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  1. My understanding is that Playerscoach will be bringing refreshments.
  2. If you ever saw it I can guarantee you would NOT be pushing for its publication. When you could finally speak again after 3 hours of puking, you would be begging to have your short term memory removed.
  3. No, Booger. The Video had nothing to do with the product on the field except for the fact its creation was the result of a goal being scored. What fans around the globe were subjected to at that moment will live in infamy for the duration of their lives. Had ole Booger witnessed it, he would have been forever transformed from an Irish-loving wild man into a broken and dejected human permanently curled up into the fetal position muttering disjointed sentences about puking and jumping into the lake.
  4. "a much more attractive product" I take it you haven't seen The Video yet?
  5. Booger, That absolutely seems to be the trend. Defensively, UTC is there now with a top SoCon defense. Offensively, they have recruited and signed some players which will give them help there as well. 2020 could be a breakthrough year for Gavin and the Mocs and they could truly become Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse. Time will tell.
  6. ACLs are heartbreaking for athletes of any age.
  7. Hillary would look like the Playmate of the Year compared to what you'll view on The Video.
  8. Many a great man said the same thing prior to viewing. Now most are eating their meals through straws and babbling on about the end of the world. Shocking stuff!
  9. Booger, If you are able to come to a UTC soccer game this year, look me up. I will hook you up with a couple of people who kept copies on their phones. My phone caught fire as the video was being played so my copy is thankfully gone. The other people had some sort of nuclear protection software so their phones only heated up and sparked a little. I can guarantee you only one thing. You will never be the same person you were prior to viewing.
  10. I do not think anyone should get on the player for achieving this. A high school kid just wants to play and do well. Ten goals by any player is on the coach. After the fourth or fifth or, at most, sixth goal, the coach should get the other players involved. Not work on getting them involve, get them involved. Tell the scorer to pass it, set up scores, or be a decoy and then lay it back for someone else. Having only one great player is a guaranteed recipe for a 10-0 drubbing of themselves down the road. Having one great player and several good ones gives a team a much better chance of competing when the competition is better.
  11. To protect your intellect, I strongly advise against it. If you are bound and determined to view it, for your heirs' sakes, please put your affairs in order prior to viewing. Of the three women hospitalized post-viewing, two are still in VCU and the other was transferred to an institution for the unrecoverably insane.
  12. I only wish it were a dream. Dreams become more ethereal as time passes. The harsh clarity and reality of "The Video" is forever etched into the minds of those who saw it. No amount of time passing, alcohol imbibbing, or psychedelic drug-intaking can erase the brutal, intelligence-eradicating horrors contained therein.
  13. I am fairly certain "cool" was not a word any of the viewers associated with it. I did hear the words, "disgusting", "unbelievably inappropriate", and, "I think I'm going to puke" from those who saw it.
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