daughter's dorm and she has even called us late at night saying, "that strange man is scratching on our door trying to get in our room again." Do you think this should be reported to Coach T?
  5. The only legends on here are Booger and PlayersCoach. I understand it is possible they may finally have their first meeting this Sunday at the UTC vs. Lipscomb game. This will be an event for the ages (the Booger/PC meeting, not the game) that no one will want to miss. Just look for Player's tailgate party under the big UTC Mocs flag in the parking lot of the UTC Sports Complex. You could also just follow the sound of the EMT vehicles heading to their meeting place. Bets are currently being taken with odds changing hourly on who will be left standing. Just sayin'.
  6. I've heard no specifics although it's the first time in 14 years UTC has won both preseason games. Their level of athletes has gone up quite a bit.
  7. I believe there was a "just sayin" which accompanied it.
  8. Players, As UTC opens their season tomorrow evening, what are your expectations for the year?
  9. Booger told me that is the response most people give after speaking with PC.
  10. PC is running two club, one high school, and one, possibly two, college programs. As he has been known to say, "He's da Man!"
  11. Sounds like you're living the dream much like PlayersCoach.
  12. AAA, Are any of your brood playing college?
  13. The UTC vs TTU game will likely not feature many of the freshmen as they have not yet assimilated into the fold. By having its freshmen report June 23rd, UTC may have a slight leg up on TTU, freshmen-wise.
  14. Sir, you ARE the cog, the motor, the pulley, and all the gears of the Coach T machine. It is my understanding Coach T has you on speed dial to approve any and all soccer related material prior to posting. The rest of us just sit here and ardently await the jewels of soccer knowledge bestowed upon us by King PC.
  15. AAA, What address would you like your check sent to?
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